ITT: Licensed comics that exists

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honestly a spin off comic could be pretty good


That movie just completely disappeared from public consciousness.

Something that went more in depth regarding this specific take on the Pokemon world could be cool but like, there's no audience for it

Even weirder because it came out near the time when Pokemon Go was insanely popular.

I'm genuinely shocked. A live action Pokemon movie, done properly, would have been a fucking EVENT. Meanwhile Sonic of all things seems to be working out.

I would say it's because Pokemon has so many things to keep their fans busy. Meanwhile Sonic fans are starving for anything good. Also helps that a second Sonic movie came out.

Pokemon fans eat up whatever crap GF sells them. Sonicfags are desperate for even slightly good content and will hype it up to hell and back when it comes.

The only good thing this movie gave us was Ms. Norman. Ditto fetishists rejoiced.

Licenced Moon Knight manga written by Doug Moench that still exists somewhere

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Maybe because it was clearly a one-off story that you couldn't get a sequel out of without doing something stupid, which is funny considering how open-ended the Detective Pikachu game was.

I think the plans for a sequel to the game fell through due to the movie flopping.

>grossed almost triple its budget
>second highest grossing video game movie

It should've been a comic, not a fucking movie. I'll never get over that THIS is what the first live action pokemon turned out to be

Look, things I personally didn’t care for or fell out of the public eye are considered flops, okay

The fact that the game's sequel turned to vaporware probably hasn't helped.

Because instead of making a proper Pokemon movie normalfags would have ate up they made a shitty detective movie.

The fact that nobody cared past the initial ticket sale means it flopped to The Pokemon Company. Pokemon is about creating a lasting influence in all its media.

Well maybe they shouldn't have made such a shitty movie then.

Is this real?

The Pokémon Company WANTED a sequel. It was the studio that dipped for some reason.

This. What would've been so hard about just making a movie about a kid pounding through gyms and eventually taking out the elite four? Should've been more like a sports movie.

God, that ugly whinny mailto ruined that movie.

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It didn’t help that it was released near Avengers Endgame.

wait how was it written by Moench? did he work with a japenese wrter?

This always felt like something Max Landis pitched but the studio didn't want to hire his ass and just ran with it

This but those nips have no idea how to handle pokemon. Instead of innovating with their main source of income, they let it stagnate and remake the samd gamd over and over bleeding fans and pumping plushies for short term ( massive ) profits

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Yes and it looks so damn weird

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Looks perfectly decent, what are you talking about?

The humans are drawn to be house style realistic but the Pokemon are in their traditional style
It comes off as jarring
It's like if the movie didn't attempt to make the Pokemon stylized

There were genuine people who believed Marvel was the one in danger for choosing that date

Maybe in Japan.

>What would've been so hard about just making a movie about a kid pounding through gyms and eventually taking out the elite four?
That's not how real life sports work. They should've gone the real steel approach with it
>jaded ex champion raises kid and his pikachu who go on to become the new champions through a nation wide tournament.

I'm pretty sure someone over at TPC is having an autist fit of rage now that Sonic out of everyone is mogging the shit out of their movie.

>It was the studio that dipped for some reason.
Based studio not wanting to humilliate themselves any further. For all I know TPC would have wanted a movie based off Pokémon Trozei.

>tfw I guessed the twist of the movie because the mom is shown in a photograph and she is remarkably black

TPC doesn't acknowledge Trozei's existence
It's like the Orre games

But they made Battle Trozei and Shuffle afterwards.

Made without the comic booky secret agent motif of Trozei that everybody hated.

Ok, anyway, Pokémon Ranger it is.

Fuck you I liked it

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I wish the actual movie was animated or at the very least didn't have those horrific monster designs.

That's one of the reasons I didn't see the movie. I would of really liked someone who resembled ash or something. With some no-name black guy, it just felt....too Americanized.

I'd love some more Pokémon movies, maybe not a spinoff or sequel to Detective Pikachu, but rather a ton of different genres and adventures in the vast world of pokemon itself.

I just think it'd be neat to see different people and stories play out in such a dynamic world, although maybe that'd take away attention from the pokemon in a pokemon movie.

>Western Pokemon comics

It's kinda an inoffensive movie. I think that's why. It wasn't mind-blowingly good... But it wasn't a full on MK2 or Mario Brothers shitshow. Just an average movie.

People would remember it more if they went with their lazy original idea of "What if the Pokemon come to OUR world?!?"

>exists somewhere
does that mean that it's not scanned or something?

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Wasn't the studio that made it the same one that animated the first Sonic movie? After Sonic came out they had to shut down to my knowledge

And how do they portray Ms. Norman?

>"What if the Pokemon come to OUR world?!?

Another reason why it's barely remembered, is because it's barely a Pokemon movie to begin with. DP was a spin-off game that had minimal relation to the rest of the series.

Pokemon at its heart and core is an adventure, going off into the wild unknown and bulding bonds with who you meet.

That is as basic as storytelling goes, and they've could've made something good or even great with that, and instead they went with goofy talking animal movie with a PG mystery element.

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Angry Birds Transformers is still a weird crossover game and it also got a comic adaptation since IDW had the license to make both Transformers and Angry Birds comics at the time

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I honestly don't know
I don't think this got ripped

Remember the newspaper comic by Gerard "8 is the new 18" Jones?

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I try not to