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>single male obsesses over the genitals of children
He'd fit right in on Yea Forums

Eh, this is a weaker one. Sinfest is kino when it's going full schizo.

>Will I forget who I am?
weird line

I still don't understand how the author went from mostly normal to crazy radfem SJW to far-right paranoid.

I said it once and I'll say it again. These tranny cultist are basically fucking sexist. They want all the manlets and tomboys to transition to the opposite sex because they don't fit gender stereotypes. These trans "people" are honestly a bunch of cavemen with outdated views.

They really really hate dragqueens and crossdressers since they're considered "Traitors"

Why do these comic always focus on identity politics? We are literally heading into inflation and all any one care about are alphabet people.

being TERF was the turning point, he sees women as sacrosanct and no amount of HRT will allow lowly men to reach their greatness. he got piled on for this exclusiveness so the turned to the nuclear option

To some people this comic is schizo.

Outrage culture generates more clicks than boring real issues


What the fuck is this new buzzword now?


I also remember reading somewhere that extremists are more likely to become other kinds of extremist than they are to moderate their views. Some of the most fanatical Nazis were actually former communists. There was even a term for them: "Beefsteak Nazi".

Horseshoe theory is real

Trans exclusionary something feminist iirc, its not a new term bro

Don't you "nigga gigga migga igga" me.

Didn't Goebbels once say he found it easier to convert communists than social democrats?
What's telling is that the people most likely to deny horseshoe theory are the people it's most likely to be applied to. Trying to deny it is an uphill battle when you have tankies and the alt-right both cheering for Russia and when self-proclaimed communists were pulling for Le Pen.

I thought he was for all that woke crap. that was the point of the trike girl gang anyway.

The Russia stuff has been super revealing

Because sinfest used to be autobanned I didn't realize just how into the Q hole he got until I saw a bunch of his work. How are you both a terf and a Qanon at the same time.

What communists were pulling for Le Pen?

He apparently swung to the far right like Mussolini did.

Well, National Bolshevism proves you CAN be far-left and far-right at the same time.

did he through that entire multi year cycle out then? I am not reading this shit. it went from a ok comic about a group of friends be raunchy young adults to uber feminist shit. Now it looks like alt right shit. did the woke stuff not get him dates?

nigga gigga migga igga, nigga

Hardcore, OG feminists are usually TERFs.

He's a massive shut in hermit if that helps explain anything.

You mean 2nd wave feminists, the kind raised to fear penis

Seems like the mom is forcing her weird beliefs onto her kid without letting the kid have any say

So he's no different than groomers and tranny?

It's not a horseshoe, it's a fucking circle.

ESLs are cute

Look you faggots are the ones who propagated this bullshit in the first place
Did you expect no one to resist you?

No. The big shift was his idea of feminisim runing full speed into modern tranny issues.

My question is how'd he fall down the extremist rabbit hole in the first place? His early stuff seems pretty normal.

being against tranny grooming and wokeness isn't Q you idiot

Trannies are people with a mental disorder that are a victim of a society that has materialistic values and privatized health care system. The fact that they think being a woman means having a vagina and "looking pretty" should be pretty fucking evident of this. Literally, the only thing a transitioning man can relate to regarding womanhood is how much i hurts being called ugly and that you don't look like a woman, but for trans, it's self-inflicted. Some women have to hear that shit since they were girls, sometimes but their fucking mothers who convince them they need to wear make-up and dresses at special events in order to be "presentable".

Qanon tards are obsessed with groomers

The comic in OP at least doesn't seem extreme at all

He drew silly bawdy comics for several years. Then the rise of SJWs influenced him and felt bad about his previous work "objectifying women"

Because he wanted pussy.

The funny thing is that /pol/tards now agree with Sinfest

Trans people have existed across time and different cultures so your entire armchair analysis is utter bullshit.

lol a year ago republicans in florida passed a literal penis inspection day bill but i'm supposed to believe it's the gays who are preying on children

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That's a well thought out opinion you have there

He started feeling bad about himself. That's essentially what it boils down to, that regardless of whatever the source was, Tatsuya Ishida began to develop a massive guilt complex over his previous work not being 'respectful'. And that was when the floodgates opened where Sinfest suddenly had to be as extremist as Ishida was feeling at the time, despite him displaying over and over that he's not actually as smart as he thinks he is.

It's not really clear how this all began, some say it was a feminist girlfriend (honestly I've never seen any proof this person exists but whatever) but it could have just as easily been his shut in habits getting to him.

Not as dude who thinks he's a woman lol

>making cringe comics is "resisting"
You people really are SJWs lmao

Not exactly. Definitely not in the modern form. There's always been people wanting to live like what's typical for the opposite sex and crossdressers, etc. But the ideology behind it now is something new.

>normal people are against groomers
fixed for you.

/pol/ isnt sending their best lol

lol its qanon shit look at the signs

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Poor John K

Lotta white privilege in that photo

For Florida thats pretty shockingly white desu

To this day i have no fucking clue what that was besides just an indirect way of saying "He's acting like a /pol/tard"
What is Qanon?

and Yea Forumsmblr done poorly lol

QAnon[a](/ˈkjuː.əˌnɒn/) is apolitical conspiracy theorythat later evolved into apolitical movement. It originated in theAmerican far-rightpolitical sphere. QAnon centers on false claims made by an anonymous individual or individuals known as "Q". They claim that acabalofSatanic,[1][2][3]cannibalisticsexual abusers of childrenoperating a global childsex traffickingring conspired against former U.S. PresidentDonald Trumpduring histerm in office.[7]QAnon also incorporates elements from many other conspiracy theories.[8]Some experts have described QAnon as acult.[9]

Tl;DR boomers fell for /pol/ shitposts and became a cult

Oh you mean like Contraries, who were literally considered clowns in their own Indian society? Or how prostitutes in the Middle Ages had to wear outfits revealing their tits so potential male customers wouldn't be tricked by traps trying to rob men? Yeah, totally the same as the modern-day tranny who thinks empowerment means genital mutilation.

youre gonna get different answer depending on the politics of the poster.

It's really stupid and weird. Guy started posting cryptic messages on imageboards making predictions, and then people started a whole thing around it. Following it, "trusting the plan" he alludes to and all kinds of silly stuff.

That said, calling Tats and people in this thread Q is silly too, unrelated thing.

Qanon is the reason pizzagate was a thing, and why the guy showed up at said pizza place with a gun hoping to free kidsin the nonexistant basement.

Though I haven't read all of Sinfest, maybe there's something I missed

I know professional futanari fetishists that talk less about chicks with dicks than this board does.

Being trans in 2022 isn't even the same as what it meant to people in 2000. I feel sorry for the early medical transitioners that were actually suffering from dysphoria that now have to deal with the new trendy xi/xis/xir types and have schools treating their struggling identity like some kind of sesame street lesson.

A cult who thinks there's a hollywood/elite cult that drink children's blood to harvest their immortality or something.
Seriously. They're nuts.

user no offense but I dont think you talk to many trans people from either category if your take is "gender dysphoria used to be real but it isnt anymore"

Talk to literally any trans person on /lgbt/ sometime then. There's a lot of research and medical science around what causes bodily dysphoria but that's pretty much entirely out the window now as far as relevancy.
>"gender dysphoria used to be real but it isnt anymore"
You don't think random teachers saying "Little Timmy you can be a girl if you want" is reductive to what gender dysphoria actually is?

Because scientifically speaking its not "I wanna be a girl really really badily."