What did they mean by this?

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Imagine still watching anything after Up

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We know /pol/

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OP is a faggot.

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That girls should never care about consequences. the American Way.

I should really watch this movie if this made board pol and twatter and Enter obsessed.

Age of consent laws will be gone in ten years tops. Remember this post.

>What did they mean by this?

Means she's keeping her Panda baby

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maybe... shame people are being idiots about this movie...

Yea Forums constantly spams threads sexualizing underage girl characters but hates this movie because its underage girl characters are apparently sexualized. The reason for this contradiction is that Turning Red presents pre-teen girls as they actually are, obnoxious little kids with no self awareness and shapeless unsexy bodies. This is not like the “cunny” image of pre-teens Yea Forums likes to fantasize over and wishes movies would be made about. These are not miniature women Yea Forums can imagine having their first kiss with in 8th grade and fulfill fantasies of making up for lost time and having the better adolescence they were too nervous and childlike to really have. These are actually good representations of kids, not as they see themselves, but as they are. It’s basically a PG version of Pen15.

>Yea Forums constantly spams threads sexualizing underage girl characters

yeah it's OK to sexualize 12 year old girls in Disney channel cartoons...

But it's not OK that this 13 year old girl from a Pixar movie has a mild sexual awakening and is doing shit by herself.

Also they lack empathy and don't see why her relationship with her mother went to shit in the first place.

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Seriously though why did the movie not address 9/11? I mean it was a huge cultural moment.


They meant "Yea Forums is going to be so fucking triggered lol"

>Yea Forums constantly spams threads sexualizing underage girl characters
WELCOME to 4channer kiddo

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I believed this was an edit...shit Pixar already hit the wall

We need another AIDS epidemic.

>Blow $300million to own the 4chads
Lol lmao even

There is a difference between a multimillion dollar children's movie made by a popular company, and hornyposting on a random website.

Oh is this another film Yea Forums decided flopped because they didnt like it?

Im just glad that cartoon girls are still allowed to be heterosexual in 2022

>Box office $17million
I didn't decide anything champ

Yup its Soul threads all over again

did....did she taste her own vagina?

>box office
The movie was released direct to streaming. Only theatrical runs it had were to qualify for Oscar's. It debuted at the top of Nielsen's streaming charts and is still going strong.

Grooming sexual ideas onto 10-12 year olds is something disney groomers do however

Children are born sexual. Deal with it. It's been known since Freud.

The funny thing is their plaincute looks and dorky attitudes make me like them even more, at least in terms of the whole
>imagine having their first kiss with in 8th grade and fulfill fantasies of making up for lost time and having the better adolescence they were too nervous and childlike to really have
Though I blame the failed adolescence less on my nature and more on my home life.

thirsty russy

Tell us more how you want to enable 10-12 year olds with sexual ideas user.

>It's been known since Freud
Freud was with a few people and thought he understood the brain well enough write entire books about psychology fraud however.

>characters are 13
Based retard

>T. thinks just because they are 13 its ok
holy ron paul talking points kek

It's an analogy for "my womb my choice", a.k.a. she can let as much cum flow into her womb as she wants and her mom can't stop her.

There's nothing to enable, they just have sexual thoughts. Everyone developes differently, some don't get what they can remember as sexual feelings until around 12 but attraction can come sooner.

>Literally no one brings up /pol/
>Waaaah muh /pol/ second post
Rent free Yea Forumsumblr

Mei going to break her family curse by aborting her future daughters.

Expecting the government and world to care more about your kids than you do was always stupid. At best it's surface level care and meanwhile you're failing them miserably.

teenagers, much less children aren't (or at least they shouldn't be) reading Yea Forums
but they are seeing turning red

How mediocre was Soul, anyway?

It seems to have disappeared

Who gives a fuck what children are exposed to?
This movie is nothing compared to the constant degeneracy kids are exposed to all the time from everywhere.

>Geez, Mom, it's not like I can get pregnant in panda form... right?


you spelled CHOICE wrong you stupid retard

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The reason we hate it is because they made lolis ugly.

Pen15 is fucking cringe though, I'll give you that

The mom is hot

>young MC acts out against older family member and their rules/traditions
>older family member is in the wrong and must apologize to MC
How many times have they done this on their movies now? I count at least three, Coco, Encanto, and now this.

This has been a reoccuring theme in childrens media for years. Its almost like there's a weird push to encourage selfishness and hedonism.

She will keep prostituting her panda and then abort all femoid babies so she can have an insest ss harem.

>Already planning for incest ss at 12
Where did we as society go wrong!

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This. Trying to restrict sexuality to some imaginary number is retarded

shilling fucking grubhub

>Start a movie with a kid twerking their ass to the audience
Pedo Hollywood really doesn't hide its blatant attempt to pander to pedophiles anymore

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Spiderverse did this as well although it wasn't about tradition perse

Why wouldn't you pander to yourself?

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They did but usually they weren't that blatant about it. Guess this is a brave new world where pedophilia is okay as long as women write it.