Lazy Superman and Lois Talkback thread

Tonight we meet the Bizarro world or something

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>all these "lazy" talkbacks
it's over bros...

is this show worth picking back up? i watched like 8 episodes of season 1 before falling off.

Sunk cost fallacy is hard to break

It's pretty good but I'm OP so what do I know about quality of television

Going to have to wait until this episode to decide that.

I am here

sdrawkcab hceeps
cube world


its been over for like 5 years user

Oh shit Connor Jon

The timeline Jon deserves

>Goth Margot Kidder-esque Lois
Oh lord.

Well shit, Jon got Jordan's power and his spergness

That hair doesn't work with her weird ass face.

>Jordan is even more emo

>Mr El
Huh, so Bizarro Clark let the stardom get to his head?

So Bizarro Superman is a dick?

Fuck, forgot this was back, what I miss?

In Bizarro world Jon got powers and Clark is always Superman and he's a fame whore.

You know what, this actually feels like Connor by with Clark being the bad father figure instead of Lex

>Hosting the Trips with President Seinfeld
Oh fuck no.

So Bizarro is a corporate sellout....that tracks

>president seinfeld

>The worst Superman can get is becoming a corporate whore


Why is everyone in Bizarro world a bunch of goth fags?

>Hag showing her cleavage
Brave, but sad.

So no matter what Jon gets tricked by pussy to do dumb shit?

Oh no

To contrast the regular world

Some events are a universal constant.

ok virgin

If it wanted to contrast our world, everyone should have been goth heterosexuals since our world is a bunch of bright fags.

Kryponite is Bizarro's cocaine?

This Bizarro Superman versus Homelander, who sells more merch?

So Bizarro Kal was never a Clark Kent?

he's not wrong, people would whine if he ignores people in need.

Kryptonite. Not even once.

Well, if he ignores too many people in need.

Wait what the fuck happened to his face then? Did the cult do it?

So he looks all fucked up because he's in withdrawal?

I think the Ktpyonite did that.

Kryptonite is a hell of a drug.

>the current state of Bizarro Superman

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So far this has been a pretty standard celeb story
>get popular
>fame goes to head
>start fame whoring
>start doing drugs
>ruins family

I think you mean
>get popular
>fame goes to head
>start fame whoring
>son gets popular off your popularity
>start doing drugs
>son joins cult
>ruins family

The Will Smith story except change son joins cult to son turns into a weird fag.

Oh shit Jon

Holy shit that went south fast.

Everyone is dressed like Goth cyberpunk apocalypse raiders, what the hell?


You done good now Anderson

What the hell is Anderson even doing right now? I thought he was part of the cult.

Partially merging with his doppleganger and then watching him burn alive changed his mind.

He realized he fucked up once he mind melt with his alt self
And then he realized he really fucked up when he realized who he killed

I left the arrowverse when arrow ended. who is the hottest bitch in the current shows ?

i am.

Lana on this show

pics ?

Oh, its just seems like he's a retarded flip flopper.

Flash has Iris, Batwoman is cancelled, Stargirl has Courtney, this show has Lana.

>Oh, its just seems like he's a retarded flip flopper.
Yeah that's Anderson in a nutshell. The man spent the season bitching and moaning about Superman doesn't trust him and now he truly learns why.

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is that from the show ?

Damn, poor bastard

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Okay, Mitch's development makes sense, but having to spell it out really makes me hate him all over again.

kek what

Lel, no. This still the CW after all.

I love how Clark doesn't even hesitate when fighting Bizarro Lana.

I think Tal-Rho is my favorite character in this bullshit, not this one through.

I'm confused. Who is on whoes side here?