So is Disney going to make Elsa gay in the third Frozen movie to please their LGBT employees and investors...

So is Disney going to make Elsa gay in the third Frozen movie to please their LGBT employees and investors? How will they market that to the rest of the non-homo world?

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Florida kicks out Disney is my guess.

Losing all those jobs because gay people exist and are in movies is pretty ridiculous

I mean, it's Flordia. I can see them doing it, and Desantis likes pandering.

Imagine not watching a movie because it has a gay character in it. When did straights become such pussies?

>third frozen movie

Florida is a third world country, who cares about what they think?

They make films in California

When did men stop liking women?

Did men ever really like women? Be honest.

Ancient Greece says no.

If it was a lesbian love story they would not be sisters. Disney just doesn't realize when it does shipping better between family members and the actual love interest.

>So is Disney going to make them gay

Nobody likes women. Especially not other women.

>Imagine not watching a movie because it has a gay character in it
That’s practically a majority of the globa population outside some strongholds in the West.

>Global population
Good thing America's the only country that matters

They need a quick billion dollars, why not?

Then they'd just wait 18 days.

>Elsa gay in the third Frozen movie
God I hope not

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Godspeed to Saudi Arabia for sticking it to Disney over the gay agenda

Except that's not what your leaders are saying.

How do you define the gay agenda?

Of course not, then how can they sell it to China?

USF - The United States of Faggots

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Go live there

Wanting 50% of their content to feature LGBTQ characters and stories sounds like an agenda to me. Frozen is one of their biggest franchises, it wouldn’t surprise me if they put a queer character in there for maximum signal boosting.

Only if it's a subplot that can easily be edited out and replaced with a character proudly waving the Chinese flag.

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American movies make most of its money in other countries faggot.

That's one way to tank your brand (more). Frozen II merchandise isn't in any particular demand. Encanto songs have more views than Frozen II songs despite the latter having two years of views to accumulate.

Disney censors the movies to it's host nations and best seller (China)

But being gay is great user


It's really strange that Disney isn't removing their gay from Doctor Strange 2 for Saudi Arabia. Are they going to demand to keep in the gay for other countries that look down upon homosexuality? How big is their market in Saudi Arabia? Is Doctor Strange/Marvel even popular there? How much are they standing to lose? Is this political posturing?

Okay, maybe that last question was obvious.


>How will they market that to the rest of the non-homo world?
Why are you asking that here? It's not like we'd know.

Gotta love how the fag haters become immediate China shills when it comes to gays. Pathetic.

Money destroys all moral codes. No exceptions.

Hey man, this is an anime website. Take the China pill.

If thats true It will flop fucking hard in the whole asia and nobody will watch it other than Amerimutt globohomo gay niggers.

Seems Amerimutts dont even notice that the rest of the world especially asia are too non religious to take the Amerimutt woke cult seriously

Lol no, they want that Russia and China money. They definitely won’t do incest either

>Russia money
user... they sail the high seas now.

Back to /pol/ heathen

They should have done it in Frozen 2. The character is gay, it is what it is. Or they could go with that aroace shit and still pander.

Honeymaren says hi.

Maybe Disney will do something unexpected by having her come out as bi and enter a relationship with a man AND another woman. Maybe to try and have it both ways, maybe to go big instead of going home, but either way it would take everyone by surprise.

Seriously, though, if they do make Elsa a wlw, they'll probably just keep it mostly in subtext, with the only explicit element being a quick peck on the cheek that could easily be edited out.

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Not for long

What would Yea Forums hate more, if Elsa was gay or got blacked with some foreign prince?

If they do a third movie they are way more likely to do something, or try to before ultimately scrapping it because of “soccer moms”

No. If they do increase the number of gay characters it will be confined to Disney+ for any that are significant.

Third Frozen movie?

But are they so insane as to cripple their income from tourism?

Red states seem to prefer there populations poor and miserable. Easier to manipulate, that and it keep lefties away.

Disney World money comes from rich libs and foreigners on tour

>rich libs being caught dead at disneyworld

No they're going to make her a pedophile to please the MAPs

>it keep lefties away.
Then Florida and Texas are doing a really lousy job.

Elsa is Elsa
Love is Love

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user, Disney paid shills to heavily push lesbian incest online.
The let it go being a gay comming out thing was their idea too.

Frozen 2 did horribly because the mass psychosis induced popularity wore off.
Now with disney being outed for grooming...elsa ANYTHING is goimg to be looked at with suspicion.

Yeah...libs love having their kids groomed.
They allow it because fake political lines

Froz3n is a thing?

Nope. Them pushing the LGBT agenda made their stocks drop, parents leave them with their kids en masses, and even the shareholders are packing up due to the current situation with them. A company that is loosing money won't keep its shareholders for long.

This is why the doctor syrange movie is going to shit the bed