Doctor strange 2 banned in Saudi Arabia

Doctor strange 2 banned in Saudi Arabia

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didn't think they had a backbone, not that I support all this agenda but I am surprised

Based, fuck Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a major investor in American conservative media, this is just a culture war stunt, and Disney isn't playing along. The Kingdom would just cut the objectionable 12 seconds normally, and Disney has no reason to care about a shithole that contributes .1% to it's overseas box office.

I'm tired of all this wokeness. Hopefully they just ban all Marvel movies with gay shit. Thor is next.

I'd rather they just not get the movie as opposed to Disney pussying out and cutting stuff for them.

They were never going to edit a movie for such a tiny, meaningless audience. A few thousand Saud family members have even a pot to piss in.
Very few of them are even interested in American superheroics.
They'd frankly make more money catering directly to Yea Forums internet pirates.

>"it's not banned, but we won't release it until you do what we tell you to"

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For example, the top grossing film in The Kingdom in 2021 was The Candidate, with 1.3 MILLION dollars, or 0.015% of it's worldwide box office. It's a nation of poor fucks ruled over by a mob family of Oil Sheiks.

Exudes "You can't quit, you're fired!" energy right there.

They'd easily do it because they've done it before, how new are you to Disney

Who calls Saudi Arabia "The Kingdom"?

>Disney suddenly wants to loose money

>liberals have to choose between faggots and sand niggers

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Why are they getting indignant over this kind of stuff? Their rich and spoiled princes do far more degenerate and fucked up shit in a single morning.

Yeah America has typically been such a good friend of the middle east

Maybe he is from there

They'll change the Mandarin to appeal at the second largest box office in the world (by a large margin). They'll allow authoritarians to make cuts themselves to releases in shitholes, the won't alter the material in their own movies for irrelevant countries like SA.
It's akin to Jeff Bezos forming his own country filled with incredibly poor people to suck his dick; you aren't going to really sell a lot of movie tickets to Beztopia.

It's crazy. It's like they just want to leave all this money on the table. Just don't use gay characters. Don't have black leads (except Black Panther). No Asian leads either. And you'll be okay.

>all this money on the table
Its Saudi Arabia

I thought with 'The Kingdom' he meant Disney.

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These dimwits don't understand the whole country is one (insanely) rich family and a countless horde of repressed, fundamentalists poorz. Mexico is like 100x the box office of SA.

>liberals have to choose between faggots and sand niggers
Main reason why Rainbow capitalism and woke will collapse. As much as it triggers Yea Forums and /pol/ alike. Only white people support LGBT shit in large numbers. Without whites LGBT movement won’t even protected by law. Arabs and Latinos are the future of the west.

Are they releasing I. China?

This is just desperate cope from /pol/tards. Muslim kids born here are more accepting of gays than white boomer wasps.

>America Chavez, played by the actor Xochitl Gomez, refers to her “two moms”
Yeah, I mean fuck them for having a woke agenda to portray an LGBT character in an LGBT way. Who could have possibly foreseen this stunning turn of events?

It's banned in all other Arab countries too I think

user you have to understand /pol/tards dont actually consume the media they complain about

Theaters were only re-allowed in Saudi Arabia in 2018; the top grossing film since then in SA is an Egyptian comedy that pulled a whopping $15 million. No Way Home grossed a whole $5 million dollars in Saudi Arabia.
Disney rightfully gives zero fucks.

It's still a lot of money you retard, those cheap bastards at Disney wouldn't reject a dollar even from a country ruled by one rich family.

House of Saud is the Second Greatest Ally of Neoconhs, and the second largest shareholder of Faux News not Liberals.

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Apparently they did reject it.

if you think $5 million is "a lot of money" against No Way Home's billion international gross, your parents should have explained to you that you are retarded.

Jews gets their hands dirty for coins, $5 million is a lot for them you retard

So if thats true why didnt Disney agree to let the film air in Saudi Arabia?

I mean really, it was selfish and thoughtless of them to send you out into the world and never having a talk with your about your condition.

Yes, like the Emirates and Egypt. Also not gonna be showing up in Russia and most likely China. The movie's gonna take a real fucking hard hit in the box office at this pace, and that's after the disaster that was Eternals, their worst-performing movie yet.

Disney WILL allow the film to air there. They literally don't give a fuck if Shithole A. edits something from one of their films.
S. Arabia wanted Disney itself it edit a film to their tastes, and The Mouse just laughed at them, because they don't matter.

So you're just rejecting reality now

>Yes, like the Emirates and Egypt.
Wow probably almost up to a $20 million dollar hit.
Is in full Covid panic and not really doing theaters. It threw a paltry $23 million to Batman.
Is completely embargoed in any case.

SA literally says "take this out of movie or we won't show it". Disney says "no thanks".
At no point do I read Disney refusing to allow the movie there, or Disney not allowing SA to cut out an objectionable bit from it, which they are fully capable of doing.

You can scoff at that, but that shit adds up. 20 million here, 40 million there, and there goes a good chunk of your potential revenue. And even with the success of No Way Home, Disney really needs this movie to be a big hit or they're in deep shit, because Spider-Man alone is not gonna hold their entire multiverse together.

Who gives a fuck.

How do you think theaters work

I dont know what you are basing this on

Joker and No Way Home proved that you don't need China at all to make a billion+.
China is sliding so anti-West now that they really can't be counted upon, WB was surely hoping that China would help Batman's saggy box office, and all they got was peanuts.

I don't think the bar of expectation for Doctor Strange 2; guest-starring Scarlet Witch is the same as No Way Home, it's a sequel to a movie that made $600 million. If it even approaches a billlion they will be pleased. It will certainly beat The Bat.
Disney can't change Xi's attitude or Putin's delusions of grandeur and conquest. It is what it is.

I can tell you they work differently in China and Saudi Arabia than they do in the West.
If you think neither country has censorship bureaus you are hopelessly naive.


The people who made that movie

Let this be the nail in the coffin for the idea that it was "rainbow capitalism". They're all in on the war of ideals.

Lol, speaking as someone who's black and is friends with multiple Somali Muslims who have younger siblings and cousins in high school, I can tell that you don't actually live around or near any Muslims.
Just last week a gay kid at one of my local middle schools got stabbed by some Somali kids.
That other user was right, LGBT acceptance goes hand-in-hand with white people.

lmao fuck off, homosexual acceptance is nearly exclusively down to whites and handfuls of East Asians.

Fuck disney. get woke go broke

Upsetting the saudis is A-OK in my book.

I mean a quick google check shows thats not the case lol

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>Just last week a gay kid at one of my local middle schools got stabbed by some Somali kids.
Feel free to post a news article lol, I want to see what middle school you attend.

I'm not convinced. Given the hyperfocus on florida and other shit it's probably more expensive for them to piss off the gay activists by making changes, especially if they quietly release it later/cut a deal/use the chinese cut for SA/MENA.

I don't like the gays but I hate sand niggers even more


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Not Just Saudi Arabia, other reports show Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Russia, Ukraine and United Arab Emirates. It also looks like China will reject it too. the movie is estimated to lose half a billion Dollars.

they Will Cave once the Estimations reports come in and it goes over 500 million.