ITT: Worst attempts at Ratings Traps

ITT: Worst attempts at Ratings Traps

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>holy crap Brian's dead

>pissed-off townies judging Spongebob
ah yes, this is 90% of episodes

Fairly Odd Parents had a crap ton of them.
>Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Trilogy
>Birth of Poof
>The live action movies

Poof did actually work, it's the highest rated episode of the show.

>Gotta get that zoomer audience to watch our soulless show again.

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Lisa Goes Gaga?

Do you know what a ratings trap is? Some of those are legitimate specials.

The first power hour was kino

I never saw it and only vaguely remember it but didn't they build up spongebob wearing pants?

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That’s not even the more egregious Spongebob ratings trap.

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2.0 the anniversary.

just a reminder people could literally check that he was coming back the day that episode aired like there was already a description about the episode they bring him back in

what is a ratings trap


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When you pretend your episode it's gonna be so important and impactful that you can't miss it and it's literally just a filler episode with nothing important going on.

That's god awful. Dumbass show, just die already!

>Marge goes in for a tummy tuck and is given breast implants by mistake

Nick was hyping this fucking thing like never before, but it was just an average 11-minute episode that wasn't worth the 24-hour marathon.

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>that time they got David Bowie to play a character for a musical episode and didn’t have him sing at all

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>this was 8 years ago already
Fuck man this still feels like a newer Zombie Simpsons thing to me

Spongebob had so fucking many of these

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Don’t forget the one where he wears round pants

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They were good though. Not like classic spongebob but they're pretty good specially roundpants.

Truth or Squared

Any "mystery" special where the Krabby Patty recipe is stolen. It's always Plankton.

Did anyone give a shit about this?

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The American Dad one is a classic.

I remember being sorely disappointed with pic-related. They promoted the shit out of this episode for the first time, making me think it was gonna be something like an hour special. Hell, Spongebob wasn't even on-screen for most of it.

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Pretty much any SpongeBob "special" that's not an hour long. They're just overhyped regular episodes.


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MrEnter was triggered by The Family Guy segment

They waited way too long to do this crossover and it shows

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Return of Slade

i got mad respect for joe for not milking simpsums dry, even though it was probably his only shot at big youtube bux

Seth and Butch have a lot of similar mannerisms.

how is a 4 minute disney+ short a rating trap's Krusty's dad, right? Is the joke that it is way too obvious that it is Krusty's dad?

This looks like it is porn.

is marges mom still alive? got me thinking

This is my father's favourite Spongebob episode. Believe it or not. He finds it super wholesome.

you know, i really wish i could stop hearing about every time that guy takes a shit

as i recall there was no joke, they actually pulled a ponce and played it completely straight

Ah, that was the name of it. I forgot what to search for to find these videos. Thank you.

>regular spongebob episode
>throw in patchy segments
>make a big commercial about it and call it a special
I fell for some of the earliest ones and just stopped caring for these "special" Spongebob episodes.

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Truth or Square baiting shipperfags by teasing a Spongebob-Sandy marriage in advertising and it just being some quick 10 second dream sequence.

What do you think makes a spongebob special "special"?

To be fair, I swear there was a significant gap between episodes before Best Day Ever, or it certainly felt that way as a kid. So it was special to have some new Spongebob content


this is oddly nostalgic

Fake special is but a real special should be a two parter. Something that feels more than a normal episode. A mini movie or something.

Patchy was probably one of the last few things spongebob did that was even slightly original.

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I caught one of these on TV long after I'd given up on spongebob and was surprised at how good it was, like on par with the first 3 seasons. Too bad I can't remember which episode it was.

King of the Hill and South Park never did this, BASED

It's one of the most infamous Family Guy episodes so I would say yes

How can the family guy one be so shit but the american dad one be so fucking good?

>The Sponge Who Could Fly
>Ratings trap
Possibly. Wouldn't be surprised
I dunnnnnoooooo...

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Any update on the poor bastard who got that tattoo?

literally false advertising: the special

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>my old college javelin

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