Are comic creators paid too much?

Are comic creators paid too much?

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You guys complain about wokeness in comics but you get what you pay for. If someone isn't going to get into a job for the money then it's going to be because of ideology.


its so evil, its kind of funny.

Kinda slightly off point, but have a question on the headline. Is it talking about films that take a number of plot points from a few different comics as a basis for their overall plot? Like killing joke and the long holloween? for nolan shit and other movies?

Wounder what the policy there is. Off course since comic writers arent using their own intellectual properties when making them in the first place, so its not as direct as a independent book adaptation.
Is it saying that any inspirational material should be given a certain royalties? and thats even wierder with comics since plot points are often recycled. Im not saying anything declaritive any way, but the subject seems weird when it comes to royalties. Like, how much can you really expect to get if someone wants to use a batman pplot where joker wants to test the integrity of batmans convictions?


they are most likely referring to specific controversies like Ed Brubaker not getting paid for the MCU using Winter Soldier and the Hawkeye show aping Aja's art style in the intro/outro
live-action Batman directors don't give any single shits about the comics beyond "uh yeah I was influenced by TDKR, Long Halloween, and Killing Joke like everyone else was"

I remember that article where DC gave Jim Starlin a bigger check for a Minor Villain in BvS than all of the movies Thanos appeared

>you get what you pay for
Thankfully I don't pay for comics anyways.

ah, ok, i dont keep up with that stuff really, so thats what the titlecard made come to mind since it says "adaptation" rather than "character use" or "artstyle use"

KGBeast. Len Wein also stated that he'd made more money from Lucius Fox than he did for Wolverine. About the only comic writer Disney isn't willing to penny pinch is Bill Mantlo and that's only because of the bad PR that would follow.

As long as Bendis gets less money I'm all for it

>work under contract for X amount
>later, someone ELSE does work for Y amount

if you rearange bendis name it can be
>p. benis
>b, penis.

I honestly can't tell if you're serious or not. When did Yea Forums start sucking corporate cock lmfao you see it all over this board.

thats not sucking corprate cock. sucking corprate would be saying how the poor corporations cant afford it and sypathising with the corpo, what that user did was focus on the person who thinks they are entitled to shit.

Not being a faggot means you should shit on anyone.

>sucking corporate cock
When a director, a screenwriter, and a whole team of gaffers, actors, cameramen, and so on made the billion dollar movie; it's their fucking movie to profit from. Not "well I came up with the original character 30 years ago" has-been.

That is why the comics are in the state it is, companies chasing for the bottom $$$.

based mouse

Weekly? By Weekly? Monthly? either way They are making way over minimum wage, in any Blue state. and in any Red State they pretty much are the 1 percent.

Let say a comic book creator works for Disney from home and Lives in Georgia ($5.15) or Wyoming ($5.15) they are making being payed 5K a month that means they are making 4 times more minimum wage and could essentially live as KINGS in that state. OK lets say the live in DC or California Both 15 Dollar minimum, with 5K a month they pretty much are middle class citizens. and you can afford at least a down payment in to a one Bedroom home.

Wolverine saved him in a way. Len Wein was having health issues and had huge medical bills towards the end of his life. Hugh Jackman heard about his plight and ended up helping to pay his medical bills with some of the money he got from appearing in the X-Men movies.

Kinda making me root for DeSantis now. Stupid rat. Then again I live near Disneyland and the nearby ghetto where all it's Mexican workers live had always soured me on the rat.

The Big 2 has always hired the cheapest writers.

probably a dumb question but do ghettos in Florida even look like? trailer parks?

I'm talking about Disneyland, the park in Anaheim, not Disney World in Orlando, so sadly I cannot answer that. But there are probably ghettos in Miami for the Cubans.

Based Huge Act Man

lol comic commie wokesters are so fucking capitalistic and greedy. why would you work for mega corps, hypocritical dishonest woke niggers

Imagine start writing comic books because you want to entertain people.

IIRC the royalties were because of Paul Levitz. He stepped down as President in 2009 but still held a high position but left in 2014 with the royalty system being immediately revised. No idea if media appearances are still good but for the comics, it changer to net revenue instead of cover price and because comics don't sell, creators don't get shit all for royalties on comic sales.

There's a shitload of shills, especially Mouse shills, here. Either genuine paid shills or MUST DEFEND CORPORATION consoomers.

