Be me

>be me
>have sweet, innocent daughter
>she drew herself sucking a real-life grown boy's dick

Do I do any combination of the following:

1. believe my daughter that it's "not real".

2. Report this to the police.

3. Possibly try to talk to the boy alone.

Personally I think

4. Publicly humiliate the boy using my daughter's drawings as evidence of his degeneracy

is the best option.

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First two are useless. Third one is just asking to get raped. Trust your instincts.

Ask your daughter why she doesn't care about 9/11

What wouldve happened had Mei drawn incest of her and her mom? Whats more likely Ming getting a lady boner or just a regular boner?


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Honestly I should post it there... wonder if any of them will notice

4a. Blame her weird lesbian skater friend for introducing her to this stuff in the first place

>>be me
Who else are you going to be, imbecile?

>"...and then his stuff is in your mouth and not your vag! No babies!"

>"Eew, Mir, why would anyone do that?"

>"Beats me, but it sure looked fun!"

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This hit way too close to home, as someone who was “that weird dorky girl“ growing up.
I drew a lot of doodles of people (mostly anime twinks) having what I thought was sex. Horrible anatomy but, when you grow up in a prudish Catholic household (and go to Catholic school too) that’s terrified of teaching girls about anything sex-related out of fear they’ll become whores, those feelings have nowhere else to go.
This is why there’s a lot of explicit fanfiction written by teen girls, because it’s not socially acceptable for women to consume pornography even though they are just as horny as men.

I felt ashamed of anything sex-related for years, it’s why I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 25. I still have some resentment over spending my young and hot years being a socially awkward fat dork terrified of intimacy.

Parents please please PLEASE stop shaming your daughters for having normal sexual desires, because it will either turn them into super mega onlyfans sluts out of spite, or prudish feminist cat ladies who spend too much time seething that sexy women in comics and games exist.

Based femanon!

Didn't expect this kind of response to this thread but hey.

I think that religious folks (Christians) also make half-hearted attempts at making males ashamed of their own well... it sometimes works.

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>Who else are you going to be
Good question user! No one can be me like me! And I can't be anyone else!

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>I felt ashamed of anything sex-related for years

Gotta wonder why Mei and co basically don't have any shame, but then again, the movie is extreme wish fufillment.

Which seems weird to say when Mei is dragged through the mud in the first 30 minutes of the movie by her own mother... but it's true. The movie is wish fufillment. But it's great.

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It's literally only your fault you where fat and awkward. I went to Catholic school and never had hang ups around sex. That shit is literally fake news made up by people who probably didn't even pay attention and don't know anything about their faith. Losers trying to blame something for their insecurities.

>basically don't have any shame
Scratch that, mei has *some* shame for like 3 minutes but once she turns into the panda, she's like "fuckkk that".

Well, after the encouragement of her friends too.

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>don't know anything about their faith.
ohhh stfu... sanctimonious prick. Have fun with your 8 kids you got from practicing the catholic version of birth control (which is bullshit)

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>have fun with your 8 kids
Ok, I will. What's the alternative? Chemical birth control is harmful, I'd only want it in a girl I didn't actually care about and wouldn't want to have kids with. And condoms are shameful for a man to use.

you're literally fucking insane. Sure if you're rich enough and stable enough to support 8 (or more) kids from unprotected sex... go ahead.

But if it's just to please Jesus... nah.

>Ask your daughter why she doesn't care about 9/11

>"Too soon... 9/11 is too personal for me... I could have stopped it!"

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Rape the boy; mindbreak him and use his manslut shell to ntr your daughter in front of him

>"Lips that touch weed are always in need."
>"That's a no, if you can't tell."

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If you have ever said "believe women" at any point in your life, 1.

If you want her to rip up all her sketchbooks, throw out her pencils, give up art, and becomes unable to trust you when she is in danger, 2.

If you want to be known as a fucking weirdo, 3 or 4.

>Chemical birth control is harmful
Less harmful than shitting out crotch fruit in a pandemic and economic collapse.

