Will this get zoomers to like Superman?

Will this get zoomers to like Superman?

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The only ones who don't like Superman are film producers and DC editors.

This might get zoomers to write fanfiction where Luz somehow becomes Lois Lane. Similar to fanfics about how Samurai Jack becomes Professor Utonium in the future. Similar designs and autism are one hell of a drug.

No. This will.

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Fucking awful lois design. No hair and no skirt is no lois.

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>Superman gets to fuck Luz

When I listen to zoomies talk about fixing Superman, it sounds like they actually wanted what Zack Snyder was offering, but it wasn't the cool thing to admit or something. So I doubt it.

Why is Jimmy a nigger?

Because he's a ginger

I think the Luz haircut and feisty Latinaness would be fine if she had the STAS miniskirt and legs.

These Lois are equally awful

Only if clark and lois double penatrate nigger jimmy in the ass

This. Lois needs long hair because it looks good when flying or in motion, like supes cape. giving everyone short hair just makes them look motionless and boring.

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By that logic, Superman himself should have long hair.

How long till some user writes a Tom and Jerry style slapstick fic of Lex and this Lois fighting over a piece of kryptonite at a store because Lex needs it to power a machine and Lois needs it because only kryptonite can make Superman weak enough to peg. Anything else just bounces off

Maybe. It looks more interesting than the upcoming Batman cartoon, at least.


I like super mullet. Everyone hated it, but not me

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It’s not going to be a superman TV show it’s going to be Lois Lane with her sidekick Superman show.


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God I hope so. Superman is such a based character

It was definitely an underrated look

having an all white cast isn't allowed anymore. that's why you get asian lois too.

Hollywood is racist against the irish

If it will get my Twitter warrior friends to do more than glare at me with disgust when I bring up Superman I am all for it.
I don't know if a show built on a straight ship will fly these days and I am worried that Lois will end up being a discount Luz (The tomboy look is fine I just don't want her to be a horny retard) but I am optimistic.
I used to shit on the mullet but honestly it was a good fit for the Return era. I kind of miss it.

I love me some Luz Lane

>no pink pill box hat

>tomboy lois lane and shy nerd Clark Kent
i know for sure I will

>And together we're gonna run around, Clark, we're gonna... do all kinds of wonderful things, Clark. Just you and me, Clark. The outside world is our enemy, Clark... we're the only.... friends we've got, Clark! It's just Lois and Clark. Lois and Clark and their adventures, Clark.. LOIS AND CLARK FOREVER AND FOREVER A HUNDRED YEARS

Looks way too anime I thought zoomers preferred more American/Western art styles?

>Superman is neither black, nor a woman


Clark is so super he made Luz straight.

I like his Metal design

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>Imagine it, boys, me, cradled in Superman's massive biceps as he bridal carries me across the Metroplis skyline, wearing one of those skirts that's right on the line between professional and kinda slutty, my waterfall of a gushie on view for the whole city to see!

>By that logic, Superman himself should have long hair.
>like supes cape

The show is not about Superman. It's about his girlfriend.

I'm confident that the voice actor is Indian. Is that still considered white genocide?


This Owl House spin-off looks weird

Saw this image ages ago, is this show even happening ?

Man of Steel is better than people give it credit for. It just had the rotten luck of coming a year after Whedon turned the Avengers into a comedy routine and everyone was on the high of super heroes being #relatable. It would’ve crushed during the 2005-2010 period of cape flicks.

It's coming out in 2023. It got announced too early.

Ah, so it's cancelled rhen. WB-Discovery is cleaning house right now.


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Superman and Lois is the most popular Superman shit from what I can tell, at least the girls at my class don't shut up about it.

Zoomers don't read comics.

That and the sequel killed what goodwill people had towards it.

>I don't know if a show built on a straight ship will fly these days
Superman is probably the only character you can't make gay or black without mass backlash, Just look at how mad people got over them turning his kid gay. Not Superman himself, his kid!

I think people were more upset about his kid being aged up desu

Depends on how far along in production it is. If they're past the storyboard stage then it's probably coming out.

Plus it got greenlit for two seasons already.

Zoomers don't read comics

I really wanna marry and breed a short-haired brown girl so bad it's insane. But I hate the spanish language

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There is more to brown than Hispanics.

>Suggesting user breed with a negro

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I live in an area where that unfortunately is not often true

There are various flavors of Asian, Indians/Pakis, the Middle East, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, North Africans, southern Europeans, and eastern Meds.

I'm ideally aiming for a Half-SEA girl they seem to fit the bill best

>Because he's ginger
Why is this such a common occurrence?

i welcome another shiro from voltron clone

>Why is this such a common occurrence?

Think it was a phase?

>Tomboy Lois
That'll do it for me.

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