ITT: Celebrities who are genuine fans of comics

Starting with one of the more well-known examples - Robin Williams. He long-cited his favorite comic as David Mack's Kabuki, regularly getting copies of the tpbs as gifts for people.

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he's dead, you know?

David Coverdale has Marvel omnis in his office.

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Nic Cage. Took his stage name from Luke Cage, named his son Kal-El and at one point owned one of the few remaining issues of Action Comics #1. Apparently he's regularly seen at toy and comic stores in the LA area.

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He didn't stipulate to living celebs, you know?

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>He didn't stipulate to living celebs, you know?

>ITT: Celebrities who are genuine fans of comics

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Robin Williams was also a fan of The Legend of Zelda and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Robin was a based as Fuck man.

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He liked Warhammer, which he discovered while working in England, years before it got big in America too.

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Elvis modeling his look and logo after Captain Marvel Jr. always deserves a mention

I was thinking yesterday before The Northman just how good that Elvis trailer is, and how good it is at making that connection clear.

Q from Impractical Jokers.
>went on a tour at Marvel and the editors told him Robbie Reyes was going to be the new Ghost Rider because they all hated bikers and biker culture which he thought was retarded
>visited Wonder Woman set and talked to Patty Jenkins, started ranting about how DC always fucks over Wally West for several minutes. Said he could see her eyes glaze over and the other Jokers made him stop talking about it.
>has gone to several comics companies and pitched his own comics but they all wanted him to change character's races from white, put more women into them and remove the flaws from minorities and women so he just walked away instead of compromising what he wanted to do even though he had tried to fet them made since the 90s
>shits on mcu for being shit and not being comics accurate
>hates woke writing and doing legacy characters with women and minorities

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Just kidding

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the drummer for system of a down owns/runs a comic book store

If he said "were" then it would restrict it to only dead celebs.

Obama collected Roy Thomas' Conan hence:

>Onion article
Who wants to tell him?

Kirk Hammett

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Mark Hamill and Miguel Ferrer attended comic con before they were famous.

Miguel was friends with the guy that created Spider-Man 2099 and Miguel was named after him.

Gerard Way

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I saw the Northman yesterday too. How'd you like it user? Loved that scene with the paddle smack game.

Peter Capaldi has a collection of original comic art and his favorite artist is Michael Golden.

David Tennant is a huge Marvel nerd and his favorite run is PAD's Hulk.

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Glenn Danzig not only has his own company (Verotik) but is a huge fan of Namor (Listen to TV Casualty) and wanted to play Wolverine badly (He'd certainly be the right height).

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id on what issue he's reading?

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Miguel Ferrer was an interesting guy. Absolutely voracious appetite for music, guy apparently had an enormous record collection spanning many genres. Plus his best friend was Steve Lukather from Toto.

John Dolmayan got to write a comic that Jim Lee did the art for.

He actually does like comics

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>I grew up loving comic books. Back in the day, I was pretty into Conan the Barbarian and Spider-Man.

He has said it on record, the Onion just ran with it.

>I'm not totally sure I understand here
>Alright, brass tacks; Where's Billy?

>Miguel Ferrer
He was the co-creator of Comet Man

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who? also is that a tranny, it looks like one
I heard about the Kal-El thing and thought it was cool but that was before I found out Kal-El is literally hebrew for something.
whos the other guy

Gerard way can jump off of a fucking roof.

Robin Zander from Cheap Trick loves comics and actually wrote his own, "The High Priest of Rhythmic Noise", that was sold in brief quantities at Comic-Con in 2010. iirc he was in talks with Image at one point to get it a proper release, but I'm assuming that came apart since it's been over a decade and it hasn't been mentioned since.

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wasn't he in anmation or something before my chemical romance? I remember hearing about him pitching something to cartoon network and/or adult swim but getting rejected and then 9/11 happaned and then he started the band. plus he writes comics so it only makes sense he likes them

Kirby looks like this is conditional for his parole.

I hate Sana Amanat so much but I also want to fuck her brains out



It would. But he wrote "are" and that restricts it to living ones.

>whos the other guy
That is Jack Kirby with Paul and Linda McCartney

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There's no archive on it online as far as I can tell, but it looks pretty bad, so it's not so shocking he couldn't get a deal. I doubt "the vocalist from Cheap Trick" is really the kind of thing that would resonate too much with comic readers.

Also there was actually a promotional one-shot Cheap Trick comic in 1990 that Marvel published.

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>At one point owned one of the few remaining issues of Action Comics #1
Did he sell it or something?

>Miguel was friends with the guy that created Spider-Man 2099 and Miguel was named after him.
That's nothing.
Miguel Ferrer cocreated the villain of Earth X, who was originally a supporting character in Ferrer's Comet Man.

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>id on what issue he's reading?
it's #6 but the colors are off?

do scans exist ?

>Miguel was friends with the guy that created Spider-Man 2099 and Miguel was named after him.
Wow, did not know that. Glad Ferrer at least had a worthy send-off with the Twin Peaks revival, F.

holy shit kim kitsuragi


Not as far as I can tell. As much as I love Cheap Trick, I doubt it's worth $30 for a floppy that's plugging what's considered one of their weaker albums.

It has a few great tracks, though.

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Yeah, about a decade ago. But more interestingly, there was a whole fiasco with it getting stolen and then recovered randomly years later.

Kalill? isn't that a bellydancing terrorist girl name?

I meant of the singer's comic

I think you should honestly follow in Mr. Williams footsteps and fucking kill yourself.


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Elvis was pretty cool aside from his weird shit. Also was a huge fan of the Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Watched it like 40+ times and would quite "Tis but a scratch" when he got minor injuries.

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>best member of the group is also /ourguy/

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Robin Williams' still exists on this planet, therefore he still is. His body has no electricity in it and he won't move or reply, but he's still here, for a few more years at least.

>You know uh, I actually preferred Ms Marvel back when she was uh, Carol

Are there doctor strange comics worth reading?
Holy kek left Mitchum looks exactly like his dad at four years old.

>his favorite artist is Michael Golden.

More based than anyone on/co/

Also designed Spider-man action figures for Toy Biz.