Blender request thread: Goth goil edition

Hey yall. How bout we do another Blender thread this time with everyon's favorite grumpy goth girl.

Send me your simple requests.
No I didn't make the model.
The models I use can all be found on Smutbase.
And please no weird fetishes please.

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Requestgn Raven on the phone like pic related.

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Can you make her Boobs bigger?

Kek, gimme one of these chief

Velma standing over Raven

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Make her do the Lennon walks

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mindbroken raven

animate me and my dad hanging out down by the fishing pier

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Pointing and laughing at a tiny user penis with a "fu fu fu" expression.

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Raven sleepwalking, in like an arms-out, zombie sort of pose.

If you ain't making Raven sucking off shotas like in the Shadbase comics scene by scene than get out of my face.

That yoga pose where she's reaching behind her to grab her foot and bring it closer to her shoulder.
Should make her back arch and her chest stick out in an interesting way.

I want her being licked by a green dog.

Raven flaunting her boobs

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(from the back ofc)
yeha its me again :)

Please ignore the shitty phone

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Reverse crab-walk stretch plz

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Raven mogging anyone with her big fat tits.

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Ah, posing practice. Step your game up, I dare you to make it walk.

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Is that a challenge?

Can you stretch the fabric of her leotard like pic related? maybe get the rear of it pulled up in-between her ass cheeks?

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Posing with her mom

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Raven choking Harley. The weak clown should fear the strong titty goth

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Doing this pose please. Preferably with realistic boob gravity.

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A shocked raven with a huge penis shadow looming over her.

This pose please shoes optional.

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Raven with a huge penis.
Got it.

As long as it's blue board safe ok ultra satan?

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Raven happily singing a song of your choice.

Mind if I make some suggestions?

Is she like nine feet tall?

god i hope so

Anything with her and Gwen from Ben 10.

Can we get a little classic Tex Avery goin?

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Can you make her do this pose

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Raven spreading her legs into a V



Make her salsa dance with another person

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Raven giving you the middle finger

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this but it's Raven?

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btw middle finger not pointing at you Smittty

Godammit was working on this one and when I clicked on render Blender just crashed erasing my progress.

Might I make a better suggestion?

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under File > Recover > last session

I actually recreated this with Harley with an environment and all.

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I probably saw it. But good job on this

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with glasses

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A tiny Raven with a boombox next to her, while she's chilling like this pic on a giant Raven's bare ass cheek.

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How did I not notice that typo? I feel ashamed

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>says he won't do feet, but is fine with small penis humiliation
This shit is why that one user keeps calling you a attention fag. Bet you would do cuckshit to you fucking faggot.

God Dweeb is way batter.

I just thought Raven going fufu was cute.

sure you did, cuck.

make her do lunges?

>when she asks you to whip out your god

Your god like dick

Any chance of getting Raven cuddling with Ahsoka?