Green Lantern Storytime #10

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Showcase 22-24
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Green Lantern V2 7-9
Green Lantern V2 10-12
Green Lantern V2 13-14 The Flash V1 131
Green Lantern V2 15-17
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Green Lantern V2 21-23

Finishing up the 23

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Give a bump if you're reading!

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Hal charging his ring with the tiny lantern is adorable.

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Hal, he would hit an insect for slighting him.

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Should you really just be... changing the temperature of your sun willy-nilly?

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Ahhhh yis The Shark. I love this guy. Sadly overshadowed by King Shark's raise to prominence.

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. . . Ahhh just a MINOR radiation leak.

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See where King Shark is half-human, half-god The Shark is REALLY a shark! Take that king!

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He's also just kind of all-powerful.

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But this desire for a challenge, well not very true to real-life predators is neat and the need to spread fear makes him a great match for a hero partly defined by a lack of fear.

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this is the second time they pulled "put Hall in an all-yellow environment."

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Personally, I enjoy ring uses like this more than making cool elaborate constructs to do things.

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Again I feel The Shark is a bit of an understated member of Hal's rogues' gallery. Though like a lot of them he also has his struggle of being more Earthbound when Hal is just as likely to be doing space adventures. The struggle between GL is a space opera and GL is just another Superhero has kind of always been a struggle for the writers to figure out how to split it. they made a ton of stuff centered on Earth for him, and left the space side way less defined even as they made a lot of use of it.

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Emir of Evil is a great title. Gotta keep that one in the old back pocket.

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And our first living planet. No relation to Morgo.

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I guess even planets can get tumors.

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Time for a two-for-one return.

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it is kind of hard to hold a telepath as strong as Hector.

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Having Hector use his telepathy to work through other villains is clever.

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Man the property insurance in a world with Superheroes must be a nightmare.

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Sonar is a nice mix of actually dangerous and silly fun.

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And now for the big switch of the issue. Not that they really tried to hide it.

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The 'putting Hal on the opposite side of his ring' is also one of the story hooks they liked to use.

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It's a good way to show off his resourcefulness and show even without a do anything ring he's still able to deal with problems. Well also showing the ring alone isn't enough to make a hero.

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The dread Hector gets at the thought of never winning is an interesting touch.

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Of course, when he thinks he has won is when the plan starts to really unravel.

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I'm getting flashbacks to how Hal ended their first fight.

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And Star Sapphire gets to join the reoccurring villain club.

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