She has autism

She has autism

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>cartoon child
>It has autism
Water is wet and fire burns.

No she doesn't she's just Japanese


Does she continue with her obsession into adulthood? I'm not certain if that was shown or not.

Water isn't wet, it makes things wet.

Japanese people can have autism too

no shit

Obsession with what?

she turns out a stuck up secretary type no fun allowed like her mother iirc

Rainbow monkeys.

Colored primates

then she was literally just a kid, who knew

oh so very round and super chunky

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She becomes the president of the rainbow monkey corporation.

and huge feet

She has sex appeal.

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Technicolor Apes

Even autistic people can have sex appeal

She kinda reminds me of Isabella

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If GKND came out today would she be more like her mother or still the same overly happy girl?
Also would we be better off having a true reboot with the main characters or should be they aged up as teens with a completely new KND crew?

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Autism or not, she definitely has issues. Normal people don't turn into fire demons when the heat is turned up in their houses.

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what does she smell like?

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pez, hairspray and sweat

She's just asian

Kinda cute.

>kid actually acts like a kid
>it must be autism

Oh hey, trapic's failed game titty monster Kuki. The only thing worse than lolifags are lolifags that try to hide it by giving a character a giant rack.

Why does she like Numbuh 4 of all people?

They all did.

Chromatic simians

I agree with this user. It only makes her hotter

God need bug wife now!

Anyone mind sharing cute pics of her and 4?

>adult body with huge tits

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>God need black wife now!

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>it isn't wet
Water imparts it's fundamental wetness onto everything. Water is by definition wet.

girls don't suffer from autism

As someone who studied STEM - they most definitely do

She's the rainbow monkeys company CEO I'm pretty sure.

What kind of stupid statement is that?



Suuuuuuuuure shoe does.

but is she autistic enough to rub peanut butter all over herself? i don't think so

You mean like 100% of asians?

Seriously find me 1 asian, 1 goddamn asian who doesn't have autism.

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The people who say this are absolutely fucking retarded and deserve to get doxxed.

It should've been kitty bobo show.


That’s literally what he said. That the faggot that made that is into loli but was scared to get in trouble so they took the “age up with giant tits” route


As a kid I thought that was a jean grey Phoenix reference

I remember kind creator was a big X-fag which was cool

Kaleidoscopic Simiiformes

Well yeah. Why else would she fuck with manlets like 4?

Water permeates the water and covers the water. Unless there's only a single water molecule, the water is wet.

Lava is not wet, however.

Looks like an ENA character.