Why do people feel entitled to Sally Acorn?

Sally Ranter here!

What the fuck is wrong with Sally Acorn 'fans' these days. Now here is some info about me, I grew up reading the Archie comics online and watching SatAM on YouTube. I appreciate Sally Acorn for who she is as a character and I respect her for what she means to people and to me.

Now hell I'd like to say I wasn't a fan of the character and I'm the same user who's ex girlfriend larped as Sally Acorn in bed (that's not a joke she legit wanted to be Sally. Autistic zoomer things idk) and overall I'm fine with Sally staying in the past. She was cool at one point, but it's okay that she isn't in the main canon.

Now recently I came across some fucking autists who feel entitled to her. They're hypocrites and for some reason just won't stop dming you about a fucking cartoon chipmunk. Like wtf?

Context: I met one of the Rally4Sally fags and after I called their movement dumb they were all like "She represents D.I.C. and everything Archie" Like bitch no she doesn't and that's not an excuse to say she should be in the games. Should Sticks the Badger, Longclaw, or Tangle be canon to the video game universes? They can be, they could be, but no they aren't canon right now and will likely not be added to the main game canon. Using the cancelled SatAM game as a clutch is also stupid. Yuji Naka canned the project cause it wasn't Sonic enough and this dumbass literally told me "Naka was jealous". A few sentences later he tells me he literally just feels entitled to have Sally Acorn in the fucking video games especially Frontiers.

You just admit you felt fucking entitled to have a character in the games cause of your fucking childhood and what she "represents". Y'know Manic & Sonia represent D.I.C. to and fuck it Scratch and Grounder as well. Fuck it make The Oracle of fucking Delphius canon to because the main games need reps from D.I.C... the old cartoon people.


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>that guy so autisticly angry over Sally he's making a thread about it to rant

Don't care, I want swatbots

Anyways so this dumb loser also started sending me shit about Archie Sonic characters in Sonic fan games later after the conversation was done and over and trying to explain to me why they liked that stuff. Than way later I sent this person Tamers12345 shit and they backpedalled and said,"I only like official Sonic stuff I don't like fan creations"


Anyways Sally Rant done. Tl;Dr I now know why people hate Sally Acorn flags. Ngl i feel like I'm the only actual Sally Acorn fan. Fuck my ex tried to cosplay the part and be her lmao I practically had the Sally Acorn GF all these bozos wish for.

They can't let go of their childhood for the life of them and despite the fact it would be cool for her to appear in Sonic Prime, she doesn't need to. She isn't entitled to anyone and for the most part if she gets into the games cause of 'representation' than we need to bring in more characters for no reason.

Sally Rant over (2/2)

So favorite Sonic comic?

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imagine the smell of her braps

>Should Sticks the Badger, Longclaw, or Tangle be canon to the video game universes?
Sticks and Tangle? Yes.
Longclaw? Nah.

You need to kill yourself, NOW

>Should Sticks the Badger, Longclaw, or Tangle be canon to the video game universes?
Sticks and Tangle? Nah.
Longclaw? Yes.

A reminder that Sonic Adventure series (and Heroes, and Shadow's game, a 06) are pure shit and the world rightly thinks they are some of the worst games in history.

Sonic is a movie franchise first and foremost.

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>Context: I met one of the Rally4Sally fags and after I called their movement dumb

You're part of the problem. Don't give these retards the attention they're reaching for, it only makes things worse.

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I don't even know what the hell any of this is about.
Cool text wall, now go post your blog post on Tumblr.

>>Should Sticks the Badger, Longclaw, or Tangle be canon to the video game universes?

I’d be actually ok with Longclaw being canon if she looked like she had a design that looks like she belongs in the same universe

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>So favorite Sonic comic?


As autistic as your rant is you do have a point.

The problem with Sally fans* (or at least the vocal minority) have a desire to make other people like their favourite character. Whereas most fans and super fans just let their favourite character speak for itself. It’s not just a problem for Sally of course, any fan who’s more interested in proselytising their character quickly becomes obnoxious to everyone else. However because Sally’s ardent supporters feel that if enough people like her then SEGA will just roll over and put her in the games, even though far more people have been begging SEGA to make Sonic Adventure 3 or give a certain game character more depth to little avail. It’s a moot point anyway because if SEGA or IDW were to bring her back it would inevitably come with a list of changes to fit their needs and would thus probably be a in name only revival, which would just cause more autistic screeching.

we've already seen our canon Sally replacement

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Nice, humans are back baybeee

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>Sally ranter here
Stopped reading there

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hell yeah

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i remember getting in a ship war on deviantart with an annoyingly obsessed Sally fan. She ended up tainting my opinion on Sally over the years, even if now I know Sally is not at all that bad and just poorly handled by the archie editors. I still don't find her all that interesting compared to other characters, she feels really held back.

