Thoughts about the new girl?

Thoughts about the new girl?

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Quit spamming this furry shit and this comic is shit. Die.

That's an actual character? I thought it was someone's OC.


What is up with IDW creating horrible OCs?

They know their audience.

I like her, and her pwhipped boypartner too. And Starline is very entertaining. It's like they set out to make a team of characters built specifically around punching everyone in the face.

She do butt stuff?

An audience that doesn't actually buy comics?

I was going to say that she just seemed like a dumb thing but the whole thing about her personality being overwritten to be a dumb thug was interesting.

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That makes me like her.

I like the idea, wish they went further with the "this is my superior Metal Sonic" element to her. But I am a Metal fanboy. Also, I know this is nit picky but she had the doctor brainwashed. She could have just asked him who they were before their cybernetics.

Or games, for that matter.

forgot my pic of the best scene so far in the comic.

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Holy shit this is so embarrassingly bad it wraps back around to being funny.

I want to give the benefit of the doubt and say it's written like that on purpose considering the reveal that they're under mind control to get them to act like that. I suspect he made them like that as that's how he perceives Sonic and Tails. A dumb thug and a meek boy that just goes along with whatever that dumb thug wants.

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I stopped having the motivation to read the comic, so i don't know.

cough cough new issue

I think that's part of the point. Take the cringe, chunnibiyo, poser, whatever you want to call them, and give that type a Sonic character. That's Surge and Kitsuname. Even Dr. Starline is a Dr. Robotnik fanboy.
They have everything they need to fail, and fail _gloriously_. It's Leeroy Jenkins, the bad-guy team. I actually want them to win.

Why does she look the girl they would give fart jokes to?

>They're under mind control
That's incalculably worse, because it means their retarded character traits are the only character traits that haven't been overwritten, making them the most fundamental traits of their respective characters.
They don't even serve as proper villains because their villainous nature is ENTIRELY CONTRIVED.
They're failures on every conceivable level in and out of universe, holy shit.

Not sure we're on the same page, I mean full-on personality death mind erased and rewritten mind control

And Surge is too all-out to keep sane. Kit might know what's going on and has accepted it, which gives him the added cover of looking sane.
It's an Asuka and Shinji pairing.

Since she needed a lot more "sessions" than he did 230 to 30, I figure her actual personality is pretty docile and he had to do a lot of mindwiping to turn her into this which is likely why she seems a lot more mentally unstable.

I thought that the intended state of Kit was a all-out fighter type. The revved up tomboy fight-prone punk who is naturally crazy, so Starline keeps putting her in therapy because he's gotten what he wanted and just can't control her. Just like a real parent.
Meanwhile, Kit doesn't want any trouble, and no one has yet put him in the same allyway as a street gang and a ladder.

what a cute animation. gana start reading the sonic comic just becuase of this.

Those initial sessions were seemingly used to implement their new personalities in the first place. And Surge needed a lot more than Kit did. Afterward, he had to keep mind-wiping them largely to stop them from losing their minds even further as a result of getting seriously maimed in testing and the general stress of it.

I haven't seen anything about this comic in years but this character looks cute to me. What's her story? I'm guessing some sort of parallel universe sonic or something like that?

She's a cyborg created by Starline to destroy and replace Sonic. She doesn't remember her past or knows what she wants so she's angry.

She a Sonic female character, so yes.

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this looks like duck tales.

>She's a cyborg
I thought they were bioengineered like Shadow and the Bio-Lizard. I don't think they are part machine.

Surge with her quills/hair down and without the piercings is cute.

cute design

>that fat fuck penders gives a retarded take and pisses everyone off.

Is it true that sally acorn was ultimately erased because of that fat sperg??

Not JUST because of him, but he was a major factor.

Even without Penders, Sally was likely not long for this world with the direction Sonic was going in.

I appreciate the near-nudes in a recent issue but i don't care for her two friends at all.

Can't wait for porn

There'll be some good porn of her then we'll all forget she exists, like that wolf chick or literally all of these throwaway sonic ocs with about as much personality as charmy the bee.
what do you like user, maybe i can take a crack at drawing something of her

Her getting fucked in the ass while lying on her back with raised legs, view from above (the male is invisible sans his dick)

Made for brainwashing into a loving wife and mother.

there's already some

surprising amount of vore

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Her and all of the Starline stuff are the best thing we got out of this entire reboot.

she looks like a shyguy9 oc so it makes sense

No, turn her into a loving wife and mother the old fashion way.

Why even bother drawing sans if you're just going to make him invisible?

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i dont know why i cant get into the new comics.
theres just something about them thats stops me from being interested


I hate myself for laughing at this

why sonicfags can just make normal porn just one time?

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Soft Dom the angry tsundere... Is she a hedgehog? Some sort of bear? What is she even?

I've in these fandom for around 20 years... and I still can't find that answer...

too small.

Now draw them kissing

She's a tenrec which isn't a species but a family

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It's okay, user, I hate you too.

You joke but I can easily imagine her saying some shit like "It's not like I did it because I like you or anything"

god i wish that were me

the blue guy?