What does think of these attempts? Did you like anything about them?

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I legit fell asleep in the theater watching this one.

I did see the last one like it. Understand how. Did not become a movie phenomenon. If it's supposed to be the first family of superheroes they could make them a little older and actually include the family.

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>fell asleep watching Fant4stic
God how I envy you.
All of them are victims of shit casting and a studio unwilling to embrace the full "fantastical" elements of the setting.

All Disney has to do is adopt a tone like Incredibles, which is basically the premise of F4 without the details, and knock it out of the park.
Not make Doom some corporate creep or Zuckerberg knock-off. In fact the first film has zero need of Doom.

Nostalgic 2000s kiddies will praise the first and maybe even the second one but they're all pretty bad. The first two movies just feel so... basic and barebones, like they took the most iconic superficial elements but nothing else. Doom is basically a completely different character here ffs. And Fant4stic is just a trash fire on every level.

Mole man should be the villian for a first FF movie.

>Bad but charming
>Just bad
>Really bad

God it's just a shitty character situation.

They could have built something better for the sequel to the first one, using the same cast.
The problem is they fucked over Doom right out the gate.

And we all know how they fucked over Galactus in the sequel.

Who was the villain of the Fant4stic Four?

THAT would probably be a bit too on-the-nose a nod to the Incredibles, but I'd watch it.
I'd also be happy with Negative Zone shenanigans, Psycho-Man, Red Ghost or even Namor or some combination thereof.
Unlike Superman, who's rogues quickly become silly as fuck or another version of Superman, the FF have a rich collection of movie worthy rogues.

Save Doom and Galactus for down the road.

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>people want Dr. Doom

>trust me, they want Doom

>No, trust me, they like Victor's character.

I think Fantastic 4 and Rise of the Silver Surfer are overhated. They're generally pretty decent, though I'll admit the standouts for me were the Thing and Johnny Storm. I loved them as a kid, and am still fond of them now.

Fant4stic is something I barely remember watching on the plane.

The FF adaptation in the 90s is the most charming, though.

Doom should be introduced in an adaptation of Triumph and Torment co-starring Slumberpatch, and only alluded to in the first FF movie.
T&T hits all the right notes to introduce Doom as a master of magic and science and unfathomable ego.

Evans is simply too old to be Johnny, who should be a punk teenager. He's a bland too-old-for-this-stupid-shit JS. The Thing was...fine, but not worth seeing the movies over.
The only actor who was badly miscast as a superhero then completely, perfectly cast as a different one more intensely than Evans is Ryan Reynolds.

I sincerely don't know what's the big problem with the first two other than the Galactus cloud (he wasn't a character in the movie to begin with so I don't see what's wrong)
I liked the angle the Fant4stic movie took with the characters and the story but the movie itself is not really good.

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Okay Fantastic Four family with that kids and Mole man as the villain. Maybe we could have Johnny Be younger than he should be compared to everyone else because he got finger snap.One guy did mention his younger brothers now older than him in Spider-Man.

I highly suspect the Fantastic Four are going to be folded in with the X-Men from a parallel reality in a great re-combining of the Multiverse.
A Secret War or suchlike.
I don't see them just springing up in the main MCU out of nowhere or "having been in hiding".
All the Multiversal Shenanigans gives me faith that I am right.

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Are they going to be popular like in 616? And do you think they'll have their children with them?

The first two films feel like "Proto-MCU" if that makes any sense, at least with tone. The problem with them is that they really squandered the material. The F4 is about weird science, adventure, and family. First film is mostly them dicking around an apartment. Plus Thing's suit looked a bit awkward, Doom was a mess, and Galactus was a big cloud. Fan4stic on the other hand is a trainwreck from start to finish with behind the scenes drama on par with Island of Doctor Moreau. I'd love to see a documentary.

See the thing that most people forget is that the Fantastic Four are explorers first, superheroes second. Saving the world is kind of part of the bigger story. I hope the next iteration gets this.

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The first two are at their best when they're just doing sitcom-tier stuff with the FF, and by the standards of the time, they're OK superhero movies that are hated more than they deserve because the adaptations of Doom and Galactus were crap.

Fant4stic didn't do anything right. "It's clobberin' time!" was what Ben's dad would yell when he beat him. Or possibly what his older brother yelled, I don't want to watch it again to check.

I don't understand why anyone would feel the need to do that. You don't need to add them to the MCU in a way where they were there all along, nor insert them from an AU. Just introduce them in an origin movie set in the present.

