Journo confirms a bit from the Shazam 2 leaks (the wizard posing as Wonder Woman)

Journo confirms a bit from the Shazam 2 leaks (the wizard posing as Wonder Woman)

Fuck, it's over

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Wait whats the leak

>The movie begins with the Daughters of Atlas Hespera (Helen Mirren) and Kalypso (Lucy Liu) breaking into a museum to steal a magic artifact.
>Meanwhile, the Shazam family saves people on a collapsing bridge.
>There is a montage parodying Zack Snyder’s films with various specialists debating whether the Shazam family is friend or foe.
>The Shazam family has been drifting apart lately as everyone is growing older and discovering their own particular interests and aspirations.
>Billy in particular is worried because he’s about to turn 18 and age out of the foster system, and fears he will have to leave the Vasquez when that happens.
>Billy can communicate with the spirit of the Wizard, who tells that he must step up as a leader and inspire the others to keep fighting to protect the world.
>Billy is concerned he can’t do it alone and gets very clingy trying to get everyone to keep fighting crime together even when they have other things to do.
>Billy has a crush on Wonder Woman, leading to a gag where we see her from the back, like Superman in the first movie, and then she turns and it’s the Wizard in a wig.
>The Wizard reveals that Billy can unlock new powers as he matures both physically and mentally.
>At school, Billy and Freddy meet a new student, Anne (Rachel Zegler), and Freddy and Anne become attracted to each other.
>Anne turns out to be the sister of Hespera and Kalypso who has come to Earth to warn the Shazam family that her sisters are planning to destroy the world.
>Hespera and Kalypso kidnap Freddy and Anne and take them to their kingdom in another dimension, and the rest of the family goes there to rescue them.
>The Daughters of Atlas use the magic artifact to steal the Wizard’s staff containing their father’s power, and reveal that want revenge because the Wizard killed Atlas.

>The family rescues Freddy and Anne and returns to the Rock of Eternity, where Billy uses a magic sentient pen nicknamed “Steve” to draft a letter to Hespera calling for a truce.
>Shazam and Hespera meet at a hamburger joint and Hespera admits her father was a tyrant. She accepts the truce and just wants to leave Earth, but Kalypso wants revenge.
>Kalypso arrives in a dragon and attacks the city with an army of magic creatures. There is a gag where Darla meets aggressive unicorns and tames them with skittles.
>The family arrives and fights Kalypso, but get defeated. Hespera figures out they are just kids and tries to stop Kalypso, but she kills Hespera and leaves to destroy the world.
>As the Wizard’s champion, Billy is the only one who can stop her, but it might be a suicide mission.
>Billy is ready to do it alone, but the rest of the family insists on coming along, even the foster parents, and Billy realizes they all truly love him after all.
>Billy fights Kalypso at a baseball field where she’s about to destroy the world. They wrestle for control of the staff and Billy breaks it, causing an explosion that disintegrates Kalypso and her dragon.
>Billy reverts to teenage form and dies from the strain. The family mourns him, and Anne takes him to be buried in the kingdom, which is now hers. The scene is a clear reference to Superman’s death in BvS.
>Wonder Woman attends the funeral, and notices the broken staff. She mends it back together, imbues it with her own power and uses it to revive Billy, who happily reunites with his family.
>Movie ends with the family having dinner. Freddy and Anne are dating, and Billy embraces being Shazam and is ready to keep doing it even after his family moves on with their lives.
>Doctor Sivana and Mister Mind don’t appear and aren’t referenced at all, and there are no post-credits scenes, at least not in the test-screening.

I was hoping they were wrong. This movie is going to suck.

>No Mr Mind
>Lame OC villains

Sounds convoluted and boring. Like WW 84.

Shazam was one of my favorite comic book movies ever, sucks that it seems like they're fumbling the sequel

This looks more like a Percy Jackson movie than a Shazam one.

Welcome to Johns Shazam newfriend.

This reeks of Studio interference. You can smell Emmerich and Harmada’s hands all over this movie.

>JL2017-tier Flash leaks proven true
>WW84-tier Shazam leaks proven true
>Amber Turd still in Aquaman 2
>Dwayne Johnson has never headlined a good movie
BatCHADs... how do we keep getting away with it? With the entire DC universe is in shambles and Warner are basically dancing on Superman's grave we have STILL secured ourselves kino.

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I genuinely think it's just really easy to make Batman movies.

it doesn't sound anywhere near as terrible as WW84
just generic and soulless (and ironically Wonder Woman coming in with the retarded power shit pulled from her ass)

Kinda weird they are breaking up the Shazam family in the second movie. We barely had any time with the together as a team.

Save these leaks and have a good laugh comparing them to what's actually in the movie.

>that ending
That is fucking stupid.

Anymore you just rehash the plot of a sociopath in Goodwill clothing trying to blow up Gotham, design a new car and suit and you're good.
You barely even need an idea, you can crib shit from old serial killers or Current year.