>If you want to be known as a fucking weirdo, 3

well yeah it would be weird to try to confront Devon privately over this but it would be less destroying of your reputation than 4 right?

Yes, but keep in mind 3 can utterly wreck everyone's rep if it is indeed just a drawing.

Holy shit I used to draw bad porn too but instead girls or random Yea Forums characters aswell.
One time my classmate drew swastikas all over my shitty hentai and my english teacher saw it.
good times

>instead girls
Was it "real" girls. Like girls you knew?

I think one reason people think that the drawing scene is weird is because Mei is literally drawing the boy next door, and not like... a celebrity, cartoon character, or vidya game character etc.

It's ok, user
You have to have sex to have kids and user will be a virgin forever

>imagine being poor
kek ngmi

>literally drawing the boy next door
who is also too old for her.

I kind of apologize for making the crude joke about oral sex in OP... but it is the level of severity Ming sees this as.

I'm not sure I thought much about oral sex at age 13... I wasn't as "sexually advanced" as Meilin Lee apparently is. Like I thought sex could be cool I suppose.

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So you haven't drawn oc that's inspired by a crush you had?

>You have to have sex to have kids and user will be a virgin forever
oh? You don't think there's some tradwife out there for him.

Well sometimes I did "commissions"
for my friends with drawings or writefag shit, 50shades of grey style of course, that shit was popular during my school time.
Reactions were overall good, my slutty school friends liked shit like that but the prudish one didnt speak to me for half a day.

Shit… I think I want to draw that…

no because I can't draw.

I mean I guess I was most interested in "real girls" at a certain age, but then I got really jaded. Still was a horny perv of course.

And then I realized I liked dudes too eventually. But that story isn't strictly relevant.

First boy crush DID look kind of like Devon tho. And maybe had a similar demeanor. Those boys with splotchy skin and nice accessories tho... and they don't seem too mean or too nice... oh well that's irrelevant.

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>no because I can't draw.
eh I mean I guess I could *write* an OC... still haven't written an OC based on a crush because most of my actual crushes were when I was too young and didn't put two and two together...

I do have an ex GF that maybe I want to write a story about though.

>the prudish one didnt speak to me for half a day.
The one with mature morals, you mean. You were a kid writing kid smut for other kids. The mature attitude to that is disgust. Just because your uncle introduced you to sex too early doesn't mean you have to spread that shit to everyone else, weirdo.

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>Just because your uncle introduced you to sex too early doesn't mean you have to spread that shit to everyone else, weirdo.

Lemme guess, you wrote that shit in the picture I mean

>The mature attitude to that is disgust.
The mature attitude is understanding, not disgust. Acting disgusted because someone has a kink is really fucking childish.

Having a kink warrants understanding. Introducing that kink to literal children warrants disgust.

>Possibly try to talk to the boy alone
I like where this is going OP

>I like where this is going OP

oh don't get too excited... more like ask for the manager or wait for the shift to be over... not like suck his dick or something. Only basing that suggestion on something I saw on youtube.

Nah actually my slutty friend introduced me to sex and than I started to believe I was wrong for being a Virgin at 14.
Might drop the story in were I pretty much seduced an 18 year old when I was 15.

>Introducing that kink to literal children warrants disgust.

>MFW I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare.

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Just because you're a chronically online autist who's been exposed to bizarre smut on the internet at an early age doesn't mean you get to parade that shit around to everyone else and not get called a creep for it. Normal teenage girls don't draw porn. That's not healthy.

>Might drop the story in were I pretty much seduced an 18 year old when I was 15.

you mean you didn't drop the story already? Like right there? Wild.

I mean I could explain my own pubescent sexual thoughts (I went through puberty VERY EARLY, especially for a boy). but like... is it relevant? Especially on 4channel where people will take the football and run off and troll with it.

>Normal teenage girls don't draw porn.
OK do you think that what Mei drew in the movie was "porn"? The canon version I mean.

>You kids are overly sexual creeps!
Said the incel in his forties closely monitoring the sexual attitudes of tweens

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> Introducing that kink to literal children warrants disgust.

Not when you’re a literal child yourself. You’re acting like the person was a creepy adult showing pornos to kids on a playground.