They would do well in a series on Disney+. Not as a disservice but episodic adventures is better for them than trying to shove shit into one movie.

You know the smartest way to introduce the Fantastic Four in the MCU would be through Secret Invasion, the show starring Nick Fury
>Skrull Empire now invading Earth, the larger faction we never saw in Captain Marvel
>Fury is running SWORD, sitting cozy in his spaceship above Earth monitoring for threats
>Reed Richards is his new "special project", a brilliant man exceeding that of Stark and a invaluable asset to the program. Reed refuses to build weapons, and only cares about space travel
>Skrulls want cosmic energy, and the big antagonists are Super Skrulls. Amalgamed soldiers using Avenger gimmicks.
>Reed and his team get exposed to this energy during a test flight and become The Fantastic Four.
>F4 help Fury stop Skrull invasion
Done. Then they can spin off and get their own film

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>Just do a third origin movie for them
Do a movie with them being a famous, beloved group of Science Heroes in alternate NY City, and the Beyonder post Kang decides the multiverse needs "fixing" and does a contest/competition to see what's worth keeping, the classic "battle for the fate of your universe" trope, and the heroes manage to salvage the situation and every unique person gets combined to a single universe, and duplicate people become a fusion of sorts of themselves.

That's a clean answer for Mutants being persecuted in Universe C, (and some of their notable persecutors showing up in Final Universe). Fantastic Four were THE heroes of Universe B, Venom/Morbius in Universe D, Avengers in Universe A.
Now they all co-habitate Final Universe, and you can explore Dark Dimensions/Negative Zones/Microverses or I dunno THE WHOLE GALAXY if you want to tell non-Earth shit.

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And I say this because Parallel Reality/Time Travel plot arcs quickly wear out their welcome, and they need a Big Resolution to the Multiverse shit. And clearly the Multiverse Shit is the big arc of this current phase, we even have an Illuminati with Patrick goddamn Stewart.

>in alternate NY City
Not that user, but no, fuck that. We don't need to use The Multiverse for every fix. But we don't need another origin film either. F4 can be introduced easy without a lot of hoop jumping.

Mutants are another story entirely. There's no good way to incorporate that material unless, unfortunately, Krakoa

>implying we can't condense the origin into the opening of the movie like the 2008 Hulk movie did
There's got to be a better way of doing things that MOAR MULTIVERSE. Though if they're intent on doing "persecuted and hated" with X-Men, they should set that in it's own separate universe rather than changing the tone of the entire MCU to accommodate them.

Yeah, Heroes Reborn FF had a great idea in having the rocket crash into Monster Isle and for a film, that would absolutely work. Even if Mole Man himself doesn't seem like much of a threat, you can easily put the emphasis on his various monsters or have Tyrannus or Kala (Have her tempt Ben by offering him acceptance) as secondary villains. Tying Doom into the origin never works.

>We don't need to use The Multiverse for every fix.
Its fixing the EXACT SAME PROBLEM, which is that at the time Disney got a great MCU running, various character rights were spread across multiple studios, causing them to not be able to introduce the in some logical, 616 order.
Same problem.
Same fix, combine the realities.
Spidey gets a bit of leeway because
A. They still lack rights
B. Unlike Fox, their movies were mostly shit.

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*weren't mostly shit.

>Mutants are another story entirely. There's no good way to incorporate that material unless, unfortunately, Krakoa
How is mutant orgy Island going to be good for MCU?

Man, I keep waiting for sexy orgies, or even just some hawt Dani/Rahne action, and I'm getting blueballed. It is the most orgy-free orgy island ever.

the lack of F4 could be a hydra cover up.
mutants tho that I believe SW is going to will that into existence and from this point on the MCU is the House of M reality sans mutant overlords aka Cap met Namor in WWII

The Fantastic Four is hard to adapt into film.

Fant4stic is proof that Morbius isn't the worst marvel movie.

I think Reed and Ben were pretty well cast. Reed especially, dude genuinely looked like comic book Reed Richards.

I believe making mutants a thing is it good I'd but do not make them come from another universe. I also believe they should not change history of what happened in films at this point.

>Tying Doom into the origin never works.
It's also the problem that using Doom as the villain means you're remaking a movie they've already made twice, and nobody was that enthusiastic about it the first two times. They need to open with something different, something people haven't seen before. Using Mole Man as a means of introducing the whole subterranean realm could work, or something with the Negative Zone, Blastaar or Annihilus.

