Are there any good animated horror films? Is there even a market for them?

Are there any good animated horror films? Is there even a market for them?
This guy, he’s usually a political cartoonist, but he posted a sorta interesting premise for one. Kinda cliche but with his crazy style it could be good, I think

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patreon when?

Did this dude ever get over Trump losing?

Paul Berry's The Sandman, it's fucking amazing.


On-topic though, I'm just having a bit of a think. Maybe the two Hellboy animated movies? Though I guess you want actual horror as opposed to slightly spooky action.

he seems to have settled down, not sure which Republican faction hes in tho

people now feel vindicated after Biden's shit show as president

Cute cope

Yea Forumsmblr moment

I don't know, but I get pretty scared at certain animated scenes from the wall. Maybe something like that should work for a full length animated movie.

/pol/tard moment


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*Get over a senile pedophile stealing the election via fraud?

Always funny to see men so invested in what a woman does with her non-sentient clump of cells.

Speaking of movies about a kid getting shadowed by huge dick, is there a link or Mega for that Princess movie? I'm morbidly curious

Everything else aside, the guy did a really good job of weaving the abortion ghosts into the second panel, visually. Real subtle.

Are people still pretending he can draw?

>can't tell a penis from a vagina without a government approved biologist on hand.
opinion discarded

Is this a about to some stupid conspiracy theory that I'm going to regret learning about?

>lose to a senile pedophile
Sounds like someone must have been a pretty shit candidate to pull that off.

covid ain't real and the reaction to it is overblown after millions of deaths and people are responsible for their own livelihood and should be thrown into poverty and die as a result of mounting medical bills

but a woman getting an abortion is literally murder
It'll be really funny if we get a rerun of Trump V. Biden and Trump loses again because despite being underwhelmed by Biden people just dislike him that much, like France with macron
except it probably won't be funny because he'll call cheating again and this time the Republican party won't be blindsided by it

Fun fact, the last time one of these /pol/bait threads were moved to /pol/, /pol/ made fun of the magadrones.

He complains about white genocide yet wants to get rid of abortion. So I think he's just clueless.

SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP! This is Cartoons and Comics, not Twitter, not /pol/

No one brought up /pol/ until you guys did.

I've said it once, I'll say it again, Biden is the political embodiment of pic related.

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>her non-sentient clump of cells.
Why do pro-abortion advocates use this dehumanizing language? If there is nothing wrong with abortion, then call it what it is. Murdering a child.

/pol/ is filled with MAGAdrones too embarrassed to identify as MAGA anymore. The trump generals and tucker carlson generals are the same posters. Anyways they're busy riding Putin's dick right now.

What bothers me about the whole "abortion is murder" thing is how rarely the people who believe it's justified to kill doctors that perform abortions or attack abortion clinics
Killing people running concentration camps is usually non-controversial, but apparently killing people who "murder" exclusively babies is too far

It makes me think they don't actually think it's murder

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Says the idiot who's side wants to fight " misinformation" but can't fucking tell anyone what a woman is. Fuck yourself.

underdeveloped baby ghosts can grow older and have cognitive thoughts?

I brought it up because you guys brought it up

>how rarely those people believe*

Say what you want say about him, he make some good arts

You have to understand, incels are very passionate about abortion.

What princess movie?

I believe the doctors should be in jail.
Not murder.
Now, why do you care what does evil pro-lifers care about? Just go to the clinic and get your next abortion, terminating another potential life because its in your body, and its your choice.

OP did.

Bringing in GK is like showing to an airport with a gun and being mad when you're not allowed on the plain.

a person who menstruates is what they're called now. It makes sense

No just a joke about abortions

At what point does terminating a potential life become a problem? If someone cums in you and you'd get pregnant if you didn't take the morning after pill, is that murder? If someone's about to cum in you and you make them pull out, is that murder?

>I believe the doctors should be in jail.
>Not murder.
Is it morally justifiable to attack a concentration camp and kill the people operating it?
If so, why is it any different for an abortion clinic?

>joe biden
you had an army of "journalists" and covid litterally walking anyone but trump into office and you guys chose joe biden.

It's really sad you keep comparing Biden to a SpongeBob image and expecting people to get it and validate your theory. It's somehow worse than "omg Trump is evil wizard character".

>an abortion is murder
>everyone who miscarries has to prove they didnt do it on purpose or they go to jail

Reminds me of this one manga I read where the ghosts of aborted fetuses visibly haunted the women who aborted then, still connected by the umbilical cord.

No, because you didn't get pregnant. I didn't say miscarriages are murder, did I? You people bring up failed conceptions as though they are the same as actual pregnancies. Like I said, why do you need to convince those evil pro-lifers when you can just murder?

I am begging you to stop arguing about politics and whatever and just talk about animated horror movies.

Is this going to be good or is it just going to be a shitty "the seven ghost children were the children you aborted" or "the seven ghosts were all my genders" type of shit I've come to expect from him?

/pol/ (well the internet in general now) have lost the ability to do anything beyond post memes and go THIS IS LITERALLY THAT

Because if anything, the doctors didn't force those women to come in and ask for an abortion. They made the decision. The people in the concentration camps had no choice.

idk, but i dont think you have

If you want to actually talk about animated horror movies you should make a thread because this guy made this thread to talk about GPrime's schizo political takes

I think its an abortion meme

This is the guy who said "my body my choice" about his vax and now he's anti abortion


Excuse me, I don't appreciate this use of problematic language.

Fuck you, shouldn't have baited people with some shitty politic comic from twitter.

What the fuck else would it be about if not ghost of past abortions.
like, even putting all the politics aside, how is that concept not immediately clear to you?

The "babies" are the ones who don't have a choice and the ones being "murdered", assuming you think they're worthy of moral consideration
They're the equivalent to people being killed at a concentration camp

I am the guy who made this thread, and I made this thread because I wanted to discuss horror
I didn't think to read any ulterior meaning in this comic, but it is what it is now

And yet, you can't say I'm wrong.

personx is that better?

No it's implying her abortions had souls and they are now haunting her.
>Kinda cliche but with his crazy style it could be good, I think
I doubt he or anyone could animate even a short film in that style, I would like to see more animated horror films but preferably ones without politics, left or right.
lmao, that ain't going to happen with a OP pol bait image. Wait tell after this one dies or is deleted and make a apolitical animated horror thread, and if you were the OP you a fucking retard if you thought it wouldn't devolve into this.

Gprime thinks news media admitting they all have bias and that news can't be presented without bias is biggest fight of our lives and we need to stand up to them. They said that because by the nature of limited time to present stories, what stories you present are formed around bias and can shape opinion, even if presented neutrally. Like if all you do is broadcast the crimes of local Asians, even if you're right ans the information is facts only, the audience will start to think Asians are naturally criminal, but gprime is weird to ignore context and spin a sensationalist narrative. He's either genuinely schizo or just stupid.

Maybe someone will be dumb enough to believe you