Fuck Shazam. Real niggas are in the power of Stardust.

Who could possibly direct Stardust? Mel Gibson?

I'd say Johns too but Johns was always involved in the movie.

>>Dwayne Johnson has never headlined a good movie

Jumanji is an ensemble movie like Tropical Thunder.

What in the fuck power is Wonder Woman using?


>Dwayne Johnson has never headlined a good movie
I have a guilty pleasure soft spot for Walking Tall

>she's uh, Zeus' daughter, so she can inbue Shazam with the whole acronym!

Jack Black and Kevin Hart were co-stars. That’s not headlining

I have a soft spot for Hawk the Slayer, but that doesn't make it a good movie by any definition.

Oh god fucking dammit. You know Shazam sequels already have a ticking clock issue regarding actors aging, and then they go and toss out all the good will they had with the first film with this shit script. For fuck sake, what asshole thought "Oh yeah we'll just make our own villains even though we have Mister Mind and the Monster Society on tap". It's either delusion or arrogance, but the result is the same; crap. What, did they get scared and think Black Adam was more important? He's just a JSA vehicle anyway!

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Shazamposters shazamposting Shazam

Yeah that's what I was thinking too as I read it. Also the ending sounds fucking dumb.

It's the natural progression. They stumbled onto the scene with their first movie, won the ultimate victory with Cyberpunk, suffered the ultimate defeat with Elden Ring, and will now slowly recede into themselves.

Batfags will eat anything that it´s dark and gritty

>Batfags will eat anything that's Batman

Why did they make shit so complicated

Oh are they done with the whole family angle after this one?

Nah. Just batman. I've liked every non-Snyder live action ever made.

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Johns was kicked off this after JL. You really think we’d be getting some OC villains over Mr. Mind if Johns was in charge?

nobody cares about mr. mind anyways

The entire concept of NuShazam is whole cloth the ideas of Johns. The crayola-box foster family, Billy being an older smartass shit, the abo Wizard, the shitty new Sivana, all Johns ideas.

I'm sorry you've never read a Shazam comic before Johns, if ever.

>Muh Muh Johns!!!!!
Johns wouldn't have done this you fucking idiot.

The entire fundamental re-envisioning of NuShazam is whole-cloth Johns, a major revision of Billy Batson and co. from before Johns comic work.
Movie Shazam has almost nothing in common whatsoever with pre-Johns Shazam/Marvel.

the only dc movie i have any interest in is the blue beetle movie, and i only care about that because i hope susan sarandon's character gets put in the comics so we can have more hot gilfs.

a geoff johns just flew over my house

Uwe Boll of course.

I think Mel could bring the appropriate hate of the 5th Column to a Stardust movie, along with the pointless masochism and severely restrained unemotionalism.

>no mr mind
>no dr.sivana
>no talking tiger
I liked the first one and the director is cool enough but this is really a disappointing choices for what should be a slam dunk sequel

I hope someone orders a reshoot because this doesn't sound good.

He could have been more fun than whatever the fuck this is

Did I fucking stutter or is this really the dumbass hill you're dying on, autist?

He is right Johns, post new 52 Shazam is just a different character from pre new 52 Captain Marvel.

Imagine having access to one of the best and most unique rogues galleries in comics, and THIS is what you come up with.
The first movie was flawed, but I was willing to give the second one a chance, but not anymore.

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The rundown was good.

>Last spoiler

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Honestly, it sounds like Sandberg (the director) got screwed over by WB. Like he wasn’t allowed to use Mr Mind (WB probably thinks they will save him for a Black Adam sequel) and had to follow a lot of guidelines with a controlling studio. Sucks for Sandberg because he felt like someone is passionate about Billy Batson.

I think the most infuriating aspect is how easy a sequel could be with the Monster Society.
>Billy investigates strange monsters and villains from other universes popping up randomly in the city, each stronger than the last.
>The whole Marvel family helps, but the amount of villains popping up gets more and more, and they all start to tire out.
>It turns out that Sivana and Mind have accessed ways to pull creatures and villains into our dimension, and Mind adds a spell that causes them to obey him.
>The Marvels start to fight amongst themselves over how to deal with the problem, and Mind takes the opportunity to unite all of the villains into the Monster Society of Evil.
>Ultimately Mr. Mind plans to take over the city and use it as a giant portal for a magic/tech war machine he created in another dimension that will completely subjugate our dimension.
>One if the creatures, Talky Tawny, fights Mind’s influence and helps the kids fight the Society

Roster for the Society would be
>Mr. Mind and Sivan’s
>Crocodile Men (army)
>King Kull
>Goat Man
>Evil Eye

You know that Hamada got the DC films job because he produced the first Shazam through New Line under Emmerich, right?

IMO this isn't bad, Mr. Mind and Sivana can still appear in the post credits.

>Helen Mirren
>Lucy Liu

Mirren is a good actress. I thought Liu was retired or something.