Tell me about your favorite VA Yea Forums

Tell me about your favorite VA Yea Forums.

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>Human rights should never extend to people I don't like
Seeing as trans rights are human rights, and free speech is a human right, Tara just outed herself as a TERF.

Youre thread got removed on Yea Forums already

>Tell me about your favorite VA Yea Forums.
He died in the 90s. I don't care what Tara Strong says.

>Right: He's gonna take away our free speech!
>Left: He's gonna give people too much free speech

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As someone in right wing groups I've never seen anyone say he's going to take away free speech as free speech on Twitter already doesn't exist. I have seen more shitposting saying he's going to give free speech more than anything.

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Just a reminder this all started because Elon didn't like how Twitter suspended Babylon Bee's account for making fun of Biden's tranny cabinet member.

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She's an anti vaxxer and quite possibly a terf



/pol/ is that way

How many times have you posted this today

Why did every celebrity turn out to be insane?

Money and grooming, I guess. Or celebrities make sure to only promote and fund other insane people.

>everything was done out of spite and revenge

Haha can i be part of the Tara Strong Protection Task Force? I too am worried about the safety of our fellow VAs haha

Take the redpill and accept that the world's media is ran by numerous secret societies that do this shit purely to fuck with us.

Who is us?

Posting on twitter is not a human right

Go back to pol

>Posting on twitter is not a human right
And I the private company chooses to allow these people you'll be fine with it then?

>the world's media
Nope, just America. And none of hem are really secret, it's pretty well known who these groups are.

Do they wear tiny hats?

>OP posts in Genshin Impact General

You clearly haven't watched anything coming out of the UK then have you?
Never heard of the BBC and how it does literally the same shit as Hollywood?

Unironically why do Twitter clamp right down on this shit but then drag their feet when it comes to cleaning up Russian CP bots and fundie Islamist propaganda?

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No, it started with Musk wanting huge amounts of personal info to train AI projects
If you really think he's sending billions of his own money for "free speech on twitter" you're insane.
Musk wants everyone on twitter to have their identity confirmed so he has un-anonymized data

Keep people safe from what? Mean words on a screen? Turn it off then you fucking fragile piece of shit.

I want to fucking create a virus which kills all people with this mentality

I hate living in this shithole time period

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Free speech includes all of them. Cry about it, bitch

>why do trannycrats do trannycrat things?
because they are a bunch of tranny pedophile groomers

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>muh groomer
Fuck off, you clutch as many pearls as an SJW you faggot

How do you feel about TERF?

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The only people harmed by free speech are those who want to silence others.

Is that image satire?

She may be a stupid bitch but I'd like to titty fuck her titties.

I'm really tempted to ask something like "who's going to watch the Watchmen", but we all know it's a rhetorical question.

He's got a point. Intent is the only thing that matters in speech.

Some of the worst acts in history have been done with flowery nice words.

That's unusually violent for you, Skeletor. Usually you're just trying to bloodlessly claim the royal palace or something.

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It's retards who are wrong, and know that they're wrong, but for whatever reason choose to keep being wrong and censor everyone who is right.

I wish i could find out where you live and cave in your fucking skull. You faggots are spamming this so much that i hope your children get raped out of spite

I think most people that became celebrities and aren't insane eventually step out of the limelight or only make an appearance when they have something to plug. The lifestyles of the rich/famous are probably just too much for most people to handle and so they turn into this.

She's an actress. Find me an actress that doesn't have shitty opinions about literally everything and I'll give you all the (you)'s I have.

>to keep people safe
>from mean words on twitter
Tara, just press the power off button. I know actors aren't lauded for their intelligence, but this is basic knowledge.

Why does it anger you that he calls a political entity that positions itself against an Anti-grooming bill unless you support moving against said anti grooming bill?

No, but free speech, you know, the thing that Tara is talking about, is.


ok groomer

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What the fuck is wrong EN VAs? You don't see seiyuus post retarded shit like this.

user I've been conditioned to live every single moment of my life online, everyone i talk to is online, and all of my interests and hobbies are online. Why should I have to give that up for even a second and reconsider what I'm doing with my life?

Aren't a lot of those guys sex slaves? Here in America we have the ability to say dumb shit unlike your rat hole.

Ok user I don’t like him either but that’s a bit much innit.
She’s wrong. Literally nothing will change. Musk hasn’t even started talking about banning/unbanning accounts, but instead he’s talking about technical issues (bots, ID Authentication) which I’m at least 90% sure will not happen. Most that will happen is a limited version of what I said being put out, or Musk occasionally intervening with a banning he doesn’t like.

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There's a social element of self censorship in japan for any proffessionals/celebrities as far as I'm aware. What an insipid comment coming from someone who probably calls himself a free speech absolutist.

>Tara, just press the power off button. I know actors aren't lauded for their intelligence, but this is basic knowledge.
Tara's mouth should only be used for paid speech and, well, you know.

Rick Jones and Rodger Bumpass own the voice acting game.

Because these reactionary retards have been spamming the board with shite like for the past few weeks

Im fucking tired of it

Off topic threads are cancer and Op is a faggot who must be reported as soon as possible and as much as possible for the greater good.

Ignore it? It doesn't effect you, it is not directed at you.

Free speech is a human right

it makes you so mad lmao

The Founding Fathers were clear that speech can and should be censored to protect the public good.
They understood there were caveats and complexities to speech that go beyond a simplistic phrase all the way back in the 1700s, why can't you get that now?

No, it fucking ruins all cartoon discussion. These fucking /pol/ retards are just as cancerous as SJWs, and they clutch as many pearls as the SJWs too by trying to claim that if youre against their bill that prevent s teachers from even mentioning faggotry as that your "hurr groomer"

I hope every single groomer spammer gets bludgeoned to death unironically

Self Censorship is for cowards. A real man says what's on his mind.

I want to bash your teeth out of your screaming bruised face

Larry Storch has his own TikTok page:

>announcing reports
Lmao youre done for

SJWs abd moralfaggot pearl clutchers should be the ones that need to be censored, glad we agree