Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Various Stories #29

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I once again have too many comics, so let’s fix that! We will start with a comic that has a mouthful of a title that hasn’t updated in a while but there’s always a chance that more pages will come out later. Eggman and some people that want to kill him have to team up to save the galaxy! This is Team Dark: Supernova Odyssey! Say that title three times fast.

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Star Trek homage. We're starting to do comics that haven't updated in a while and this one has a good amount of pages done before... stopping a couple months ago.

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Woah, is that Sonic vs Shadow? Not quite.

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Does a certain alien show up in this ?

I am happy to confirm that Omega is very much a part of this story.

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>Team Dark
Uh, hello? Based Department? ... It's for you, Conductor.

Eggman better watch it. Team Dark isn't like Sonic and his gang. There's no mercy among these antiheroes.

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More like Team Dork

Here's a version of Hope. Yes, a girl. Not ugly shaming but she really inherited the family nose and... aesthetics.
Closest thing to an alien is Shadow.
Moshi moshi?

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This is... good art.

We interrupted one conflict with the introduction of another one.
Is this Team Archie? Has Reggie stopped yelling nonstop?

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Obligatory. This Machine is an absolute banger.


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That doesn't sound good!
Very good art!

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You know, towards the end of the Archie Unleashed arc, the Battle Birds intercepted GUN off screen. We didn't get to see Team Dark vs. Battle Lord Kukku.

Yeah I would expect most Kintobar meetings to go this way.
I'm sure she has a great personality.

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>this art

Just saying that Spider Troupe would've saved the day already.

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>Team Dark vs. Battle Lord Kukku
I need it. I need it I need it I need I need I need I need it. I need that right now.

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I smell a team up!
>beat ixis with his bare hands
>had no problems during eggman's dozen
>fucked over the ff in the reboot and got away with it
Kukku just did whatever he wanted.

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Looks like the Ark has a magic trick up its sleeve.

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Damn this comic looks good

More stuff should've been done with the Ark. Thing is a treasure trove of scientific secrets.

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I’m sorry, I don’t care how good the art is. I can’t forgive this sin.

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Not just a space station...

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>shadow getting emotional support from rouge and omega while listening to his father
Love it.

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This is a reaction image that you're never going to have an opportunity to use.

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>we'll get her down there

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Anons... we lost color for a handful of pages.
Metal always looks annoyed and probably is always annoyed.

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Eggman being genuinely is a rare site

She's fitting in with the official cast just fine in my opinion.
Who knew modelling a character after Wario would look fine in Sonic's world.

Fuck, that IS a good setting. Too bad most artists wont draw it since they didnt bother reading the reboot.

Buckle up you bunch of pingas, we're going to save the galaxy.

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>that second to last panel
This right here is why Izuka can absolutely fuck all the way off with that "they're not friends" bullshit.

Nah, it looks like actual shit

Suicide mission? Here's hoping you did all the loyalty quests for everyone.

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Even when he's being the hero, Eggman looks devious.
Team Dark 4 Ever.

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Activating piss cannon rocket!

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This drawing style reminds me alot of Hellsing for some reason

Hope looks like she made her stuff in a cave from scraps. Probably from a junkyard or something.

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I would say hellboy

It was at this point that I realized that Rouge has huge ass ears. Huge and pointy. Also, that Rouge "yikes" panel.

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This is so fucking goofy in the best way. I mean it definitely helps that the story has already done a good job of getting me invested, but goddamn using the Eclipse Cannon as the engine for the Ark, which was secretly a spaceship the whole time. Wow.

Eggman having a family he never talks about or even wants to cross paths with is something I wish we saw more of.

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>headpatting metal

I wish this was canon.


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There goes the bravest black ops team I've ever commanded. Godspeed, Team Dark. And may you kick Eggman into deep space.

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Its not fair. Only Snively deserves inheriting the family uglies.

>Also, that Rouge "yikes" panel.

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And we lost color for four pages. This was a weekly comic series and you can tell it wasn't easy to fully meet that update schedule.

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Ultra uggo Maria when?

>It was at this point that I realized that Rouge has huge ass ears.
I didn't want to say anything because I already said this art's good and felt like I'd be spamming.
I really like what they've done with her character.

Still looking creepy, Eggman.
Plenty of unexplored uses for older game stuff.
Third best metal boy.

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Heres comes the one million dollars question is the comic dead or is it still active ?

>beats me
I can still hear the "ohohoho!"
Roll the dice with those genetics.
Maria obviously got her looks from her mother. Whoever that is.

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Energy management.
It's an interesting design choice.
Last page came out in February. Not sure what the artist is doing or their intention but there's still hope.

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I fucking love this art.

Obviously Maria also looked like a goblin and it’s only through Shadow’s simpvision that she looks angelic

Oooooh, shiny!

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On the other hand, this reaction image has plenty of good use. Damn.

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Finally, the Budokai Tenkaiichi is complete!
That explains why she was shot.

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Smug Rouge is smug.

>rouge: i'm gonna fuck it!
>when boco posts

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This comic is up there with gotf and vulture for being really pretty.

Ah, that sounds like a big problem.

Issue 2, two covers, three pages after that.
Her default personality.

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Omega is cute, but destructively singleminded.

Gotta love it when a comic goes all in on replicating that feel of something that's officially published.

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Rouge, pls.

>this was all just the first issue
Holy shit, that was pretty damn substantial for just thirty pages. The big two could stand to take a cue.

Family bonding time?

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