Why did this trigger Yea Forums so much?

Why did this trigger Yea Forums so much?

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because it's a movie for pedophiles.

It’s just stupid

It didn't, what it "triggered" was a discord raid

It's the context that made it offensive. I don't care how edgy you think you are, a panda twerking while the towers are falling should never be considered okay.

it's hot

>Lolita express passenger writes a cartoon where a ten year old boy exposes his ass to a massive crowd of people and the entire episode's plot revolves around it and nobody bats an eye
>Random Leaf writes a movie with one scene of a mascot shaking her butt and everyone loses their mind

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so again why wouldn't Yea Forums love it?

technically the towers were just smoking at that point, they didn't fall till afterward

Because if it was a boy pelvic thrusting the critics would still be complaining on twitter.

Mediocre, below average movie
No one would care if it was a Disney show or a Disney production, but the fact they forced Pixar to make it is insulting
The best animation talents of the world wasted on making a pseudo realistic twerking panda


It was probably false flag rage, or this site has gotten worse.
Considering how much troll post spam this board gets false flag is the likely guess though.


For me, it was the below-average writing and confusing morals. The script needed at least another two drafts before it was ready for production. Not to mention making it a period piece was completely pointless, it could've taken place in modern day Toronto with little-to-no change to the story.

Yes, any sort of male sexual freedom is considered toxic these days.


And you feel that it didn't live up to your people's standards.

How much for a picture of your panda?

I don't think the twerking scene was bad. Sometimes you're the little panda doing disgusting things. Other times you're the big panda being disgusted by things.

Although I'm not concerned about the "rebellious" acts Mei does, I'm more concerned about the family situation that led Mei to rebel. That dynamic is more common than something like a superhero family, a family that was all but devoured by a barracuda, or an actual lion monarchy. I feel like the scene where Mei rants about making good grades might inadvertently reach people who are *underachievers* and think that miniscule effort IS perfection. Mei was only "right" to rebel because she was a good kid whose Mom seriously screwed up her social life. Not all kids are that good though

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remember when HTTYD came out and everyone kept talking about how Hiccup's dragon helped him get laid

It's cringe

It's very telling of the movie's quality that the only thing people ever seem bring up about it is the twerking stuff. Really shows just how much nothing the movie was.

>movie for pedophiles

sounds like something for Yea Forums actually

Wait so why didn't Yea Forums love it then?

Because you kept posting it multiple times and flooding the board

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Because we're not pedophile furries?


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many such cases

You literally proved him right.

This didn't trigger me it made me horny

Wow, its almost like the context of those two scenes are different or something
Its like Bart is delinquent miscreant who's behavior is consistently treated like a problem while red panda thing twerking is not only treated as healthy but something she should be proud of and a solution to her problems.
Golly gee willickers I wonder why anybody would treat these things differently
And you can fuck right off with the Simpsons movie people lost their shit over bart's dick.

Yea Forums must love it.

>Yea Forums is one person
I'd have forgotten the movie existed if you fags didn't spam the board with it


/pol/tards are larping as moralfag christcucks while jacking off to loli shit

because Mei Mei wasn't hot

It feels like Yea Forums got raided by retards who didn't even watch the movie

Yea Forums did nothing wrong

The kids are incredibly ugly so it even fails at that end.

Because Pixar was taken over by filthy West Coast Jews throughout the 2010s who wished to spread degeneracy to kill America. Twitter was nerfed by those same faggots so that they could shill pozzed garbage like this. Lasseter was booted out to allow propaganda to be made. Scientologists are in the right, but were just misled and bought their way into a scam that can trap them for life thanks to West Coast Jew manipulation.

wtf i love pixar now??

>Yea Forums is one person
I hope not. Imagine what kind of faggot he would be.

Thats every movie with a black or gay or female lead these days

Honestly when I saw this I wasn't shocked and it didn't register as "twerking". Just "gyrating"

Anyways, Ming already said she didn't approve of such dancing, yet Mei shaked her ass at Tyler's party. And she already told her mom she likes gyrating and boys and loud music.

So this was coming a mile away.

Yea Forumsntext matters
Mei Mei was shaking her bare ass and pussy right at her mom and would have been clearly visible if it wasn't hidden


Forced Pixar to make this? Forced Domee Shi to make this?

>while red panda thing twerking is not only treated as healthy but something she should be proud of and a solution to her problems.
I'll take statements that are literally lies for 500, Alex.


DIdn't trigger me, bud.

Is it really just Cartoons that are keeping most of the pedos here actually going out to harm innocent kids?

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dude i would not have fucked her if i did not visit this website and now i have to live with it

>Why did this trigger Yea Forums so much?
cos the teenagers girls look like boys?

Was twerking actually a thing in 2002?

Because I didnt make money shilling for Grubhub, and from the looks of these threads its a super eazy job

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Why does Yea Forums suddenly care about moralfagging?

>says "my flight planda, my choice" while locking herself into the bathroom as the plane speeds towards the towers

What THE FUCK did the movie mean by this??

this board is for pedophiles

because if it's against women and asians, it's not moralfaggotry, apparently.