Decepticons and Predacons are cooler than Autobots and Maximals, look into your heart and you'll find this to be true

Decepticons and Predacons are cooler than Autobots and Maximals, look into your heart and you'll find this to be true

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Has this ever been in doubt?

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Yes, but Autobots and Maximals have a less retarded end-goal

>he doesn't want to conquer the galaxy
>he doesn't want all of the energon
The absolute state of this guy

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Optimus Prime alone is so cool that he brings up the entire cool factor of the Autobots.

Soundwave is the only reason that the Decepticons are cooler.

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Well he is superior

I personally extend my liking for the ones of Wheeljack.
Though admittedly my favorite transformer will always be Starscream.

Counterpoint: not a single Decepticon has a name as cool as Optimus Prime.

Is it really a cooler name than Bonecrusher, Skullcruncher or Octopunch?

counterpoint: Deathsaurus

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>Cool guys don't look at explosions...

Counterpoint: not a single Transformer or Guardian has a name as cool and aproppiate as Cykill.

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Villains are usually cooler. This applies even more to G.I. Joe. And the heroes usually represent the modern American status quo so if you're not a big believer in that (I assume most people on Yea Forums are either far left or far right) it makes more sense to root for the bad guys.
>From my point of view, the Jedi are evil!

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Ratbat: “We’re the top 5 Decepticons. Right guys?”
Deceptions: “……”


>as cool and aproppiate as Cykill.
BW really leaned into that method of naming characters

>what is it...a muskrat?

bad guys are almost always cooler

>planes, planes, and more planes vs sweet cars
You gay as fuck bro.

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Eh, Waspinator drags them down so badly that they're the worst.



"Cooler" means very little when your home is destroyed, your family and friends are dead and you along with the other survivors of the species are enslaved to extract all of your planet's resources to fuel their war machine

YOU won't conquer the galaxy, retard. THEY will. YOU will be dead or a destitute slave

G.I.Joe doesn't represent 'the modern American status quo' so much as the 'the world not being under the iron bootheel of sadistic psychopaths with superweapons status quo'

Ratbat ran the Decepticons for a good long time.
And in IDW he basically is singlehandedly responsible for starting the war.

Although there are several bots who think they are.

>Not cool

Dear god what a plebeian you are

After all these years of transformers content I have arrived to the conclusion that you should begin and end it all with the end fight of Optimus and Megatron in transformers devastation.
It's all you need. You have now experienced transformers. Good show.

Starscream. Megatron. Motherfucking Soundwave.

Factual wrong. Pic related!

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Or Insecticons

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I think i can go on!

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Why yes, they are.

Except Megatron is a fucking idiot and so is Starscream.

If they weren't both so Stupid Evil...

...well, I blame Unicron.

And Predacons!

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Are we going to pretend that 99% of the Decepticons aren't retarded thugs with speech quirks?

I am not. That is why they are Decepticons, follow a charismatic leader who is the biggest muscles!

So far CV was the only series I ever watched/read in which he wasn't boring as hell.

And the Dinobots are cooler than them all.

Blot is the best, he came, he saw, he coomed

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Megatron? More like shut up meg.

And because of that he had to die and I'm still seething.

And Grimlock is the coolest Dinobot of them all.


Dinobots are cool because they act like Decepticons

If other guys on Yea Forums can identify as girls, we can identify as Decepticons and you can't stop us.

Counter point: Dinobots

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Based take OP. Bad guy toys were always way cooler too.
>basic good guy vehicles stuck on land
>military grade jets and weapons villains

Transformers #42 and War's End #3 are out today for those interested. Because I forgot and now I didn't go to my comic shop.

>transformers devastation
>Good show

>Dinobots are cool because they act like Decepticons
Interesting. I'm not aware of Dinobot fujos being prominent like the Starscream and Megatron ones.

And cobra is cooler than the joes.
We all know that, man.

That's because no one would buy boring looking villains. G.I. Joe does the same thing. The heroes all look super generic, with rare exceptions. Cobra however looks like they come from an alternate universe where everyone dresses flashy.

Correct me if I'm wrong but, wasn't the endgame of decepticons to seize energon from other planetas to keep cybertron alive? But cybertron as it is need more and more energon every time, so "mining" for energon was not an option anymore, so now they need to suck planets dry just to keep cybertron in life support.
Or did i got this idea from one of the reboots?

You will never be a Decepticon.

>Cobra however looks like they come from an alternate universe where everyone dresses flashy.
One of my favorite GI Joe subgroups is the evil Iron Grenadiers, because they look like they come from an alt 20th century where the Spanish Empire never fell.

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I don't think War's End #2 got storytimed either

Someone should storytime these three comics.

that's a retcon. in the original the energy crisis was direct result of the endless war. Optimus and the gang went on mission to find more energon to keep up the fight and Megatron only followed to kill him.

I'm going to do the whole reboot when its finished.

I think storytime user is either dead or too busy or despressed to post and the rest myself included are lazy shits

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