It's kind of funny though...

my twin brother at age 12-13 was watching horrendous pornography (including basically a rape van, kind of)

And yet he was disgusted by girls discussing how many fingers they... used. Like on the track, running laps. He was horrified. He told me he was so shocked.

Also he hated it when he saw a girl's whale tail. Said she was a whore.

I guess he just had issues. I mean I have issues too.

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Aight I have spare time.
>be me 14 autismo
>some 13 goth girl from west germany enters my class
>befriend because autism
>her mom had her at 15 and shes from a rough family
>start hanging more out with her
>she has tons of facebook bfs
>start worrying because still virgin
>she shames me it and tries to make und me more mature
>we make out at her home
>play with condoms and toys
>smoke cigs
>start looking at media around me and become more worried because still had no sex
>virginity feels like a curse
>try to get rid of it with some soap and cucumber and tell friends I lost it with a random guy in an elevator
>hymen still intact
>turn 15
>school makes us do work experience
>meet two guys at work
>one is 3 years older
>start talking about pokemon and some shit and action movies
>fucking works
>come back and ask him out
>kiss him with tongue on second date
>now want sex after two weeks
>its august and were at a local fair waiting for some friends
>try to ask subtle for sex
>start talking about dreams and shit
>pretty basic at first
>say I had a dream where his twin brother raped me
>suggest we should have sex for real
>it works
In retroperspect there were only two girls who lost their virginity before 14 and I was just loosing my mind.
Also I married him and we have a kid.

No. But there is a reason why she hid under the bed to make those drawings, and why she didn't want anybody else to see them. It's because sexual desire is supposed to be a private thing, not something you share shamelessly with others. Too many girls growing up with the internet have gotten too used to sharing their sexual fanfics with people online and it's making them think they should be able to share it with anyone without getting shamed for it.

Why do you know ypur brothers fave porn?

Obviously they probably watched it together.

That 13 year old goth girl was a victim of child sexual abuse, I guarantee you. This is a good example of how the trauma from sexual abuse trickles beyond the confines of the abuse itself, replicating itself like a virus.

because he told me what he was watching... we were both tweens... And twins just have that bond,

I was pretty damn disgusted but interested.

nope... I did not want to watch that shit, or risk getting caught at that age.

I mean I did eventually look at porn... when I was more like 16.

>based femanon!
They’re not going to fuck you retard lol

Yeah, a girl marrying the first guy she fucked and having a family is pure degeneracy born of abuse. You are sane and rational and not at all a repressed freak

I'd be concerned that she was being molested or something if I was her mother.

Yeah but it's more because I'm a half-hearted tranny than a simp


Hmm I thought we said kek around here. Or we try not to laugh like little girls.

I mean not that it matters when discussing THIS movie.

Yeah absolutely.
She was naive as hell too, had several romantic relationships some reaching to fucking australia including, a guy she only knew as Luca superman and she was with him for around 5 months, which wasnt even the craziest shit.

kek keep seething tranny

Well yeah... or that she's been getting a lot of exposure to pornography at a young age. As long as we're in the alternate idea that Mei drew something explicit.

Of course the canon drawings are innocent enough... I still think there's a slight "PG" filter on them... Ming's reaction just seems so out of proportion to what it is.

But then again I've heard of parents, especially Asian parents forbidding all interaction with the opposite sex until like age 18. So who even knows.

Are you legitimately so retarded that you thought I was saying them being married was a form of degeneracy? I was talking about the 13 year-old goth girl peer-pressuring her 14 year-old friend into becoming sexual, making her feel as though her virginity was a curse (at 14... ). Learn to read you fucking dummy.

what about stopping shitposting

fuck off and seethe, creep

>In retroperspect there were only two girls who lost their virginity before 14 and I was just loosing my mind. Also I married him and we have a kid.

OK very much not reading that whole thing... kind of weird desu. And too long.

But I will say that when I was 10, the age 13 seemed like a "baby" age. but 14. Age 14. You're cooking with fire!

Probably because of the distinction between middle and high school.