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She's also a whore.

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As a brown man I feel entitled to brown women

That was your first mistake.

Thinking about it though, I think there’s a fair bit of resentment from Sallyfags that has built up from being dismissed as non-canon by gamefags, which would drive them to put the case forward for her as to why she matters or is so great to anyone who will listen. When Archie finally died their last little bit of hope went with them and so they either let it go or just went into super-shill mode in order to bring her back.

>Makikg movie characters canon in game
Hold my Latte.

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oh, absolutely. But I also think Sallyfags feel the need to shill because her character was poorly utilized throughout a lot of Archie's run. I mean she was basically reduced to a prop in some issues, or became a mary sue who could solve all conflict with her superior level headed guidance.

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She was portrayed as a great leader yet her plans seemed to fail from what I remember from the ride. It felt like the writers at some point didn't know what to do with her.

Sally did nothing wrong and I want her back. I don’t feel entitled. Imagine if someone killed off Knuckles or Amy and said you were entitled for wanting to bring them back.

That was the basic formula.

-Sonic wants to rush in and do things his way
-Sally calls Sonic an idiot and presents a "better and more thought out plan"
-Sally's plan fails and puts everybody in danger
-Sonic rushes in and saves the day by doing things his way
-Wash rinse repeat

You keep saying "Archie's writers didn't know how to use her", I struggle to think of any instances she WAS well used besides defusing the coup against the kingdom lead by Tails' dad, which frankly she shouldn't have stopped.

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>defusing the coup against the kingdom lead by Tails' dad, which frankly she shouldn't have stopped.
This. I don't really care for Elias, but damn was he done dirty.

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Sonic doesn't need a parent.
That said, I wouldn't mind the canonization of Uncle Chuck as a mentor/wise old man character

It also didn't help that the majority of her time was used for drama shit.

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Most Sallyfags only remember what Sally looked like and what she was, not what she actually did, or that she was not at all good at what she was to begin with.

that too, actually. would you believe i ended up liking Mina more than Sally, even though Mina was made specifically to continue the love triangle bullshit?

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I don't get you.

Sally was an awful character but you could tell they were TRYING to make her do good, but jesus fucking christ Mina existed for no other reason than to cause drama. The moment she ever appeared you knew drama was soon to follow.

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yeah but she cute

oh okay, shes's fine then

I think we just need to start peacefully euthanizing the entire sonic fandom.

Mina I think had a bit more going on. True, she was made for drama, but at the very least Bollers tried to soften the blow by having her do other stuff.

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Like what?

be cute

Nah dude, I said "the writers didn't know what to do with her" as in how to justify her presence. I remember how she even took a seat back at some point, like isn't she suppose to be the female lead or something? We keep hearing about how she's great but quite frankly, I just didn't believe it.

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Be fast, also sing (but Flynn did more with that) and she even had a story about her robotized parents that never got focus, but it was something.

>old thing bad
>new thing good!

zoomers get lynched

>Should Sticks the Badger,
>or Tangle
>be canon to the video game universes?
They are. It's really just the freedom fighters that sucked their way into the ether.

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>mobile game

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She wanted to be a freedom fighter to get closer to Sonic, but she froze during a mission and had to be saved. She realized that her reason for joining was shallow she didn't have to guts to risk her life to be a fighter and decided to help the freedom fighters in other ways, which is how she discovered her singing voice and used those talents and give the townspeople someone to root for and to destress at home.

More canon than a mediocre 26 episode cartoon from 1993 and its autistic adaptation.

It isn't really, and both the mobile game and show are lame.

>she discovered her singing voice and used those talents and give the townspeople someone to root for and to destress at home.

and we all know how that turned out.

coconuts ranter here to say: monke

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>So favorite Sonic comic?
Really love Archie, despite faults and all. I enjoy Fleetway too, but just like Archie's over-reliance on heavy lore and malfunctioning long aimless arcs, it's really prone to waste on filler that never amounts on building previous elements.

In the meanwhile, I'd like if IDW were more self-confident on pursuing its own new content and twists, and be less plagiarizing of Archie.

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Cute drawing!

Coconuts is cute! Cute!!

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yeah she seems like she gets put through the ringer in the comics but in the cartoon her an sonic have a kind of alyx / gorden thing going on...especially since HL2 is basically the human version of satam.

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Nicolefags really unironically think the towns people were in the wrong.

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>Satam Sally was better
Only by the metric of being boring.

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Nagus amplified it but Mina and the villagers were in the right to be concerned. Sally and Sonic didn't even bother explaining what happened leaving everyone else to worry about Nicole losing control again.