Why do we have 4 planned Batman cartoons while we have ZERO Wonder Woman cartoons, ZERO Flash cartoons...

Why do we have 4 planned Batman cartoons while we have ZERO Wonder Woman cartoons, ZERO Flash cartoons, and 1 planned cartoon where Superman I a side character to his girlfriend?

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It's a bitch, ain't it? A Jackie Chan Adventures style globetrotting Wonder Woman cartoon would be great

Market research. Batman sells
I’m not joking in the slightest right now, DC should sell the rights to all their non-Batfamily heroes and villains Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, etc.
This way DC can stop wasting time, money, and resources on non-Batman properties, and the other companies will get a boost from people who want to see how they handle these characters
It would save comics.

Damn. I wish we had a Flash cartoon.

Kill yourself


There's a new Beyond cartoon coming?

I'm only aware of Caped Crusader and Batwheels. What are the other two?

If DC keeps treating Superman so bad, not to mention all their other non-bat heroes, I might :(

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Batman beyond and the revival of The Batman animated series.

I actually really enjoyed the Flash focused episodes of Justice League and JLU. Star City, Gorilla Grodd and that crew had a comfiness about them. The Flash in Batman Brave and the Bold was also good, like that little Halloween intro. I should continue watching BtaB, haven't gotten to the "Requiem for the Scarlet Speedster" ep yet.

Wait, are they seriously doing more BTAS? What is the point when Timm is doing Caped Crusader at the same time? At least Batwheels and Beyond approach different angles (preschoolers and a different lead and time period, respectively).

Good. Stream it.

Becuase nostalgia is easy money. They can make robin gay and it will be advertised like crazy.

No fucking way they're bringing Terry back. Source?

The Caped Crusader IS the revival of BTAS you moron. It’s got Bruce Timm working on it.

BTAS isn’t being revived. They are just having a reunion special podcast play thing. Where Riddler reviews he is on the spectrum.

>Gordon, Mad Hatter, Alfred, Rupert Thorne, Mr. Freeze and Shirley Walker are all dead
>Harley can't do the voice anymore
Let's just move on.

revival in the sense that its got bruce timm working on it, its not connected to btas or dcau

Bruce Timm works on non-DCAU DC animated projects. He worked on the killing joke adaptation.

>nigger robin
why can't we win once shotabros?

>little niglet robin

Because it's Batman, duh. The Caped Crusader is aimed at TAS boomers like us, the other one is for kids, and the other two you mention don't seem to exist yet, but we'll see.

>make robin black
>in the series about sentient cars
It writes itself, honestly

Timm without Dini doing the heavy lifting on writing is just an old pervy dude with a solid art style

Are you really going to derail a thread over a toddler show?

80-20 rule

yes, give me a cute shota robin DC. Fucking pussies.

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Why do the japanese and koreans have so much DC comics art? I didn't think DC had good enough distribution channels in Asia besides really expensive TPBs. Only the cartoons seem to be on cable.

I mean, it’s not even Damian.

You have porn. You don't need a toddler show.

It's just Batman I think, it's a more widely appealing concept than Marvel's stuff.

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We're getting an animated adaption of Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane?

Fuck it, I'm in.

Didn't this almost happen in the 80s

reasonable post. though I might say subsidies or leases because it would be a bit odd to no have the odd plastic man episode in the batoverse.

The other characters are necessary, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Darkseid, Luthor, etc., they're Batman's supporting cast.

Yeah, it only didn't because John Byne started bragging that he was gonna do Superman. Then he got to when he jumped ship.

Batman is the only good DC character

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>DC should sell the rights to all their non-Batfamily heroes and villains Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, etc.

Maybe not sell. But lease them out for a certain number of movies. Give a smaller studio outside of the Hollywood system the rights to Superman, agree to share 50% of the profits and you'll have a much better chance of making a return on profits than if you kept him in house micromanaging him to death.

>people would complain about this being forced animation and too much going on

There's no way that Discovery does that. They're going to finally get things in order(hopefully).
inb4 Discovery announces selling WB

Batman isn't even the best part of his comics, that honor is reserved for his rogues gallery

>where Superman I a side character to his girlfriend?
They're making a full series of Tales of Metropolis?

>They're going to finally get things in order(hopefully).
Remember what happened last time a big corporation bought out a beloved but mismanaged property? The Sequel Trilogy happened.

>Batman vs Shark Week

Ok anons, you are in charge of commissioning 4 DC cartoon shows. What are they?

>Plastic Man series, similar to the unused pilot but with Eel’s personality more like the original run.
>The Flash series, with the overall tone and approach of Batman The Brave and the Bold.
>Doom Patrol series, based on the Silver Age run as opposed to Morrison’s. Again, in the vain of TBATB.
>Shazam series, going full Fawcett comics with it.

>Blue Beetle & Booster Gold (I really liked BtaB's take on it. Melancholic yet sweet in the treatment of Booster and Ted).
>Nightwing & Red Hood series with Deathstroke and minimal Titans
>A sister-series for Titans series with minimal batfam

>harleywank for the edgelords and coomers
>batwank for the edgelord kids and nostalgia
>batwank for even younger kids and cars
>superman for guys to "have a show they can watch together"
Basically do what they're doing.
All your ideas sound like they'd get cancelled after one season and sell no toys.

I forgot
>continue GLTAS and Beware the Batman
>A spin-off Outsiders cartoon

A new Batman Beyond and a brown Robin? Should be some fun. Will watch.

Top Right is Batman Urban Legends #7, which had a #0 issue for the Neo Year story that's happening.
Bottom Right is the BTAS Under Siege board game.

based and batpilled
gets the best movies, video games and comics people actually read

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WW is getting a video game

And we all know how THAT had turned out.

1.Batman is overhyped and over used.
2.WW does not and will never work as a serious stand alone heroine. Too mu h about her origin wont fly. And midern female ideas will not alliw her to be a true noble heroine.
Think In kidding? Five decent JLU stories about WW.

Barry Flash is fucking boring. Hes so boring that when they brought him back they killed wally when everyone realized that barry was doing a poor wally impression and tge rogues being downgrzded to common d rank supers ...
Also conceptually flash cant work as a series.

How will that work?
Shes ww. Second to supes in terms of powers. How csn anyone justify that?

>All your ideas sound like they'd get cancelled after one season and sell no toys.
And yours sound like trash. I’d rather have one good season instead hundreds of episodes of trash.

>1 planned cartoon where Superman I a side character to his girlfriend?
I mean a lois lane cartoon is kinda based

Timm cant ever be allowed to handle batman after the killing joke debacle.

I like money and keeping my job.

yah, but hes talking about marketing and what the public wants.

HBO Max is the Batman stream service, is there any chance of WB getting the rights to the 60s West Batman show?

>Also conceptually flash cant work as a series.
Except for the fact he’s had two series?

Like I said with , give it that feeling from BTBATB. Hell, a first season is easy to do. Here’s 13 episodes already:
>Captain Cold
>Mirror Master
>Weather Wizard
>Abra Kadabra
>Captain Cold returns and fights Heatwave
>Golden Glider
>Pied Piper
>Captain Boomerang heist episode
>Gorilla City/Gorilla Grodd two parter
>Rogues two parter