This is my fetish

This is my fetish.

What does the shovel represent? He should have labeled it.

We're up to 2 comics on this fucking nonsense and he's STILL not talking about Ukraine, their current invasion and oncoming debt slavery.
Craven. Cowardly.

I unironically and really don't get it.
What's his position here?

Why is Joel Olsteen forcefeeding a bird?

I don't get it. Ben should be happy about this, considering Trump's twitter could return.

The shovel represents right wing demagogues.

Ukraine is invading us and forcing us into debt slavery?

Is Trump banned from twitter now or something?

He overpaid for a platform that doesn't generate that much revenue?

He had that one kangaroo vore thing. Maybe the dude's into really weird shit.

You should ask him directly on that shit. Possibly using twitter.

Maybe it's a sex thing.

Yes. For a while.

I dont get it. It doesn't have the potential to make more money, so why the fuck would it need huge funding? Shitposting will always be free. Ben is Texas trailer tard but his comics are funny.


>why is an american political cartoonist focusing on american issues

It's a shovel? I can't tell because it's not labeled.

That's because ur dum

Now wait, I thought Biden started the war in Ukraine! Unless that's not true?!

Did the guy say he's not going to let Donald Trump back on Twitter so the guy who makes these political comments on mad at him now?

he's feeding the bird with it so it's obviously a spoon

no, don said himself he's not going back to twitter regardless

No. He HAS said that the proper place for twitter to be is if the top 10 percent of far right and top 10 percent of far left are equally mad.


>said that the proper place for twitter to be is if the top 10 percent of far right and top 10 percent of far left are equally mad.
Donald Trump or the rich man who's buying Twitter?

Well he was VP at the time but he probably didn’t have much to do with it

How long has the Great Obongo War been raging on for?

Don't forget that Trump got vaxxed and boostered.

Since 2014

Is this saying he's smart or what? If the bird is too fat it won't fly, but if it's a baby turning into a giant commie killing eagle with sweet pecs and a tight asshole maybe I get what he's trying to say.

that's because he's retarded

Ben is a schizo

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Based radical centrist.

I never used twitter so I'm gonna kick back and watch what happens with glee

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Ben is a furry who wants to fuck Elon.

Okay, why should i care about what an individual does to themselves?

The best seat for that is on twitter though. You're a social retard coping with the fact that you're someone who says "with glee".

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>Using the word "glee" makes you a social retard
Never change Yea Forums, it's like being in an asylum.

Why go to twitter when you'll just post it here? I do none of the work while you do all of it.

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Okay, I don't typically like these sort of threads but holy shit, I fucking lost it at the OP. It reminds me of the weird comic he did with AOC or whoever photo coping their ass.

if donny has a chance to tweet again he's going to take it.

>Artists on twitter
>..... Tumblr?
Holy shit, after what? 4 years you'd they'd figure out a place to set up shop. I know pillowfort turned out to be a wet fart but there's gotta be something else.

>I get my opinions from out of context tweets
If you have fun being shallow, that's fine. Just don't make it anyone else's problem.

Heckin rad dude.
Watching everyone on twitter freak out is some much needed entertainment.
Though I wonder if twitter users are going to take what musk said about free speech going beyond the law to try and change the law.

Based furry appreciator

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AW LAME, THEY DELETED IT. The only truly funny ben comic and they delete it. I wonder if the guy who does the cum edits is still going.

All the more risque artists (loli/shota mainly) already set up shop on pixiv, baraag, and various imageboards.
The other typical porn artists who don't rock the boat and the gay (non-shota) artists however will stick to Twitter.

Cal Arts on suicide watch.

well here it is again

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All I'm hearing from you is "blah blah blah I'm a whiny bitch blah blah blah!"

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>ur dum
How can an ancient Mesopotamian city be cooked with steam?

I'm tempted to draw a fetishy version of this pic for laughs.

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looks nothing like Elon
what a shitty artist

This seems to have aged... well, lets just leave it at "aged."

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>Free Speech
In what capacity? I already know that the mutated morlocks still festering the corpse of Twitter are already planning to see how far they can take it by posting the most reprehensible shit they can to see what happens. Honestly, I hope it goes well for them. None of these culture wars faggots actually want "free speech"; they just don't want to hear anyone on the other side say anything.

I was wondering about this as well? It's like some stock art version of some jew or a hispanic dude.

>one of these culture wars faggots actually want "free speech"; they just don't want to hear anyone on the other side say anything.
funny how it's only ever leftists who say this lmao

do it, or I'll do terrible things with vase girl, some mentholated vaselene and my dick. But be warned, you had better go harder than Garrison or you'll look like an idiot, and he's in to some weird shit.

Co should probably set an informal policy of just deleting opening posts that start with twitter shit anyways.

Musk. DT last anyone checked was supporting his own social media thing.

So, you're absolutely fine with a deluge of tranny/LGBTQ/nigger pandering?

It's never been "leftists" organizing book and record burnings.

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