Moon Knight show

Anyone excited for the next new episode tonight?! No more early screenings or leaks, we're heading into unknown territory now!

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If they let jake out, they better give him the Brian Wood look.

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What time does it usually drop?


Is this show any good? Isn’t have D+

Not really

im excited for the flash movie coming out next year

35 minutes from now.

so what who cares

Good episode but kinda pissed we still don't have Jake.

I just got caught up(all 4 in one go) and yeah! I like how they're mostly respecting Moon Knight in his show instead of pulling what they did with spider-man. While I don't dislike the show's design for the Moon Knight costume, I prefer Unhinged, the show is having some good moments. A shame about that other actor tho, I'm liking him as the villain and it sucked to learn he died so long ago.

I already think the Taweret is really cute so they did good not making her an abomination or affront to my eyes.

My biggest complaint is not enough of the classic spiked knuckles, they are my favorite weapon.

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Yeah the fist spikes are really cool, Disney probably thought they were too much or something.

best episode so far but kinda crazy that they kept Jake reveal for the last episode, loved the little bit of him we saw this ep in the asylum.

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Great episode but I get the feeling next week will be rushed to shit

Compared to the other ones they've done, very much so. They play things pretty straight rather than a retarded, nonstop quipfest.

i didnt like it sinply because it was too different for me

fuck him

episode fuckin sucked it was boring

I'm confused, if Steven was created to take the beatings then shouldn't he be the one who knows about it?

Pretty weird that Jake didn't factor in the balancing of the scales

Feels like the interest for this fell off a cliff

he wasnt created to take the beatings, he was created to escape them, mark presumably was back in control when his mother started the abuse, they just didnt show it very well

Any other god showed up this ep besides Tawaret?

me too

It's pretty good. I think it's just the average fatigue. Disney should have put marvel stuff on pause, push star wars and when that was over, come back with marvel again. But the mouse wants the money NOW!

shut up please

I kept waiting for that to be the reason the scales wouldn't balance.

alright really

They aren't his signature weapon, these are

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It'll be interesting to see how they wrap this up with just one episode

I hope they don't leave it on a major cliffhanger, hinting that you have to go see Love and Thunder or some bullshit.


This outro was pretty sick though ngl

not happening

I don't think Jake will actually show up. Why tf did they tease him?

How the fuck are they going to finish this in a single episode

>Khonshu gets freed because reasons
>Steven comes back because reasons
>Ammit kills Ethan Hawke because reasons

You should know by now that none of these Disney+ Marvel shows know how to have a good ending

Cope, I cried

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Loki's ending was fine.

netflix shows were too long at 13 episodes and disney+ episodes are too short at 6. i would hope they would respond to these criticisms by bumping their shows up to a sweet spot of 8 episodes but i have no finger on the pulse to know whether they care


I don't know why EVERY show needs to end in 6 episodes. 6 is fine for something like hawkeye. Why not let things have another episode or two if it needs it? It's not like this is on tv where there's strict schedules

I'll give you Loki actually, that was the only one that didn't completely shit the bed, but
Wandavision's finale was such a fucking letdown
>drop the sitcom aspect after 3 episodes in favour of looking at the generic MCU real world stuff centred on three of the most boring characters ever
>have the real world intrude on the sitcom stuff until it takes over
>the finale itself is standard MCU fare with CGI sky fights and not one but two versions of the hero facing off against an EEEEEEVIL version of themselves
>all the teases and mysteries either fizzle out, go unanswered, or are resolved in stupid ways like Ralph Bohner
>none of the real world characters have a notable role to play in the finale despite being focused on so much prior to this

I wont be fully satisfied until I see this page adapted

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if disney has any cajones then stephen stays dead, as marc comes to terms with his trauma, and folds aspects of stephen's more sensitive side into his own personality. from there, jake could be folded in as the hyper-aggressive personality that does the dirty work, reorienting the jekyl and hyde angle as marc being the less relatively unhinged one. in all likelihood stephen seems too popular to write off like that though

This is an MCU series. of course it will end with a cliffhanger or teaser for the next part of the series.

>Jake is still on the boat

That's not how Moon knight works, he's gotta have all of em to do his work. Plus Mr. Knight is too critical to lose

This would be best as the cliff hanger or introduction to the way Moon Knight gets to be his own personality

Am I retarded for thinking that the reason
that they never showed Marc killing the professor and those archeologists is because that's a Jake Memory and Marc simply takes the blame?

yes you're retarded, they literally told you that Bushman changed the plan and killed everyone just like the comics.

Aw shit! I knew I missed something

Yes and No, while the show told you what happened I'm willing to assume you didn't say a ton of attention.

>A shame about that other actor tho, I'm liking him as the villain and it sucked to learn he died so long ago.
The one that died was the collection owner from episode 3, not the main villain.

Oh, eh, still too bad about him. He looked like he had a long life ahead of him.

I was probably still thinking about a previous reveal when the Bushman name came up. There's a lot to unwrap in this episode.

this was jake, right?
the accent was different and he had a wound on his nose while marc and steve doesnt have one

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Jake was in the unopened coffin

>this was jake, right?

When you have a disassociative identity disorder, you remove yourself mentally from what's happening.
Steven was in his own little world WHILE getting beaten.
Just like he went back to that world when the mom died.