What would you do to change the modern state of comic books to steer it away from oblivion

What would you do to change the modern state of comic books to steer it away from oblivion

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What trouble is Marvel having?

I feel like if you just put lots of big T&A in comics, the problems will solve themselves. You gotta be willing tho.

The NPD Bookscan sales show that they had ZERO books in the top 750 last year for the first time ever

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Let the free market fix it. If it crashes, new makers will spring up.

The future of capeshit is on the screen, not the page (as if that wasn't obvious by now).

Literally make the product good again.

And by "product" I don't mean movies or tie-in videogames. I mean the actual comics need to become a thing where a fully sane person can look at it and think "yeah, that is worth my time and/or money".

Current DC and Marvel imprints are both full of comics where even the die-hard fans of the characters in it don't want to read them. They're just too insulting, too thoughtless, and frankly too faggy. What chance do you have with the masses of normal people if the people who have eaten your shit for decades are starting to think it tastes bad?

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More self contained mini series that can be collected in inexpensive graphic novels and don't require knowing anything else that has happened in the canon previously.

No more woke shit, no more celebrity writers, no more fucking new writer every three or four years for a character, no more using the same distributor, and no more incestuous fucking hiring.

make them for kids and sell them where children can find them

Not only that, but they're too bogged down with continuity baggage. I can't jump into a random comic and really know what the hell is going on because the comic exists to advance a plot that started 20 issues ago.

Literally just this. Put some in grocery stores with the magazines.

Who are they even made for these days?

woke points and image tweets


>the same fucking tired arguments AGAIN

Indie comics do everything you people ask for and you still don't read them. Comics used to "have tits and be less faggy" DURING THEIR DECLINE IN SALES.

EVERYTHING boils Western comic books are only sold in specialty retailers for a high page-to-dollar pricepoint and you have to preorder them months ahead of release.

Burn everything and start over, for real this time.

Fucking this. The cost of comics need to change along people stop treating them like collectables. You should not have to pay 3-5 US dollars for 1/6 of a story that just a lead in to an crossover event spanning 10 comic series.

I'm waiting for the argument that they should start selling comics in digest form at walmart

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Indie comics are also pretty shitty.
None of this would matter if the product was good.
It's not, so people don't buy it.
Simple as.

I don't remember this run

Current Justice League run.

im being completely honest in this thread. theres nothing under gods green earth that comicbooks could do to convice me to pay 4.99$ (the price of gas in most states) for 25 pages of story. you can get whatever superstar writer and artist that you'd like, but there isnt a chance in hell that you can convince me to do this when i can get a hundred times the amount of content from a streaming service. this is how most of america feels and if this board wasnt filled to the brim with people who havent set foot in a comicbook store before, let alone read a comic. if you did either one, most of you would know this.

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that guy has some really weird eyes

>Indie comics do everything you people ask for

I 100% guarantee you they fucking don't.

lmao, id love to read your writing.

9/10 times the retards that male these kinds of posts think that tits and ass plus their mediocre ideas for stories is enough to drive people to buy some grossly overprice bullshit.

>have trades stay the same while floppies get printed on much cheaper newspaper
>sell these floppies in not just comic book stores, but in gas stations and grocery stores as well

>Indie comics do everything you people ask for

Indie comics don't do anything that anybody wants.
>D E C O N S T R U C T I O N

Fuck off.

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So I was right in my initial post that you don't read comics.

Oh sorry, I forgot one

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So what type of comics do you read?

if youre point is

>trends le bad
>tropes le bad

the brown/black haired every guy protag in manga still sells like hot cakes.

stop mindlessly parroting what you see shitposters say.

Old shit I haven't read before. I have 100 fucking years worth of backlog to sift through.

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>bringing up japshit for no reason at all.

Rent free

>Modern Fantasy
>Past is filled with sorcerers fucking things up or natural magic fuckings things up everywhere
>Rural areas are dangerous and mystical
>Cities are safeguards against the things the common man cannot defend against
>protagonist is secretly the child of a dead, dreaming goddess that had sex with a well-meaning police lieutenant
>technology is rapidly advancing
>aliens have visited the planet multiple times but were scared shitless by the presence of actual magic and gods
>immortals are the most insane, petty fuckers alive and typically live in the rural areas when not fucking things up
>plot is the protagonist doing shadowrunner-esque jobs, receiving prophetic visions of a temporal anomaly hunting important figures, and having run-ins with the father he never knew he had

forgot a, would you read it? at the bottom

Based dishonest retard
Image pumps out something great every year

I'd read it. Are you just a writer or an artist?

Not him, but what's a good Image comic from last year?
I need reccs.

>Image pumps out something great every year
Image is one of the worst, every single thing in their lineup fits neatly in that template. Their very first/flagship comic is the fucking poster child of the first one even

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Modern fantasy has absolutely been ruined by teen fiction writers. It has the potential to be so much more, but everyone wants some bullshit grimderp fantasy stronk woman nonsense instead of an actual mystical tale of a world really different but still the same.

More random trannies and retarded story lines you say? Great idea user!

