Was he a failure as head of the jedi council? I'd say yes. He oversaw the blind stupidity that allowed Palpatine to literally sit in an office down the street and not be noticed.

He also neglected Anakin's mental health despite being approached in confidence.

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Yoda literally said it himself that he failed, yes. He allowed the jedi order to keep going down the path of retardation - and the biggest example, i believe, is in the Ahsoka arc where he didn't do anything when the council threw her to the wolves because of 'muh politics'

But even then, he was still the least retarded of the bunch, to the point where even edgy late-wars anakin still respected him.

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>He also neglected Anakin's mental health despite being approached in confidence.
Literally everyone neglected Anakin's mental health. He was part of the problem but not the entire one. It was the whole jedi council and their smug backwards way in which they had approached their religion being inclusive and political instead of deticating themselves to the actual people and the force. Anakin really needed a father especially after his mother had died but all he got was a brother at best who wasn't there for him when he needed him most.

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What happened to the last thread?

Probably deleted because it was named a Star wars general and Yea Forums jannies don't like that

Only person who didnt fail as a jedi was Qui Gon but he then proceeded to fail as a fighter.

Yet they allow the awful cesspit that is Comfy South Park thread despite being a general in everything but name. Curious.

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Duel of the Fates puts pretty well into perspective that it could have been the last chance for Anakin not to become a shithead

This is ridiculous. If Grievous accidentally killed the Chancellor while trying to kidnap him, then Anakin would be fucking his wife as we speak. He could leave the Order as soon as the war was over, that was always allowed.

Grievious was only allowed to take him hostage and I don't remember him being stupid in Pre TCW material

I don't know if he's responsible, but he definitely didn't stop it.

Going to need to see where the High Republic goes before we determine how much blame we can put on Yoda

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>Needing Disney fanfiction
Ew no. I'd rather keep it to the EU where at least Lucas gave some suggestions and worked with the people.

>If Grievous accidentally killed the Chancellor while trying to kidnap him
Lmao, imagine Count Dooku's face when decades of planning go down the drain because of 1 droid.

The high republic is the only point of reference we have regarding Yoda's impact on the order before the prequels. The EU barely touched it in any capacity


Read lore retard

Not like it will ever happen. Sidious would just kill everyone and then hide the bodys with a explosion.


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He's more machine now than man
Twisted and evil

I knew you fucking mongoloids were going to get baleeted making another /swco/ thread so quickly and being obvious about it

Live Grievious reaction

Order 66ed

>jannies are SPfujoshits
Color me fucking surprised.

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Am I the only person who thinks that the Jedi Order didn't really do anything bwrong. Just a group that got caught in a bad situation and tried to make due with it

No, I think it also depends on the person and which era you're looking at

Them doing nothing and shilling the republic is the problem. There is a whole planet of slave people on the Outer Rim where their Chosen One lived and they did nothing despite having powers to help.

Those little chapter starters of Dooku or Sidious gloating were the best part of that book

It stayed up for an entire day, I'm not going to blame the fools for thinking they were safe from getting their threads nuked.

Why were they so obsessed with democracy anyway. Sure it's nice and all but what's that gotta do with serving the force

Yes, exactly. Jedi should be focused on the force and helping the people instead of what politicians decide for them what to do now. That naive dream of Anakin in episode 1 to free the slaves is the ideal jedi unironically.

>Pot calling the kettle black
Dooku literally tried to resurrect the Cat people slave empire

The what

These guys

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The one arc with that Captain Amelia rip-off.

Not a very fair statement. The CIS let systems restart slavery, but the cats never actually stopped. It's literally stated in the show they just started ramping it up again. It was never 100% gone.

Also Dooku has freed slaves before too.

The guy is a pragmatist.

The Republic was perfectly fine allowing brutal dictatorships free reign in their territory as long as they used a cover.

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Oh I thought you meant something EU related. That garbage series operates under a sort of canon that doesn't even work with the movies. Sure is funny Grievous explains to Obi Wan he's been taught in the jedi arts after having fought and jobbed to him a billion times

I mean. That show even ignores movie canon to make Grievous into a Team Rocket member.

Dooku in Republic comics was absolute badass

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How are you guys coping about the expanded universe being legends now?

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I wouldn't have cared if they only let old EU to have decent closing instead of rushed end

He was simply because in his arrogance he never wondered whether or not Jedi should improve. He let the order stagnate and stagnation is stopping and stopping is cessation of movemement- cessation of movement is death. Ergo, Jedi deserved death.

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Just keep on with what I've done all along
Ignore everything I don't like

I never cared much about the EU, but it getting tossed out was inevitable.

>How are you guys coping about the Jedi Order being Order 66'd now?

With finest Naboo wine and best Coruscanti courtesans the Republic's credits can buy!

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user from the last thread, man what a shame to see it gone. Especially when i went to sleep.
Well he acted like how a jedi of his time would, He's more a sympthom than the problem. And by ESB he had clearly learned.
Dooku in general was pretty cool in the EU i feel

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Honestly, i only got into the EU after it got declared Legends, but most of my favorite sw things are from it so all it means is that i have a thing where the only big blemish is tcw and all that.

what book?

The TCW movie/pilot episodes mashup novelization lmao. It very much enjoys shitting on the Jedi
take one guess who wrote it

The high republic is the only canon material we know about him though

Eugh, traviss?

I would have liked some more material about the arc troopers. Now we get the shitty Bad Batch.

>Was he a failure as head of the jedi council

Yeah, he was always giving off this vibe of "Well, things will work themselves out. I trust the people here, and this is for the greater good."
He should have had a bit more firm say, the only time he put his foot down was not promoting Anakin to the Jedi Council and Annie was shocked! Yoda was go with the flow, things will work out and guess what? He was exploited and used as a tool for a galactic conquest. The encapsulation of the galaxy under a solid umbrella of "good" got flipped like a switch and turned "evil" because control and power remain the same, its all about what face is on it.
That's why Ahsoka is a real one for seeing this shit coming and bailing out.

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Slave Ahsoka

Yes or No?

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No, next question

Republic was going to lose the war

Never really got this. I mean, he did fail, but it wasnt because of any overt flaw. the best you can do is come up with some abstract extrapolated failing.

I mean the worst thing he did is to tell anikan that to be a chaste spiritual monastic space monk you have to be a space monk instead of having your cake and eating it to. He definitively could have been softer with that, but besides that not much.

But to call Yoda innept is to go to far. a republic of literally billions didnt see what palpatine was up to and it literally required a compromized head of state orcestrating a proxy war with himself to get shit shot. The biggest fundemental problem was that the jedi wanted to both do good, but also not be dictitorial about it and instead subserve themselves to the republic. The price for being an active political entity was that they had to be politic and defer to the state. If anything I thought was noble rather than having the narcissim of thinking they were above it all.

IDK I feel in the movies and TCW at least the jedi come off as nothing but empathetic, but with a few tight asses. Palpatine just played in to the self imposed limits of the jedi to break them down.

I feel like people watch a few youtube videos and get aganst them when the actual contents show them as pretty upstanding.
Wasn't Tatooine outside of republic space and they would literally have to have a war to stop that slavery there (which I think happened a few times but the huts where powerful).

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oh yesss

Yes because a droid army is actually very fucking good to use in warfare when you are outnumbered in population. It also means every droid you destroy doesnt matter if you dont win the battle completely since they can repair them.

Yes. Filoni was just shit at showing it. Literally in every other material the republic kept taking huge Ls