Choose your kitten edition

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The most powerful one, obviously

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I claim Wally Jr., of course.

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Crudely overdubbing Marcy’s lines with an amateur VA.

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Ah beat me to it

Cat Sasha

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she's more of a dog person

The people in these threads are shitheads

I chose catra

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Would you read it?

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My pick is the most cutest one.

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cute art, what it's referencing?

Leaked info so far
>Sasha is bisexual
>Grime is gay
>Yulivia is canon
>Marcy and Sasha have brothers
>Sasha's favorite ice cream is chocolate. Anne likes coffee
>outside the lily pad continent is just more Amphibians
>Anne's mom had an abortion before Anne was born
>Marcy had her first kiss before any of the girls
>Sasha's dad is a Republican politician
>Marcy's parents were originally free Hong Kong supporters, but Disney had them cut it

the one that looks like a cat gremlin

What's with the giant Toyble shoulder? Even with the perspective it's weird.

Dragonball? It kind of looks similar. Title above and a box taking most of the space of the cover.

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I love the faces in this episode

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Anne buttchuy

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I woudl read the shit out of it, i'm obsessed with this show as an adult I can't even begin to fathom what kid me would've done
at least a birthday party themed with the frogs

cheaping out on her japanese dub voice actor

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New Bleedman just dropped

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Also this one from like a week ago.
Fucker doesn't even tag his shit

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Huh... Are these commissions?

Need more Maddie

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Pretty sure he just likes Amphibia

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Sasha thread.
Sasha board.
And as such she gets this checks post.

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I choose Heterochromia

Ok so anons this idea entered my head and I need to get it out. Anne the Californian.
Instead of the amphibia we have now its one based off the Hyborian Age from the Conan Stories.

"Know, oh prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Newtlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Daughters of Sasha, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars - Newtmedia Todphir, Bittyhunia, Toborea, Toadtora with its dark-haired women and towers of spider-haunted mystery, Froggara with its chivalry, Froth that bordered on the pastoral lands of Wartwood, Proteus with its shadow-guarded tombs, Crawkania whose riders wore steel and silk and gold. But the proudest kingdom of the world was Newtopia, reigning supreme in the dreaming east. Hither came Anne, the Californian, brown-haired, slanted-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of Amphibia under her socked feet."

Anyone have the mega for the last episode?

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Ok Adora

me too?


Thanks broski!


Do other modern Disney cartoons always have some sort of moral at the end of each episode? Im going through the first season right now and its like they cant just tell a fun stort without attaching some sort of lesson.

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These remind me of those fluffy abuse comics

Literally every cartoon ever, for kids at least but even some adult, generally has some moral or lesson to teach

I love Leif.

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Not every episode and not so hamfisted like Amphibia. Spongebob would be the go to that you can just have a fun story.

OK frogbros,

What is the DEFINITIVE worst episode of the show, full stop?
For me, I hate Thai Feud. It's so bad. Matt's mom reaches her voice acting limits in this episode. It doesn't sound good, especially when she "yells" pink frog. This episode is also where Sprig is at his MOST ANNOYING. If anyone wonders why people don't like sprig, this episode would be Exhibits A through Z. The lesson is corny and hamfisted:
>yes Anne's mom, I want to be considered a part of the family even though you met me a few days ago

Hate that episode. Will always avoid on rewatch.

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Lost in Newtopia. Unlike that one user, I like the lessons embedded in the episodes. Hamfisted or not, LiN doesn't exactly give us anything other than chaos that wasn't even all that engaging. Guess P'Anne fans are left in the dust.

>I said my sword was a tool of justice...
>Not used in anger.
>Not used for vengeance.
>But now, now I'm not so sure...

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Children of the Spore. Full stop fr no cap.
Root of all Evil is second, but at least it doesn't murder Anne.

>Guess P'Anne fans are left in the dust.
Always wonderer why they didn't come up with the obvious "Pollyanne" as their pair nickname.

Bessie and Microangelo. One of the biggest wastes of 11 minutes it's had.

Hollywood Hop Pop. Not only is it an episode that fundamentally fucks up its core concept in relation to the rest of 3A, but it is a concept that they had done before, better. It's not just a rehash, but a spectacularly bad rehash. Even X doesn't save the episode for me. At least Thai Feud attempts to parallel Anne's journey to become a Planter; it works on a thematic level, even if the episode itself is just kinda 'meh.' The only episode that might be worse is Spider Sprig, because I fucking hare parody episodes more than anything, but that feels like low hanging fruit.
If I had to pick an episode outside 3A? Girl Time never ceases to bore the fuck out of me, and I always skip it. It has one half-decent joke and that's it.
Actually, now that I think about it, I don't really like any purely Polly-centric episode. She's just fucking annoying alone. Works way better when bouncing off of the main cast.

Girl time has a bunch of cute Anne scenes though, so it can't be all bad

That one episode in season 1 that tried to retcon Maddie into not being a witch but after that, the series would completely forget that episode even existed until the bad guy of that episode came back during an episode of season 3B.

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I hope the core has a chance to actually have a personality before the end. Like, the meanest thing I can say about amphiba is that the final boss literally doesn't have a personality or character, just a lazy copy paste from a character that people already have an investment in. It's like they didn't want to write a character for the core so they just reused marcy's and just assumed people would care because the audience is already emotionally invested in that personality.

Even if it's just generic evil, that's still more of a personality then the *nothing* we have.

Without going into full denial mode, what do you all think about the legit possibility about 2 of the girls getting together?

>That one episode in season 1 that tried to retcon Maddie into not being a witch
What? Maddie was a witch, the twist of the episode was just that she wasn't the one who put a curse on Anne and Sprig

>tried to retcon Maddie into not being a witch
you mean Cursed? I think you need a rewatch since the entire conflict was resolved cuz Maddie was the only witch they knew.

I think I have to agree that I didn't like Hollywood Hop Pop that much mostly because of its similarities to A Caravan Named Desire, especially since in that he gets the lead role in a play instead of it just being some dumb commercial when they're trying to lay low

Some people here, have commented on how lovely Anne's long, noodle-like limbs are. I'd like to press hot cigarette butts into her exposed arms and legs while I sit on top of her to keep her from struggling

yeah we heard you the first time now take your meds before you forget that you said it here, grandpa

This looks.... like a rape scene

>denial mode
Nice gas light.
Not saying it can't happen, but I don't think it's 100% certain either, although recent comments have given it more credit.
If it does happen, it will be fucking stupid, and Amphibia will go from an 8/10 to a fucking 0

Forgot to add random Amphibians>random humans

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It better not be some literal last second fakeout like Korra. I need build up and none of the girls have shown any romantic interest in each other

My apologies, I have not watched that episode in a while. But I still remembered not liking it.

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Turning Point. Imo it fucked over Sasha's redemption arc and was done in a very lazy way. Not even a fraction of fun like the other sasha eps.

Stupid take.
Sasha's redemption started in Reunion, and really began to develop in Battle of the Bands and TC. Turning Point is just a cap

a few years back, this would be accepted as a huge W for the community but I think modern times have proven that we deserve these romantic developments being treated as actual romantic developments.

Okay then her "turning point" to becoming a good person was shit. Literally the most important part of a redemption arc and she just reads a journal and feels sad.

I'll say it before and I'll say it again. We KNEW that Sasha changed through Turning Point, what we actually need was Anne seeing that change. Like, I get wanting to see Sasha be buddies with the townies but the fact of the matter is that we only needed Anne's reaction towards the fruits of her labor since it'd be it would be repetitive when we are guaranteed that she DID change.