Sequel confirmed

>sequel confirmed
>kravitz confirmed
what villain other than joker would you like to see

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>more black shit
No thanks. Won’t watch the first one because of it. Idgaf which villain they choose give me white catwoman and Gordon.


>>kravitz confirmed

why have her leave at the end at all if she's going to immediately return the very next movie?


Dr. Hurt, I posted this in the last thread too. They should adapt Batman RIP
>b-but they would never do that
I know :(

>what villain other than joker would you like to see
Clayface. If we HAVE to have Joker, make it an adaptation of the early Silver Age story "The Great Clayface/Joker Feud". Have Catwoman come to Batman's side of the law to fill Batwoman's role in the story.

so she can reluctantly return in the second movie to help bruce after he gets CLOWNED

Why would I want any villain show up when they are going to be changed for the absolute worst?

The first one was shit

Scarecrow motherfucker

I honestly don't care. I'll see it eventually, sure, but it's all just so tiring. The first one didn't do anything special and just felt like another Batman movie to keep the money maker as the face of DC for yet another decade


cant wait for Mr Freeze to just be a regular bald whit guy who likes hanging out around cold places

I'd love to see Ivy, but there's zero chance they wouldn't turn her into a patriarchy smashing yaaas qweeen caricature.

I feel like I'm the only one the really DOESN'T want to see the Court of Owls. Secret society plots are really stale to me and you always know how the plot is going to turn out before you even watch the movie. And I've always found the 'they're a artistocratic cult except they have epic ninjas!' to be a poor excuse for the writers to give Batman someone to fight

I'd rather see a more supernatural kind of villain like Clayface, although I'm still not sure if they'll want to go in that direction. While they say they want realism, some pretty unbelievable stuff happened in The Batman.

Also, Mad Hatter or Pyg would make great opening sting villains to show Batman's been busy between films

War of Jokes and Riddles, though Reeves has said he's especially keen on doing either Mr. Freeze or the Court of Owls

i'd be ok with those two

Your money won't make a difference, you can keep it you little bitch.

I would only go see a sequel if the villain was Scarface and Ventriloquist. Otherwise, the first one bored me too much to care.



>thinking I want to see the Joker again
This is you.

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Its takes place mostly at night dude wtf do you expect

What's the point when Vincent Price is dead?

Because Nicholas Cage wants to play Egghead.

I'd like to see it focus on the Joker with Penguin lurking in the background as the new Don of Gotham. Maybe an appearance from the Riddler briefly, but that's it.

Freeze bros, it's our time.

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OK, but only if they get Arnold back.

>>sequel confirmed
Awesome, maybe they can improve on the flaws of the first movie an-
>>kravitz confirmed

this version of Batman is suppose to be even more grounded than Nolan, why the fuck would they ever use Freeze?

and that's a good thing

Ventriloquist, Gordon Jr.

Describe Hurt to a cinema-going normie.

Doesn't help that the first movies whole thing was about a big conspiritorial coverup. The Court of Owls just feels like it would be more of the same.

>more grounded

how. he was walking through gunfire

>more Catwoman
Her and the Mayor were the worst parts of the first movie.

Kravitz was easily the worst part of the last movie, and only served to make the film more overcrowded. I don't see the point of her returning for the sequel either, her story is over, focus on someone new.


A mysterious bad guy emerges, claiming to be Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father. He says he faked his death, staged the murder of the Waynes, and plans to destroy Batman in every way (mentally, physically, socially, spiritually, etc.)
You can safely excise the Darkseid/Final Crisis stuff enough and make a movie with no tie-ins or Justice League
The Batman had some Wayne corruption get unearthed and left some ambiguity on if Thomas Wayne was or wasn’t a good man, so a Batman RIP based sequel could build off that

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I quite liked her but it does seem strange she'd be returning when she left at the end and she's getting a spin-off show

I think most people would agree that introducing Robin would be more interesting than bringing back Catwoman.

wtf they were supposed to #restorethesnyderverse and give batfleck a solo movie after this bombed

Please kill yourself

>Scarface and Ventriloquist.
I would love it to be a almost like a side plot, Batman trying to figure out this new crime boss that's picking up the pieces of the departed Families that aren't rallying under Penguin. And then when he realizes what's actually happening, it's when he first understands that Gotham is changing.

LMAO I think you're delusional

that's basic movie plot armor, you are crazy if you think they are gonna have some blue guy wearing a mecha suit turn people into popsicles with a fucking ice gun

>and she's getting a spin-off show
That doesn't seem to be certain to be a disaster, not at all.

Matt Reeves would make the Court of Owls into Evil White Republic People who control Gotham.
Like how he made Riddler the leader of Yea Forums.

I like what The Batman did where multiple villains appear in a single film but only one is really the main antagonist while the rest are just weird characters Batman encounters throughout the story.

It'll be a good way for a bunch of Batman villains to finally make their live-action debut and introduce them in the setting without overcrowding the movie like Spider-Man 3 did. Some could even appear instead in the upcoming TV spinoffs like Black Mask in the Penguin miniseries or Hugo Strange in the Arkham show.

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Nolan did a tiny bit of that, he put Zsasz in Begins, in a roll that could have been any nameless oc. I like it, I hope it continues

The important thing is that you're already offended

>little bitch
>says the user seething over posts online

Ladies first, I promise I’ll be right behind you.

Hannibal Lecter but he doesn't eat people

Clayface would work if you did it like a horror film. he's basically the shapeshifter from the Thing-- you could get deep into paranoia.

I want to see Court of Owls as a Batman or Dark Knight story not Detective Comics story.

Mr. Freeze would be too boring. Court would be too woke.

I really don't understand why directors want to do realistic Batman. Then all you can do is mob storylines, Joker/Joker knockoffs to a point.

Also why the fuck Court/Freeze when the movie setup No-Man's Land/Zero Year setting?


I don't care if they have to go with that horrible Court of Owls retcon to make it happen

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I'd like to see an obscure villain like Dr. Death or the Mad Monk get a chance to shine.

Scarecrow also had fun cameos in TDK and TDKR

The Reaper

I'm wondering who they can do without making the really satisfying finale feel limp. You have Batman realize that he directly inspired the Riddler by being a psychotic vengeance-driven vigilante, so having a bunch of new supervillains spring up over time in this reasonably grounded setting presumably inspired by Batman would kinda defeat the notion that Batman can improve and make a positive difference, I feel.

Deacon blackfire.
The more grounded take gives an opportunity to put more spotlight on unpowered villains who still manage to give batman a hard time.

I swear too god if they turn Catwoman into Batman's fuckable assistant and not bring Robin because of that, bodies will burn

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