Superboy Prime and Gwenpool Thread

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both suck and i hope they never come back

How would they react if they saw the amount of people who pirated the comics they were in?
How would they react if they found out they pirated each other's comics?

How are their dates like?

Taking art requests for these two lewd included

Draw Gwenpool ripping a fat fart on the viewers face

>Clark and Gwen reaching through comics in their hands, getting diddled through adjacent comics on their tables/laps

>you wouldn't steal yourself

Draw the two posting on this very thread, prime making an overly long post while gwenpool is shitposting.

like a diptych but upside down

This but with Prime, then another at the bottom with Gwen.

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Prime holding up the comic to a wall and railing gwen through it - her in another panel holding her comic up behind her/in front of her face

Is he evil again?

No, that’s old. He’s redeemed, back in his universe without all the stuff about everyone hating him.

Talking shit about their runs/companies and then bonding over a fervient hate for editorial and Benis

>Be Superboy Prime
>Finally chilling with my girlfriend, Laurie
>She introduces me to this new girl in town that needs help. Her name's Gwen
>Okay, Laurie helped out when I was bullied so I'll return the favor
>Laurie leaves, and me the girl are alone, and says her problem is urgent
>No problem.
>She gives me a comic book that The Justice League died of a Great Darkness, and this Great Darkness might go to the Marvel universe. She tells that with Superboy Prime and Gwenpool, they can stop it.
>Oh fuck no, I ain't going back to there, just the event premise is cringe.
>About to tell her no but then she drags suddenly drags me by the hand
>Suddenly I found myself seeing the funeral of the Justice League
>Gwen tells me that the Justice is dead, and we need to avenge
>So fucking angry I'm back here again, and I shout
>Pretty much everyone that funeral was eyeing to kill me until Gwen dragged me into another portal.
>Gwen then says we're at New York, and need to save Spiderman.
>She says that something about MJ cucking Peter
>I fucking hate comics.

He got a happy ending as Geoff John's swan song at DC

I only cared about Gwen when Gurihiru drew her.

Took some inspiration from these two

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And a lewd one
inspired by both of these

superboy died for bendis and all the other DC writers sins

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Now I gotta ask for a Gwenpool basedjak in /qa/

Didn't Superboy Prime do all the stuff he did because the writers fucked him over repeatedly? To the point that he rebelled that one time and started to trash DC?

>Superboy Prime punched Batkek to death and then proceeded to stop reading event comics.
I'm glad they gave him a happy ending. In the end, he got to be with Laurie and keep Krypto.

Prime and Gwen doing the iconic handshake

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>seethe so hard about capeshit
>rage literally fueled you enough to punch reality itself
>everyone demonizes and shuns you
>finally manage to get out of it all, have a stroll outside and and touch some grass
>become a wholesome and respectable person again
>forget about capeshit
Pay attention, Yea Forums.

Prime and Gwen cuddling on the couch? And maybe some second base stuff

I lol'd, good post

Can someone tell me what books are relevant to Prime Time's come back to Metal? All I remember was that Prime was in the middle of the field going "huh I'm here" in a real ho hum kind of way which seems like a stark contrast to when I last remember him. Feels like I'm missing some pages that explain why he doesnt give a shit anymore after finally getting back


Teddy is cute. 10/10 would cum in boipuss

Imagine them reenacting the plot to She's All That but with superpowers.

How would the iconic pube pizza eating scene go differently?

I can imagine that they'd be similar to Superman and Lois's dates in All Star Superman, but with a lot more pop culture references. Also, instead of just kissing on the moon, Superboy Prime gives Gwen anal on the moon, just to one-up Superman.

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Draw Alan Moore teaching them chaos magic

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Can Kick-Ass join in to make it a threesome?

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Doesn't absolve any of them.


I miss her so much lads...

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What types of threads does she make on Yea Forums?

Why family speak pink?
She make family?

She just has a unique accent

Mostly capeshit I assume

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I like to think her accent is similar to Nicolas Cage's in Vampire's Kiss, where its half snobby British girl and half laid back surfer girl. Just an accent that only exists in a country you've never heard of before.

I really really want to see the 'Prime and Gwen open up a comic-books shop in Earth-9602 (Amalgam Earth)' idea from the last thread if you can draw them at work

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We failed her and now she's in Marvel's oblivion hole...

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I bought your book Gwen

Does this mean that she even loves Boco?

Sweet stuff user

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Awesome artwork user

Thanks user, it's been a while since I showed in this threads.

Was this made by a computer ? It looks like garbage.

This is computer generated, press here to change colors, right ?


The anatomy is kind of shitty, so is just plain bad art

Same person

>computer generated
bro what?

>The anatomy is kind of shity
Hoping you said this because there's some legit issues on it and not because she isn't hot enough for you. I would actually appreciate it if you told me what's wrong on it tho.

Lurk more newfag

No, it’s much bigger. Every single thread on Yea Forums and every single reply has been the same person for the last ten years

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The same guy has 30 different computers