Post more SJW shit comic book pages

Post more SJW shit comic book pages.
I want to have a laugh.

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Why didn't she give him something more practical like her bracers?

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I wonder how high their suicide rate must be in DC. Surely more than 41, with Wonder Woman, Power Girl, and Starfire flying around.

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Did Ewing really think he was making some profound point here? Was it supposed to be retarded?

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People underestimate how many times he does things like that in IH. Don’t get me started on all the “SUBTLE” jabs at police officers all throughout the run. There’s even an issue where two cops are just randomly beating up someone mid day like they’re Cobra henchmen, and it’s hilarious,

Did this guy ever present any sort of threat, or did he merely commit the "crime" of disagreeing with the protags?
Wow, the author is absolutely retarded here. Does (s)he not get that a being that's nigh invulnerable and capable of easily wrecking things would be handled differently than ordinary human street criminals?

Yes, she's supposed to be retarded, or at the very least, incredibly naive to the real way things work

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This is why we hate mutants Jean.

I've asked this in previous threads, but I'll ask again: Are we supposed to treat this seriously, or is this *intended* to be some comedy?

bros... the lasso of truth... its disempowering my men powers...

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Look at the writer and you tell me, user.

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Does Jean seriousky not get, that inviding someones peivacy like that is a huge no-no, and a good reason to hate muties like her?

I get that these people want to push an agenda, but why can't they at least be decent at story telling? Why do they never use serious villains? Why is there never a struggle to achieve the goals the author wants?

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Be sure they're living jokes.

Hulk smashes villains and saves the universe. Cunts like her smash assholes who give out STDs

The idea that someone is bending over backwards to understand men is... interesting, to say the least.

They lost that ability.

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I'll miss the days when we could all just read a trainwreck like Gabby Rivera's America Chavez run and laugh together.
Those days are long gone, and I miss them very dearly.

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What's wrong with this? Leonardo fucking the bird? the guy who wanted to give away food or the line about climate change?

Why lie?

I wish I lived in the wold lefties think we live in.


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Because part of pushing their agenda is making those who oppose that gender jokes. They use comedic villains because 'look, they are clowns and have this opinion so if you share that opinion you are a clown'.

As for a decent story, they are more concerned about the agenda then the story.

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"My human disguise has worked well enough that I've gotten a job as a comic writer. Some might worry I might unwittingly write something that'll give away my extraterrestrial origins, but I've learned how humans write through extensive study of one of their most popular social media websites: Tumblr."

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You will user. I'm afraid we all will.

>Goodhair is the foe of mixed-race women.
You can't make this shit up.

>Yea Forums forgot about Safe Space and Snow Flake

... Burn... What? What Burn? Where?


opinions on israel?

Ironic when it's the male allies that do most of the roofieing.

Was Marvel always Reddit?

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>need a little vivaporu for that burn?
Alright I chuckled at that line

This is a joke only Hispanics and Latinos would get

Oblivion is all what they deserve

Is Vicks VapoRub not a thing in the States anymore?

Yeah, and still not funny

But this is wrong though? The 'joke' is pepe le pew is a rapist because french people are more openly sexual and the cat looks like a skunk.
Sure it's not funny for a host of reasons but the show doesn't blame the cat.

I always imagine chickens clucking in background when she talks.

You fucked passed out chicks in college didn't you?

Teen Jean mind-fucked her own teammate to make him stay in the past. For no real reason. She’s fucked.
Probably because this was an anthology one-shot marketed to homos, so he wanted it to be appealing to them. A tranny yelling about his womanhood to a fully-covered woman who is more attractive than he ever will be is like a wet dream to those types.

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I'm Australian, we don't pass out after sniffing a shot so I have to talk to people before we fuck.
What about you user? get invited to many uni parties?

Because they aren't hired for good writing. And they didn't join to write good stories.

and falls flat

I did my partying when I was 13-16, Never went to Uni. I'm a leaf.

Are 4channers the new supervillains? Judging by the fact that Red Skull and Riddler seem to be.

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Nazi's radicalising people over the internet doesn't seem like a bad plot when your arch-nemesis is an actual literal nazi.

No one should ever use this piece of dogshit character.
Not even as a corpse in the background.

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the white girl looks nice though, who is she?

around what year would you guys say that marvel comics went to shit?

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an extra

Marvel has died 3 times