Galatea Thread

Wakes up shortly after Justice League Unlimited series finale Edition.

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Good riddance to a shitty Power Girl knockoff.

I really do believe they would've brought her back if the show kept going. She's a kryptonian and they're notoriously hard to kill.

>I really do believe they would've brought her back if the show kept going.
Okay by the cartoon style of doing things, what do you think they might have done with her?

Galatea or Superwoman
Pick one Yea Forums and only one.

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What is Superwoman from?

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Crisis On Two Earths
Earth 2/3 where The Crime Syndicate exists

Wasn’t it said somewhere that had the show not ended she would have come back? I mean, she was still alive albeit a little burn and twitching last we saw her. Her her some yellow Sun and she’ll be fine

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You know it’s funny how many things aren’t actually resolved in JLU. The fates of the Cadmus projects like the OG ultimen and Galatea for one are left open. Like the show ends but it’s definitely not a clean bow.

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Dcau supergirl isn’t kryptonian though, and thus neither is Galatea.

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Gave thousands of boys their ryona fetish

They're virtually Kryptonian and function as them, just a sister planet to Krypton.

I already had it but man this was so fucking hot.

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they knew what they were doing. They fucking knew

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>yuri, femdom, incest/clonecest
For some reason I never got the ryona fetish though

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Someone had some storyboards that show panties, but they didn't post if there was a bra.

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Stargirl needs more attention

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She isn't wearing a bra, now I have to see the storyboards

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The Cadmus clones all died. That was clearly explained.

Post her calling the dude "dad".

Why did the one dude upload every image of Supergirl and Galatea on ghetto video files when he could have just use a YouTube thing on my Galatea Thread?

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It's not every one and it cut's out the filler

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Do you think he tapped that anyway?

Argo was a Kryptonian colony


Galatea can be redeemed. Superwoman is a sadist through and through.

Weird, though based for the yuri and femdom. Clonecest is little strange, but not bad

I remember I watched an edit of supergirl spitting out blood and being bloody while getting beat up by Galatea, wish I still had it

Even if she did die: she died in the episode where they clearly showed Cadmus had armies of superclones.

Plus Galatea and Supergirl had a psychic link that let them share memories. It would be the easiest thing to have Galatea die, but just come back with extra roman numerals.

Arrow stared some when they were looking at video of her

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Superwoman for making my dick diamonds

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I hope whoever storyboarded this is living a good life

I love when she tries to go for the first punch is too slow

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I saw this pic but it had it showing on one thread

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She’s alittle more mature

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I want to be Tea's daddy and give her headpats and tell her she's a pretty girl, and a good girl, and help her become the best hero she can possibly be and tell her how proud I am of her.

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Ever since I read Bujold's mirror dance I can't help think that the only possible response to the trope "We grew a clone of you and trained it to kill you" is "Holy shit brother, let me get you away from these nutcases! Mom is gonna love meeting you"

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This fight reminds me a lot of Dino and Alice

that is actualy mary marvel in the movie

Electricity turned out to be an unexpected weakness of animated kryptonians, who can tank Omega Beams and solar flares and starship lazors and fuckhuge explosions.

Comics should have followed suit, it gives the writers more to work with than it just being Green Meteors, Magic and "guys somehow even stronger than the strongest guy evar".

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Ah, the classic "Sneak up on someone with the enhanced to detect errant microbes, get the jump on someone who can move so fast that the world literally stands still for them when they want, and stab them with an obvious weapon made of their weakness that they can neither see coming nor evade."

The supergirl ryona in the LA show is almost just as good

Too old.

Did she seriously try to kill Supergirl by dropping her off a medium sized building.
By what stretch of the limited CW imagination was that supposed to work.

Considering what happen to the flash, I don’t expect CW writers to be very smart. It was nice they showed her beaten a lot