The Batman 2 has officially been announced

The Batman 2 has officially been announced.

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Hopefully it's good this time.

nice, i hope this time they fuck

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unironically my favorite capeshit movie of all time aside from spiderverse. can't wait

How much anti-white propaganda will be in the sequel?

How could this happen? Fellow Snyderbros ASSURED me it was a failure and they were going to #RestoreTheSnyderverse and put Zack in charge of every DC/WB movie for the rest of time. Literally shaking right now.


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i hate that i look like riddler ugh

God please let the sequel not be bogged down by trying to make the rogues gallery "grounded" and "realistic" and "serious" or whatever the fuck, just let Batman villains be colorful and fun please

kill yourself

>How much anti-white propaganda will be in the sequel?
You think it was anti-white propaganda the first movie?Manufactured controversies keep making Americans worse and worse. How are they going to outdo CRT end the next one?

Did anyone actually think this wasn't gonna get a sequel

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Man of all the fucked up shit that's posted on Yea Forums every day, that comment is what gets you mad? Christ alive I hate you people.

Hopefully he'll actually stop the villain this time

I don't care.
I'm more interested in what Strange does and how it advances the MCU universe than another retread of vengeance.
this isn't about console wars. Strange gives me dopamine and Batman doesn't.

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orca's our time

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I had my fears.

Kill yourself

They though the first one did well enough to make a sequal, its going to be the same garbage no matter whay.

I wonder if they'll try to make a batman movie this time. You know, one that uses gadgets. Batarangs. Knows how to tackle situations like batman. Yknow, stealthily. Or if he must take a direct approach it wont be walking directly into gunfire like a retard. Or maybe he'll do some actual detective work in this one. He sure didnt in the first one. Everyone else did it for him. Maybe just maybe this one will be called No Really The Actual Batman. It'll have to be year 20.

Make Pyg the main villain

The fact of the matter is no one cares about DC, PERIOD. Even WB Discovery doesn't give a shit about most of its properties. DC is a joke and a failure in every way. Good ideas squandered.

Anyone else hoping for a tech advancement now that Bruce is going to be more involved in Wayne Industries? I want to see the gliding cape, smoke bombs, proper batarangs, that kind of thing. The mystery could even be corporate espionage/conspiracy, which could tie in nicely with Mister Freeze, GOTHCORP, and Victor's weapons

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it pisses me off how those types of artists draw feet so liberally but then get assmad when fetish people exist

I believe there's a bunch of b list as who need a movie adaptation like the crocodile dude Clayface and the ventriloquist.

>Anyone else hoping for a tech advancement
It'd be weird if they didn't.

Make Dr. Hurt the main villain
If it's gonna be three hours long, you can work a Robin origin story in with Batman RIP. You can even timeskip and just have Batman already have Robin, thereby avoiding making another origin story and avoid retreading ground covered in Batman Forever
Replace Jezebel Jet with Bella Real
Get rid of the Club Of Heroes (I love them, but there is no way to organically work them into The Batman/Reeves-verse)
Batman's mask already looks hand-stitched, so the scene where Bruce hand-stitches the makeshift Batman Of Zurr-En-Arrh costume won't be out of place
Literally everything you need is there, even the black casebook. It just needs to be made

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I just hope we never see a wingsuit ever again.

kill yourself dumb fujoshit

nolan fucks seething

This would be

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Robin incoming?

too kino for

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>Manufactured controversies
How is that not propaganda to keep the shitshow going?

a hollywood release

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>Casually implies Bat-Mite is actually 100% real and not just an illusion
Immensely based comic, it was a fun read.

the most uninspired version of Batman I've ever seen

This time?

One of my favorite comics of all time. I hope it will, in my lifetime, get a respectable live-action adaptation
Obviously, they never directly adapt comics (for some reason) but a ton of elements in it could make a great movie someday

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The copium is stronger in this one.

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They couldn't restore the Snyderverse now even if they wanted to. Leto is box office poison, everybody hates Heard and Ezra Miller is either about to go to jail,rehab or the morgue

>"I've improved the wingsuit."
>leaps off, suit turns into a massive ball
>Batman bounces around every fucking where

Warner begged Nolan on their knees to make him come back and make the whole DCEU and he refused because he wanted his trilogy to be kept alone.

the movie could've made zero money and would still get a sequel
Cullen is a miscast, ''Riddler'' was cringe, Catwoman was pointless and we overall didn't need another super grounded Batman after Nolan shit
also that ''''Joker'''' was the absolute worst I've ever seen even worse than Leto

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nice, another 3 hour nap inducer for my insomnia

The only place Ezra is going is straight to the top

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>the movie could've made zero money and would still get a sequel
>Cullen is a miscast, ''Riddler'' was cringe, Catwoman was pointless and we overall didn't need another super grounded Batman after Nolan shit
>also that ''''Joker'''' was the absolute worst I've ever seen even worse than Leto

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>the movie could've made zero money and would still get a sequel
clearly it couldn't considering the snyderverse made zero money and got cancelled, and the snyderverse was made after superman returns got zero money and got cancelled
the batman made money and isn't cancelled


>believing FAKE NEWS lies
it's all just a ploy by Hamada and co to try and stop Discovery restoring the Snyderverse.

Honestly, they held onto Snydershit way longer than they should've after Batman vs Superman was such a fucking dumpsterfire.

I am tired of you faggots

I blame Schumacher Batman for basically killing any chance of a non realistic live action Batman from being done
now we are forever stuck in a cycle of just copying Nolan

>another Batman movie

I like what The Batman did where multiple villains appear in a single film but only one is really the main antagonist while the rest are just weird characters Batman encounters throughout the story.

It'll be a good way for a bunch of Batman villains to finally make their live-action debut without overcrowding the movie like Spider-Man 3 did. Some could even appear instead in the upcoming TV spinoffs like Black Mask in the Penguin miniseries or Hugo Strange in the Arkham show.

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I'm just bummed out that we will be getting more "gritty realistic" Batman from now on, except now it's even more fucking gritty and realistic than even Nolan's movies. So no classic Robin, no cool gadgets, no crazy villains, just one emo dude drudging through some shithole slum and looking confused for three hours. Yay.

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Didn't Matt Reeves say he wanted Mr. Freeze to be the villain of the next movie?

I can't wait for some pasty while faggot to bathe people in liquid nitrogen or something.

Nolan did a tiny bit of that, he put Zsasz in Begins, in a roll that could have been any nameless oc. I like it, I hope it continues