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Emolicate, right now.

i kneel

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Nothing kills my enthusiasm for reading a comic quite like John Romita Jr. artwork.
He could put me off any writer I can think of.

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A lot of good was done in the Spencer run, it just unfortunately fumbled at the end (which may have been due to editorial)

he spent years spinning his wheels instead of telling an actual story.

But we had stories? What are you taking about?

Mystery box of kindred grew stale after 2 issues.
The start of the run was cringe, the end of the book from grim hunt was pretty bad with last Remains and sinister war being the worst spidey stories of the decade.
Didn't appreciate the backpedalling to revert the landscape back to the 80s.
Art was atrocious more often than not.
Spencer's cheerleaders keep making excuses for him.
Norman being a pawn of Mephisto and losing all of his agency as a villain essentially destroyed the character.
Got the housepet was pointless and the boomerang arcs were drags.

Am I missing anything?

Never. That retard Spencer still ruined Norman and his entire family, and the things later writers have done to Ben and MJ don't suddenly make this run forgivable.

Yeah, you're missing that it's still better than Lowe-era Slott and Beyond.

I think the common thread between all these is Nick Lowe.

>apologize to a writer who shit the bed so hard people still don't understand what happened in the actual story
>b-but editorial!
Spencerfags need to accept he's a shitty writer who couldn't handle at least limping his way to the finish line and who abandoned his work and left it at the mercy of that faggot Lowe to be made into a mockery of a grand finale. The whole Kindred arc had nothing to do with Peter and was yet another round of Osborn Drama, which also ended up damaging both Norman and Harry's characters. Add the fact that Mephisto suddenly technically became the Big Bad of the arc and that the twins were introduced two issues before the finale without a single explanation as to who created them (and kept creating them), if they had souls of their own and why they suddenly had such a hateboner for Norman (h-he abandoned them! doesn't explain anything, we know Norman kept in touch with Gabe and it hasn't been so long since American Son and now in-universe that you could claim they were abandoned) and you realise real quick Spencer didn't have anything planned and everything in the end was thrown together just to hit a deadline.


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No, YOU need to accept that a shitty writer who couldn't handle at least limping his way to the finish line is the best of the Lowe-era Amazing Spider-Man runs

No, it was awful

Spencer sucked but the previous writer was great, he should come back

Shut the fuck up, Slott.

You're autistic and butthurted

oh yeah i do love seeing peter being a idiot manchild that literally gets beaten up and or rescued by women every 3 issues due to liberals insecurities and hatred for straight white men

You're upset enough to keep coming back and shilling your run

I am not Dan, I am a fan of Spider-Man

You’re going to to say this for EVERY RUN

I’m tired of this Chip meme because he had more plot points than Spencer in his Daredevil run and didn’t resolve all of them like Nick

no he's right, fuck off slott u fat cunt

Do not give it attention

>fan of spiderman
>thinks slott run is good
more reason to fuckoff

Fuck off Dan. We know you post here.

Sure thing Dan

only if it keeps happening
i don’t have to say that about runs before 2014 or manga :)

Hear me out user, but maybe there is no "best", maybe it's just all awful.

Hi Dan.

Autism, evidently indefensible mentally impaired

are you going to kill yourself now that ellon owns twitter?

Seconded. People need to remember Secret Empire, Spencer has history of long epic sagas where the finale is an incoherent mess with parts where nobody fully understands what happened, and a number of dropped subplots along the way.

Disney doesn't like you using autism as an insult, Dan




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Dude your frequent shitposting just makes me sad. Why tear down the board when you can make it better?

Not Dan or any employee of any entertainment company

Last time Spider-Man felt like Spider-Man to me

are comics really that bigoted that asking for a single comic run where the white male protagonist is actual a cool hero snd not a idiot comic relief or damsel to some female or black character that much to ask?
Name me a single comic where the lead protagonist constantly gets insulted, beaten up or rescued by a white guy and where she constantly gets depicted as stupid and lame while white guys are mary sues who are more competent and confident then her.

woke shit just like dardevil

He should apologize for most of his Spider-Man issues being dogshit

I repeat

Stop giving it attention
You already gave it far too much when it started and it ended up spreading through all the board

who is calling out woke shit not making things better. i at least always exlpaim why it is woke and full of sexist and racist double standards while all you do is scream for the jannies to delete any anti braindead coonsomer post.
dude have some fucking backbone. Spider-Man is never going to be cool again with cuck apologist like you. Do you have a fetish for white male heroes getting their legacy ruined?

I repeat
Name me a single comic where the lead protagonist constantly gets insulted, beaten up or rescued by a white guy and where she constantly gets depicted as stupid and lame while white guys are mary sues who are more competent and confident then her.

Sailor Moon?

I won’t fight you. I want to talk with you. For real. You’ve been at this for years and I just want to understand why the real reason you torment this board so. Because I don’t buy this act. So do me this courtesy, please, and explain.

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Should have got the big job

But no way in hell is he signing up for a comic coming out there times a month

No, Chip sucks

The start of this run was better, it was more hopeful and had some fun at least.

>Spencer ASM
vomitted all over my keyboard

Wow, ZERO cheesecake
This is Nu Spider-Man

we get it u like to suck dr ocks cock, he's ur self insert jus shut ur ass up

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this run is overrated and is only seen as so great because it came out during the tail end of a decade of Slott so it looked great be comparassion

Why is Electro a woman?

Max accidentally killed his girlfriend and then later brought her back but with lightning powers during Clone Conspiracy and she killed him before taking over as Electro

shit answer, how come female or black character never get replaced with white men?
because marvel hates white men
since when is that a comic?

why don't try to answer his questions instead of constantly derailing?

Today I will remind them.

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Secret relative OC donutsteels is your spider-man jam?