Open MS Paint

>open MS Paint
>draw your Yea Forums waifu/husbando
>post it ITT

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I don't currently have a waifu. I am hooking up with different waifus.


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Is that the
robot on the moon from Wallace and gromit???

Does anyone remember how to make the erase sketch trick? i tried to use this but it doesn't work/it's terribly explained

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What's the point in doing this instead of just using a better art program and using binary/non-aa? Just wondering.

it's fun

most non drawfags won't have anything better installed. The limitations also inspire creativity.

>getting ready for bed
>check Yea Forums before turning in
>see interesting thread that will be dead by morning
Every time.

Get some rest user, there will always be another.

as long as jannies don't kill it there will always be a next time, Yea Forums has these threads monthly

My husbando survived through a super rough storm, i tough my power was gonna be cut and the progress lost

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dammit submitted the one with the small dice

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nice lines

What if I don't have MS Paint?

Traced the husbando.

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(Though, it's not Paint. Tayasui Sketches Pro, which lets you do layers and set opacity so each layer acts like tracing paper. It was around $10 when I got it 3 years ago).


I didnt feel like drawing the whole body
also i used and layers becasue i cant do without them

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I cant draw.

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my beloved

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Hey Terb

That is indeed, pretty fucking rad.

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I tried my best...

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oh user, you slut!

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But they'll take care of you user..

my husbando is recognizable enough so I don't have to put any effort in this

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husbandoing stamper.

quite based.

how dare you

I have questions.

Not a bad guess. It has wheels though.
yfw user Is liefeld

Step 4 seems fairly straight forward to me.
Color 1 is the color you want the eraser to affect, color 2 is the color you want to change the affected color into.
Since it's the eraser and not the buckettool, you actually have to rub the cursor all over the sketch parts you want to remove.

Doing it like this means you don't have to be careful not to hit the parts you don't want to erasem since they'll be in a different, and thus unaffected, color.

I dont know how to draw with regular tools

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Keep em comin boys

aaaa I love Dib aaa

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>tfw you'll never watch her get high huffing glue, smack her around and fuck her like a fleshlight and choke her till she's purple

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not a great artist best I could do of my love

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For some reason the erasing trick doesn't work for me

This one is amazing, Dib is a qtie

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While not as pretty as your drawings, mine is filled with my love for Queen Aleena.

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>Yea Forums has these threads monthly
Yea Forums also has actual moderation. Yea Forums is far from Yea Forums.

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I think it's more correct to say Yea Forums has mods that actually gives a shit. Ours seem to only be in it to either protect threads about things they like, while ignoring literally everything else, or just in it for the free Yea Forums pass.

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qt ghost

I suspect some of you are cheating and aren't actually using mspaint.

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Fun, hope the thread lasts

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