The Owl House

What the FUCK is his problem?

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Dude is really truly dedicated to his job as a witch hunter, 600 years living among them didn’t make his faith in his righteous cause waver at all.

He's a genocidal maniac who wants to cleanse the universe of evil and corruption.

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>At follies Luz got burnt by Boscha because she didn't have Amity with her.
>Amity managed to help Luz's trauma in Reaching Out.
>Amity lost the key in exchanged for the EC not assaulting The Owl House and hurting Luz.
>Luz almost dies to the Abomaton 2.0 from Escaping Expulsion.

Not gonna lie, this is so true. lol

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And this too.

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Luz x Boscha. Missed opportunity

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better than boschlow

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we need an episode just about Hunter

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Clasping Amity's cheek and telling her she'll make a lucky man very happy someday

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Too late for that.

Oh Titan Where Art Thou’s your hookup. Hunter and Flapjack on the run.

>"Eda and Luz scramble to face the Day of Unity. King faces his true identity."
The synopsis says the opposite.

It’s a misdirection.


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>I see a lot of people who are afraid that The Owl House won't end well, because apparentely Dana Terrace hates happy endings in one of her streams... that statement is wrong. Dana Terrace didn't say that she hates "happy endings" but only the phrase "Happily ever after" and the children fairly tales that end with such phrase.
>I though it was needed to make a full post about it because this really needed to be clarified, as it kept spreading wrong rumors that made people scared for the ending of the series.

>For some context, storyboard artist Luz Batista says, "Everyone lives happily ever after" when talking about a wedding. Dana sighs and says what sounds to be "I hate that phrase".
>My thoughts?
>If this is the only source for the “Dana Hated Happy Endings” camp, then I think we should be fine. This seems like a throwaway line of dialogue or even mild sarcasm, it doesn’t seem like a definitive statement that she “hates” happy endings or that the Owl House will not have one. The fact that this one little throw-away dialogue is apparently enough for people to worry about the ending of the show, blows my mind. She doesn’t seem serious in this at all, it just seems like a throwaway line.

We just got one tho

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So I guess Belos will make another one or not. Will that Grimwalker be able to be at the age of Luz or Hunter?

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> hunter is mortally wounded by willow and viney fix him with luz's palistrom wood
> the wood turns him gay and he marries edric in the timeskip
how would you react

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How far we've come, back in the day censors wouldn't even allow the acknowledgement of the existence of death, now we've had multiple kids' cartoons dealing with genocide.


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we see an entire row of those paintings and several more in some instances, one right after Philip saw his brother with a witch
was Belos censoring memories? or do those paintings represent repressed memories?

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i wonder if belos actually trusts the collector or just doesn’t care that he’s going to be betrayed because he’s planning to kill himself anyway
>”unity” rhymes with “humanity”
does the collector have it out for mankind?

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>Like 5 stories of Amity getting raped by her dad
>Absolutely none of Odalia raping Edric
Damn, guess I'll have to cook my own food.

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Both are working for their goals.
The Collector wants all the magic.
Belos wants to purge all demons and witches.

>humanity rhymes with unity
>belos is just going to become his eternal boytoy
Belos really reminds me of Dagma
>ready to kill/betray your own family
>killing your bro
>'This is all part of my master plan'
>in leagues with the/a devil(-like figure)
>crashing this plane with no survivors

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>Like 5 stories of Amity getting raped by her dad
I wish I didn't know that.

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The gangrene on his face infected his brain

is any of those five good?

So how come Luz doesn't recognize Belos and his brother from the paintings as being the statues in her home town?

what if wittemom is a witch

Belos burned his own mom?

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We do have four maybe five lewd pics of Odalia and Edric

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A lot was going, maybe she'll make the connection later.

I mean if Amity was my daughter I'd probably be molesting her too

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matt leblanc was the best nu gear presenter

I'll be disappointed if Amity's moon necklace doesn't have relevance in the finale

it's not even a moon necklace, it's a golden ring around a purple plate

I'm pretty sure it's not relevant, if it's relevant, it will be just a foreshadowing element of future events of the show, but the necklace itself won't be relevant I think.

But yeah, I don't know why the crew chose that necklace which it resembles strongly to a moon

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Because she's a pastel goth, and they're all about the moon

That's an Azura's portal tier expectations.
Moons are cool and universal, why can't you use it without meaning something?

Because Amity is a pseudo Goth and looks cool while fitting the visuals of the island
I'd liked seeing this guy going innawoods for a mission and sharing some moments with Flapjack while also knowing a bit more about the flora and fauna of the islands, but i don't know if that'd have been a full episode

Sleeping. Or trying to.

what if Hunter becomes the true speaker of the titan?

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Do we even know if the Titan is really alive? It's implied it is considered that Philip didn't get the light glyph.

The heart at Belos' throne is too small so maybe it is dead.



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The problem is that Moons are a red flag symbol in this show.

Assuming Puddles has the genitalia of a pigeon, it will have a cloaca which isn't much of a challenge. However, if it has the genitalia of a cat species,
The real question becomes: can she take the barb?
Most likely yes, it might be painful as cat dongs have barbs but from what I know they are rather small or normal-sized but not too large.
I have provided an example of a possible scenario in pic related.

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it's kind of the collector's fault, he didn't have to be there when Belos had his five minutes

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You should have this put on your gravestone.

She probably just never paid attention to that shit before

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I miss her

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she and Katya, you know what happens to girls like that in jail

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They can write fanfiction about food falling in love together!

I'd rather him having a chance to have his simple lumberjack life, at this point i don't think he cares about having cool high stakes.

I do

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