AGAIN, you don't need to bring in the F4 from another universe. You're making it more complicated than what it needs to be

Ghost Rider 2 handled that already. Or New Mutants if you prefer. Or my God the truly awful and unnecessary Dark Phoenix.

What about the classic they went into outer space and came back to origin for the superpowers but instead of coming back and we need you to they come back with the kids we have some flashbacks in the first film explaining to the audience how they did space stuff and had superpowers for yes probably before Tony Stark in the first MVU film by everyone I believe they died in an spaceship accident? Maybe they ended up in another Universe for a number of years and the MCU Universe staying and let them coming back to Huge Applause from the people of Earth?

the unreleased 90s ff movie is unironically the best one

It's too late, we already have Kang and 3 Spideys and Multiverses of Madness and Ant-Man fucking with quantum shenanigans.
It's all chaotic and complicated as fuck, and they would wisely use the chaos to reincorporate all their franchises.
Even Deadpool was fucking with the timestream/multiverse when we left him.

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I mean they are already CLEARLY intent on incorporating alternate universe Hiddleston Loki into the main continuity, this just an elaboration of that.

>It's too late
No it's not you fucking retard. It's the simplest origin ever
>Fly to space
>Exposed to radiation
>Come back
Done. It's not rocket science. Even The Incredible Hulk didn't waste time with Banner's experiment because it's inconsequential and known by heart. You don't need the multiverse for this, you're making it more convoluted than what it needs to be

>Maybe they ended up in another Universe for a number of years
Having them raising kids in another Universe for years BUT being from the MCU universe is unnecessary clutter when you have multiple parallel world films going on in the same damn phase.

the F4 went into space in the 60's and returned in 2026. done.
quantum tunnel yeah.

>Banner's experiment because it's inconsequential and known by heart.
Banner is classically an atomic bomb scientist who gets caught in a blast.
He was a scientist trying to tap human inner strength in the tv show,
The Hulk movie returns to the comic bomb tests,
The Incredible Hulk is super-soldier development.

So it's not "known by heart" at all. The MCU uses the least known Hulk origin.

>It uses Hulk's best known origin, trying to recreate Captain America
God I want all casuals to die of diabeetus

>Missing the point this hard
Does every Spidey film require the spider bite?
Does every Superman film need Krypton blowing up?
Does every Hulk film need the accident?
Does every Batman film require The Waynes getting shot?

The answer is NO. Given the context of how The Fantastic Four are created, this information can be conveyed a number of ways without devoting an entire film to show it. What's important is the weird science, adventure, and family. That's it. Whether it be title sequence montage, or in passing, it's not hard to understand "Oh they got caught in a space storm at some point".
Jackass that's not what I said. Being exposed to Gamma is the origin known by heart.

>Jackass that's not what I said. Being exposed to Gamma is the origin known by heart.
That's like saying "The FF gained their powers by being exposed to Cosmic Rays while exploring the ocean's floor, as is commonly known".

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it kills me that Spidey-fags piss and moan about Iron Boy and all the Stark-centered shit of the MCU, when the other half is cemented around Cap's Super-soldier/Hydra shit to an equal if not greater degree.

Right because COSMIC implies seafloor, genius. So you can put away the petty strawman and address the fact that your fanfic is a bad idea.
While it does admittedly make sense that a lot of people would repeatedly try to replicate the serum, it did become an overused trope. Like for example we didn't need Civil War to show that Bucky assassinated the Starks just because of a formula in their car

I just want a reveal of Peter to have been bitten by a shape-changed Loki while he was on a wild potion bender.
Just for lulz.

Ben looked fucking amazing, real even. He will be a CG pajeet monster in the MCU like Waititi's self insert.

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>Asgardian Strength and resilience
>inexplicable magic powers like precognition and still to wall for no raisin

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It should feel like an 80s Spielberg movie.

Watiti's Korg is just a tertiary joke character with barely any part in the films.
Thing will be lavished with Hulk-tier CGI expensiveness.
With CGI it's all about the money spent.

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I had an idea that, since they're introducing Kang in Quantumania for some reason, they could connect the F4 to the microverse too. Maybe they were briefly active in the 60s and come out in the present due to time dilation. It works as an excuse to give them 60s flair too.

Hulk has looked like shit for a couple of movies by now.