He's right, you know

He's right, you know

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That's not remotely true.

Why do you say that?

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Is that really the context? You're even gayer than I thought.

Is this a rebuttal to this shitty asian incel comics


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Conspiracy theories are a sign of weakness. Own your life.

Asian dudes really do have it rough in the pussy department. It's not a conspiracy, its genetics and culture. They're simply smaller, more feminine, less confrontational, and all around more emotionally cold/reticent. Chicks don't take to these things.

Also What's up with Libs just fucking outright hating Asians recently? Of course sitting around and complaining about the state of things doesn't help, and all the successful asian guys I know recognize their racial weaknesses to be self evident and work to supplement them, or overshadow them with their strengths, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. White chick writing an Asian dude saying "actually all races are all perfectly equal, and in fact all of society universally recognizes this to be the case" is fukken rich.

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He's actually referring to multiple people ("Eve and Gwen"). Take your meds.

It's the far right preaching hatred of China that's behind the bias crimes,. Big young men punching out old Chinese women on the street. This surged because of Trump blaming Covid 19 on China and making a point to stir his followers up (as if they needed encouragement).


Preach fear and hatred at your rallies, this is what you can expect.

>Also What's up with Libs just fucking outright hating Asians recently?
How does this part of your post logically connect with the rest of what you wrote?

>eve and gwen
>plural pronouns
Absolutely mindbroken

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Meridith Gran

Luna might disagree, but that's just Luna.

He's starting from a false premise. the anti-Asian hatred is a conservative trait.

White progressives only support races they see beneath them, the second they pose a threat to their supremacy they immediately try to tear them down.

This is why asians been trying to play up rejecting the "problematic" aspects of their culture to fit in more with the self hating white left.

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Why would Gran hate Asians and make the main character of her comic Chinese?

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You're as behind the times as any Boomer.

Assuming she's a lib, it doesn't seem like the author hates Asians, based on what I've seen of the comic.

Not the slightest truth to this. Are you watching Fox News with your grandparents or something

If these characters are supposed to be Asian then why don't they have any phenotypes and are drawn exactly like the European characters? Fuck even NWBHG was able to get that right.

Unfortunately, that's Nature, Generally, Asian males are shorter, thinner boned, have narrower shoulders and smaller chins, higher voices and lack of facial hair compared to other ethnic groups. This is perceived by women of all races as less manly,

It's incredibly unfair. But how can it be changed?

>schizo has some fucked up religious + sexual hang up
>shoots up some spas that he thinks are brothels
>tells police it wasn't a race thing
>news calls it a race thing anyway and blames Trump for it

wtf is that picture

Ummm, what do you think plural of women is then? Shes? Jesus Christ, you're just like the guy in the pic, get out of your own head
>You have THAT saved in your computer
and also kick out the trannies who live in there 24/7

Let them be subsumed and/or die out. Already happening anyway, Peep the birthrates, Korea, Japan, China, all fucked. No one say anything about India, they're their own thing.

Of course he denied it was a race thing, he was plea bargaining. The Klan would say lynching blacks wasn't a race thing, mere coincidence, Trumps deserves a lot more blame for worse than that.

>Only whites can be cartoons. Whites are the default race of all cartoon characters
Makes sense, calarts is invented by whites

Never going to happen. Races/ethnic groups whatever have been mingling and reforming since the Neanderthals (and they're still in our DNA twelve thousand years later).

Keep lying to yourself, if asians really were seen as true minorities, then why did bipoc became a term?

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You know, I'm not really sure what I expected you to say. Carry on then.

Let me watch Fox News and Newsmax for a few months and see if my brain melts,

Are you seriously sugegesting that Black people are doing this cause of Trump? Bro, most blacks lean democrat. Why would far for his shit? This just feels like a pathetic excuse to shift blame.

Of course they're a true minority, Be serious, Because Asians do better at scholastics than other groups doesn't triple their percentage of the population.

Look at the average American and reassess. Deracing is real and it's here

They may not vote for Trump, but they're falling for his hate propaganda. Resentful about losing jobs due to Covid or facing personal problems, they've been given a target to strike out at. And a safe one.

>the anti-Asian hatred is a conservative trait.
Pretty sure Liberals are the ones denying who's committing most of the Anti Asian violence.

I'm just saying if they're supposed to be Asian they should at least have flatter eyes.

Nope, racial intermix has been going on since the Ice Age, The population of America is a puddle compared to the Chinese or African nations. Nothing to be scared about.

Nothing good ever happens.

Mostly black people and white rednecks. The very ones most susceptible to TV "news": designed to get hatred worked up. It'd be a better world if Rupert Murdoch had never launched Fox to poison America,

I meant a minority as in being a lower social economic status then whites, which asians are not.

I had a fun day.

It won't last.

Life is just brief moments of happiness to make you forget your misery, in between long stretches of boredom and malaise, until the sweet release of death.

>but they're falling for his hate propaganda.
This still does not excuse their actions. If anything, this makes it even worse. They've been taught racism is wrong and are willing to do it to another minority because they know they can get away with.
>Resentful about losing jobs due to Covid or facing personal problems
Some of these attacks weren't even that. Just outright attacking them for no reason.
>they've been given a target to strike out at. And a safe one.
Again, still doesn't help their case at all. And blaming Trump alone isn't gonna be enough of an excuse for willing committing hate crimes.

That's not by any means the usual definition of a minority. You're going to have to explain how your terms are loaded.

Funny enough, Gwen got with an Asian guy at the end. Eve stayed with Will, so she'll be bringing a half-Asian kid into the world.

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I hope you don't think that's a great insight, Vikings described life as a bird flying in and out of a warm feasting hall in the middle of winter, You enjoy it while you can.

>Mostly black people and white rednecks.
No, it's clearly liberals. They've never once tried to acknowledge it or try solve in any way but ignoring it.

excellent post

>social economic

It's not Trump's fault alone, just mostly. He tapped into the fear and hatred of so many Americans who lost their minds about having a black president. Otherwise, he'd still be laundering money for the Mob and making real estate deals with Russian oligarchs (which come to think of it, he is.)

Dont be mean to third worlders. Just because english is their second language doesnt mean their abilities are any less than ours or that their ideas are any less valuable

Woke fucktards should get out of Twatter. Or twatter itself should be banned

>black people
Nah, we just like to bully anything foreign and weak like the opportunists we are, asians just happen to fit that roll so well, especially toward those that set up shop in black neighborhoods, a lot of resentment, not a lot of police surveillance, the perfect target.

Silence Greg

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i hate troons as much as the next guy but read the context, user. jeezus


To be fair, I had a lot of Korean-American friends for years and they hated black people in a way that made Georgia sheriffs seem friendly,. No idea why. (They had nothing good to say about the Japanese either, but that was because of the occupation.)

I never got the historical revisionism gender obsessives try to commit to. Shakespeare used they as a gender neutral singular pronoun. Remember when people didnt need to make up new meanings for words just to validate their worldview?

The sign said clearly, DO NOT PARK HERE

Maybe in your irrelevant country, but in America Minority imply some oppressed groups, even women sometimes.

Eve threw a drink in his face as if he didn't make her come 30 minutes before

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. Remember when people didnt need to make up new meanings for words just to validate their worldview?

...That's been going on as long as there has been language, to be honest. It goes back to ancient Greece and the Old Testament,

My irrelevant country is Greene County in upstate New York, son.

the smaller number or part, especially a number that is less than half the whole number.
a minority party"

Elon Musk's buyout should help with that. Some are deleting their accounts because of it.

Nah, nothing will change, He might make some pretty speeches about content but he wants that money pouring in.