Right now I’m enjoying Ice Cream Man (horror), and Chu (comedy that’s a prequel to Chew, one of my all time favorites). And of course there’s Monstress (high fantasy), Saga’s back too now (sci-fi), Seven to Eternity (fantasy). I’m thinking about picking up Two Moons, looks like a native amerikino
Filtered beyond belief. There’s maybe ONE capeshit image book out right now, and the rest of your “template” is too vague to count as criticism.

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the big two are plagued with never ending stories. if the independent market adopts the manga form of publishing (volumes over floppies) while transitioning out of the prison and stigma of comicbook stores. they'll finally find success. the big two will forever be plagued by that curse, but they can alleviate the problems caused by these things by utilizing their parent companies and huge budgets to dabble in other forma of media. the independent market can not and needs to change ways sooner than later. either adapt to the ways of the manga industry or be steamrolled out of existence once hollywood moves on from its streaming and quantity over quality phase. its that simple

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All you need to know about what kind of person slurps up imageshit

>stop mindlessly parroting what you see shitposters say

If it's all just shitposting, explain why the fuck no one can come up with a single genuinely good issue of a comic printed in the past two years? You'd think if comics weren't actually shit debunking that would be the easiest thing ever, just post full dumps of truly good comics right here at Yea Forums. Yet somehow, purely by chance, every good comic posted is from like 20 years ago and every shitty comic was printed last month.

No matter how you cut it, the thing killing comics is simply that they are not high enough quality to compete against the dozens of other forms of entertainment. In order for a comic to be worth reading it is not enough for it to beat other comics in a value proposition. It also needs to beat movies, TV shows, videogames, and yes, manga and anime too.

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Almost all indie comics today are just vanity projects for writers who used to work for Marvel or DC. Those writers were shit when they wrote for the big 2 and they're just as shit on their own material. The solution to making people want to read comics is fire absolutely all of the current "talent" and hire people who can write worth a single god damn.

>attacking the reader instead of the comics
I accept your concession, and advise you to actually read comic books!

Real writers stay away from comic books because they find the medium too restricting. Writing for a novel is much different than writing for visuals.

if you need proof that im right. just look at what happened when Valiant tried to dabble in the movie verse. Look at how far Grant got with his attempt at tv writing. drop the floppie, drop the comicbook store, and drop the price. move to the book store. lower paper quality while holding on to the art quality. charge 25$ for a 100 page count volume and watch sales skyrocket.

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Did this actually have Grant on it? It was way too based.

Put me in both universes and have me solo everyone. Readership sales will skyrocket

He was involved with it

just say you dont read comics and shut the fuck up.

lol. just cause YOU couldn't find something that you liked, doesn't mean the quality went down.

>prove me wrong by searching for something that matches my arbitrary standard of quality while i move the goal post around.

kek. that might work, with whatever redditors you enjoy arguing with.

Shitty artwork and writing doesn't help either.

Comics today are objectively worse than they were 20 years ago. Objectively. Only way to argue against that is if you dishonestly count manga as comics. ALL new comics are terrible, even the ones created specifically to buck the trend of terrible comics are just terrible in a different way. And all the proof I need is that no one has managed to post a great recent comic. They don't exist.

You eat shit all day out of habit and insist it tastes great, but a lot of people have realized shit in fact is gross and shouldn't be consumed.

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From a quality standpoint comics are probably at the lowest they've ever been, but I don't think increasing quality will bring in new readers when it has to compete with alternatives, even from their own brands.

>ALL new comics are terrible
You read every new comic that comes out? Because if you don't you're talking out of your ass.

>From a quality standpoint comics are probably at the lowest they've ever been
Try reading 50's or 90's comics. And try reading outside of Marvel and DC.

Right up here . Should have actually read the thread, Dingleberry.

It'd sure do more then the 10,000th soapbox special edition ever would. I'd rather read a million shitty fan service isekai light novels than even one more America Chavez or Young Avengers.

he was deeply involved, season 1 was good. never got around to season 2. but it got dropped overratings and netflix skipped on picking it up. probably because they were to busy green lighting some gay shit like love island or purchasing reruns of the Real World - Road Rules. still, it proves that no matter how good the writing is, if it doesn't break into the current zeitgeist. its pretty much dead in the water and bound to be replaced by whatever retarded competition show or reality tv show the network decides to green light. because paying failed actors 25K each to pretend like they love each other makes a lot more money for netflix than buying the rights to whatever Grant just wrote and paying actors to film it.

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>Stop mindlessly parroting
>Stop projecting faggot.

If you are talking about saving Marvel/DC and maybe Image/Dark Horse then the first step is to do away with the local comic book store formula. Comic book stores are dying, dead, or so far away that they might as well exist for most people. Put comics back in grocery stores, heck sell them in school fairs. Just put them in places that make it easier for people to impulse buy or at least are more visible. Out of sight out of mind and comic books are very much out of sight. If you go to a book store manga has walls and walls of book cases and the US comic book shelf is a fraction of the size.

It was really fucking good. A natural progression from season 1 with a satisfying conclusion.

it shouldn't have been fucking cancelled

Sounds pretty interesting. I'd give it a read.