Post Elves!

Post Elves!

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>knife ears
Kill yourself

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Cute elf twink.

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>post elves


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cute Elf boy

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Is this show ded now that netflix is falling apart?

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I hope not. :(


"You ain't nuthin' but a hound dog
Cryin' all the time.
Well you never caught a rabbit
And you ain't no friend of mine,,..":

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A quality selection of diverse elves.

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It’s allegedly been mostly finished, so they could have someone else pick it up

Didnt this show get cancelled recently with all the netflix stuff?

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el*es are all flash and no fury
this post what brought you by the dwarf gang

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he can't keep getting away with it!

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Whereas dwarves lack size in all matters that matter.
This post was sponsored by Elven Trade Consortium

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is this a normal son-mother relationship in Elf society?

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Delven one, yes, whereas Helves have more aunt/nephew, cousin/cousin type of relationships

what about Wood Elves, do they also have fun in the family?
his nieces are Welves after all...

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Welves fuck fr*nch, which abhorrent all on its own

based welves

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You posted a kraut tho,
which is indeed, based

>Marcus de Mandelot
sure thing bro

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That's Clearly Markus Kruber, a woodsman.
sounds 100% Bretonnian to me

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>he doesn’t know
Umgi, I…

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Cope knife ear. Caledor II lost the war of the beard

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Not sure if they're supposed to be elves or not.

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Did warhammer finally add an interracial couple lmao?

How's your shroom and rat infestation doing?

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No, it’s mostly because someone asked on stream if Kruber/Kerrilian was canon and the dev in question, who clearly didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about, said yes.

I remember that all of siblings of Malus (himself included) were fucking each other

Elf-Human relations have always been a thing, it's just that Warhammer writers just usually don't elaborate much on anything that isn't military autism

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Friendly reminder that Rayla doesn't bathe


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scary skeletons

>war of the beard
>He actually said that
The petty faggot grew some brains I see

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She doesn't need to. Rayla always taste like peppermint.

I want to punch that nerd.

stunted alcoholics should stay in their manlet holes

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Elves tongue my anus

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Witch, not an elf

I wanna lick her sweaty underboob grime

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The best elves are spritely creatures that do strange things and wear magic as jewellery.

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What's going on in this thread?

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Elf lovin

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>he says, as the posts the kingdom's second most notorious elf fucker

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Fuck elves and other western european mythology niggers, have some tzitzimime

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what does Sun Elf pussy taste like?

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Some Australian mythical creatures too (source:

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It's all part of her plan to eliminate elves forever

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by making all elf women lesbians?

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Yes, one by one she will cuck Elves out of existence

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