>Are comic creators paid too few?

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>what if Thor was weak and stupid and a woman stole his title
People that come up with stuff like that honestly should be forced to pay money.

True but I stopped buying comics when they got woke. If they still had stories about awesome white dudes having epic battles and rescuing sexy chicks I would still buy them. In fact I still do they are just not american comics anymore but manga and european comics instead.

>corpo bad but workers & artist demand better payments? Nope, you don't deserve it!
duality of Yea Forums

You wouldn't have the movie without the original writers and artists.

No, if anything they need to be paid at least double. It's a terribly low paid profession, especially for companies like marvel that use it as an IP farm.

You can believe both, especially when it comes to shitty creators.

>I am above the law, just because I sign a contract sayin gI agree doesnt' mean I agree!
Are you a woman?

In this particular case, Disney World is located in a suburban/rural area, so the ghettos are all trailer parks and shitty Section 8 subdivisions. Or were, considering housing costs are rising so fast even absolute shitholes are expensive.


>pay somebody to write a comic
>give them resources, strict guidelines etc
>promote the character heavily
>agree it will be adapted into other runs, toys, cartoons etc
>keep promoting it
>eventually after many different creators have been involved shaping this character adapt it into a movie
I agree they should be payed more $5,000 is pennies but when somebody is hired to make a minority character so they can adapt it into a movie down the road it's silly to think it's somebody's own personal creation they are passionate about. I do like to see comic writers get brought in to write on shows and movies even if it's just so they get paid, even a cameo or something would be nice.
Also if all these normies cared about comics you think they would read some fucking comics

Comic creatives are paid per page. Specific rates vary by company and artist, but in 2020 the low level rate for Marvel was $160 per page. Assuming a 40 hour work week and 3 pages per week, that's $480 per week, or $12 per hour. In general the median salary of a comic book artist is ~$37,000 a year, or about $17.75 per hour.

>3 pages per week
I thought the standard was 5 pages per week.

but artists only need to deliver penciled page, so it's not hard to make more than 3 pages a week.

the journalist ask for better paiment there, the artist signed and aggreed with the current pay.

3-4 pages per week is the average I've seen listed everywhere I look. Also the work week for an artist is stated to be around 60 hours.

Artists are also responsible for any revisions.


and Shakespere wouldn't have his plays without the original stories he aped from, what's your fucking point?

Niggas signed the contracts, got paid for their work. They can eat shit later for all I care. Nobody owes you a job writing Batman.

Disney royalties have always been shit. Only retards work for Disney over DC.

Artist salaries have actually decreased by like 70% over the last 20 years. Royalties are the only way for artists to make minimum wage.

This is true.
Do you really think an industry known for screwing artists and creatives that makes billions per year wouldn't spend a little on shilling? Of course they would. These people are not artists, they can't make anything. Smile because you don't need them they need you.

Disney should be knocked down a peg in all honesty.

Is this retard projecting? No one paid for wokeness to be in comics in the first place. Woke retards wormed their way in and took over, and then told us that if we don't like it, don't buy it. Everybody responded in kind.
Absolute moron.

>Smile because you don't need them they need you.
Unless you can write, draw, letter and color a comic on top of running printing, logistics and taxes, you will always need a publisher-big or small.
>muh crowdfunded
I've seen the results of those. Cults at worst and very limited runs that demand your credit card and charge you exorbitant prices for just the book. The shipping will be extra, natch.

I'd pay for woke capeshit if I knew where to start reading.

>Are comic creators paid too much?
Disney/Marvel comics is not paying even the artists who worked on the comics in the last years, there are many cases of artists who never got paid

wouldn't the more savvy ones ask for something down the line if the work gets adapted in the work for hire contract then?
not saying corpos are in the right but you gotta fight for what you want

>you will always need a publisher-big or small
What year is it?
Make something you love and build a real following around it. If it grows you are set. If not work a shitty job to motivate your next effort

Considering that modern comic book creative team have ruined many characters and concepts, they deserve it to get paid that low

wow, Hugh's a legend.


It's complicated because Disney pays people to make specific things for the purpose of adapting it. If they have to pay to use the thing they own they would change things enough to avoid paying royalties, in reality they just need to increase the measly $5,000 with something a little bigger

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No but they should make residuals on their adapted characters and plotlines

Given how awful those comics are, even $1 is too much imo