The Owl House - What is the collectors goal

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ep 1 S1 Luz vs ep16 S2 Luz

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Bruh moment

Slob on Belos's knob like corn on the cob

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Be evil do crime

>tfw no other girl has their breasts size and firmness inspected by their uncle

It must be something only royalty does.

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To have Belos baby

Teach Lolimity the meaning of Painal

Lot of people seem to miss Hunter's simple minded interests. His life inside the EC shouldn't be pleasant considering the previous tendecies of Belos to transform into a deer beast; something that doesn't take too much room on his mind while being practical so he keeps his senses busy, fits wood carving. I bet this also has to do with the fact Caleb is a 1600's guy. There wasn't a lot you could do back then other than survive, gather and trade some resource or guard someone that does that to a bigger scale, and study the nature.

Where the Lunterchads at!?

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I made my in-game name Wittebane and I am getting comments every other game. How tf is this so popular? I thought the viewership was ass?

Right here, shooting thick ropes to Luz.


Nope it's actually popular. Disney threw away money.

The show is trendy in social media at points, i've been looking for art and a lot of reverse search results are TikTok shit. This episode while it wasn't a historic hit lik No What He Seems, kinda got exposure. Eveyone likes good villains and trauma.

They are like lorefags too talking about how evil belos is and stuff. Really jarring lol. I actually think Disney fucked up

Wouldn't be the first time they messed up.

Pics or You're lying, Dana.

Betray Belos and add everyone in the boiling isles to his collection. Imagine the Collector trapping Belos in a scroll.

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Yeah, but after the collector is defeated (I assume) that means someone (like LIlith) could curse another person with belos, who would obviously take over the person. He might even be stronger this way.

Which game? I was thinking of making a TOH or Amphibia character in a game I play for laughs but I'm an adult and I don't actually want teens to friend me because of a cartoon.

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>Entity of chaos.

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Gonna be careful this time after being dissapointed by so many concepts of villains being underused, but sounds fun.


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Collector said something about being trapped inside the Titan's bones so it makes me believe the Titan is a good guy or neutral to the whole thing and its body is just a prison so Collector doesn't go around fucking shit up

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Shit we already know. Did you think the being that wants to see people die was good!?


>Dana: I'm a gamer gurrrlllll!!!111
>Also Dana: what the fuck is Mario!?

Most people in both this fandom and the frog fandom watch the streams or pirate the episodes. Boomerbox ratings mean next to nothing.


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>search lunter on twitter to see what the faggots who like it publicly are like
>it's just wave after wave of second hand embarrassment with each passing tweet

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you can't say that and not share screencaps

>impying anyone played or liked a Paper Mario game post TTYD

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>Look up Lumity
>Mostly cooker art or shit with fagflags
Come on now...

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They get to be cringe because their ship is canon lol

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>Coomer* art

He is right you know.
Luz pulled a Mabel here.

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Nice cope.

Things would've been fine if they had avoied the time sands.

Careful, the ESL schizo gets triggered when you mention how time travel breaks any story with it.

how can she NOT be turned on right now?

How is it a cope to say Lumity is canon

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Nigga fell of harder than Shadbase.

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I honestly don't get what grinds their gears so much about this. There'd have been way worse ways to solve these plot points, like doing nothing, make Philip find the light glyph in an ancient painting or something via a flashback and make Belos look like a retard on S1.
What else could've worked in a satisfactory way? a create a McGuffin for the portal door that Luz and Lilith have to look for inside an ancient temple with blurred time-space rules because magic then make Luz drop a light glyph on the floor accidentally while being chased by that monkey whip bitch and make Philip pick it in the past when he travels to said temple? make them being fooled by and fight a time travel working with Philip to fullfil their own purposes?
If you really push me to that strech, i am willing to admit that the fact Philip was only missing the light glyph after all this years is a bit plot convenient. But honestly they wrote themselves in a corner and this wasn't a horrible way to get out of there.

Luz after defeating Belos and Collector but not forgetting what they did to her body

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Am I the only one getting genie vibes from the collector?
>both sealed away for ages
>both summoned by magical object (lamp, mirror)
>both have an energetic personality

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>have you learned about decimal points yet
wtf how young is she

Name of the original manga.

>Going to twitter to search shit you hate
The most spergy disgusting 10000 pound Lunterfag will always be better than whatever the fuck Lumity does to a persons brain. You are a wretched tranny soul.

>new Grim Walker gets made
>a female Hunter
>suddenly Lunter (gay) becomes a popular ship
>HunterxHunter also gets made
it won't happen, but the thought is funny

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In all the years this has been posted I don't think I've ever seen more than those pages. I think that's all that exists.

Don't take the bait.
Wouldn't that be incest?

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>ESL schizo
Literally who?
And time the travel didn't "break the story" either?

>Lunterfag will always be better

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HunterxHunter would be samecest

Holy shit, this character is super old.

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>it's alright to be cringe when it's a thing that I like
wow, fascinating display of logic right there


I'm not sook.

>Wouldn't that be incest?
need I remind you how popular Blightcest and Clawcest was in S1?

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>Lunterfag will always be better
as a Lunterfag I'd like to disown this raging sperg
I like lunter for the art and the fics, but the lumity canon is great

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Time travel is a tricky to use resource and that's a main arguee for anyone that hasn't seen how this show has used it to throw shit. Alas, Yea Forums don't watch or read shit. This is the natural conclusion.

Yea Forums doesn't count.
Either that fanfic site.

I miss the Cestchads, most civilized posters these threads have been.

>Boscha's moms each give her a bi-daily breast inspection when they take their family shower in the morning and evening

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lumity mutts are falseflagging now were down bad arnt we

>It doesn't count unless I like it

Last week the hunter and luz shipper ruined the threads, now its the luz and amity shipper. are they the same person? are we getting baited by one monster?

No, I don't take in count the opinion and popularity of something in forbidden sites.

Don't reply to ESL. He'll just post his shitty Facebook memes again.

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>forbidden sites

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I only played Super Paper Mario for the story. That game could've been legendary if they kept the combat system of its predecessor. I'm kinda upset nobody has made a hack of the game doing just that.

>now its the luz and amity shipper
What the fuck are you even talking about
Now one is posting anything Lumity related, let alone trolling with it