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Post boomer comics, water edits, wholesome edits etc

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Pretty much how quiet it is when I have dinner with my parents

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It's good to enjoy the quiet moments together.

jokes are not funny if you have to explain the joke!!!

Why live in a basement? Should have been fetching a crummy pail of water or pokemon creatures


>tv remote
It's a boomer, alright.

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Boomers have spent the last 50 years complaining about their wives and how awful marriage is, but all of a sudden "traditional families" are rare and beautiful and must be protected

average scottish person

boomers are all dead now, the current ones are gen X

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The official term of boomer has lost its meaning. It now means anyone 40 or older who refuses to accept any change in society.

Bro move out. The top 1% of jobs is strictly a boys club, its a man's world. It's yours to take, just go take it!

he wants the guy to murder his son for being liberal?

I don't get it

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Yeah that’s comedy, not real actual opinions. Men who make “I hate my wife” jokes usually have happy long-lasting marriages

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this looks cozy

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you could probably make an alignment chart of comedians. those who talk about their wife in their act with kindness/cruelty/not at all, and those whose private lives are wholesome/torrid/unknown.

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they are hicks, so they had a shotgun wedding (father caught the guy fucking his daughter, so forced them to marry at gunpoint), but the joke is the marriage isn't legal because the gun wasn't registered.

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>wholesome edits

>ship every job overseas
>import poor third worlders that will work for peanuts to do whatever can't be outsourced
>artificially inflate the price of housing so you can re-finance for another vacation
>complain when your children can't get jobs or enough money to move out
i hate boomers so much it's unreal

>lampshade artisan
I hate New York jews so much its unreal

Wasn’t Sears being mismanaged as fuck by the end of it all with crippling amounts of debt, same situation as Toys R Us where people don’t realize there were some actual huge corporate fuckups

I'll take PotMart and Clones-R-Us

Rivals my disdain for the stupid ones that act like kids don’t know what books are.

They go to school and read for class you damn boomers!

Honestly doesn’t seem that bad.

Yes, SEARS downfall in fact was due to extremely poor marketing and logistical blunders, refusal to adjust prices or utilize new media. By the time they realized they had to course correct they were already bankrupt.
Just goes to show these giant corporations only seem megalithic and unbreakable on the outside, in reality one or two seemingly minor fuckups or being late to embrace one important change can cause a company that's existed for decades to vanish overnight.

>FOX NEWS goes out of business so they had to rebrand to selling Stem cells.
This is a bad thing…why?

Lion King did the same joke way better

A lot of these are made by out of touch people so it’s not surprising they don’t know understand the actual reasons and blame the youth.

A few months ago I tried to explain this and everyone jumped on me saying they were all just trapped in loveless marriages.

Day of the pillow soon komraden.

>Fox news
user, I....

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Just noticed the Mike J above it.

Just make the cop fat and his boobs will enlarge that way.

Um… based?

Why does he feel the need to specify that he's liberal? As if there aren't plenty of young conservatives also living in their parents' basement.

Some user recommended a comic called Always Never in a thread a few days back. I decided to check it out, and its a very cutesy romance story told in reverse. But the characters in it are a bachelor and a married woman and the love story is an affair. There is some notion of everyone develops crushes and falls in and out of love or something, but I couldn't get into it at all. Its a French comic, so maybe they are just more comfortable with extra marital affairs; but the idea that the reader should just buy into 'of course she's unhappy in her marriage' ruined my emersion.

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Conservatives would never live in basements. Only Liberals. That is the reasoning.


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>oh yeah I never taught my 8 year old to read, and Sears went bankrupt without his buying power after previously being funded by my childhood window shopping

me on the right

Wtf i'm a liberal now.