It's up!

It's up!

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Kind of point is he trying to make and what does the T stand for?

It's on the trashbag, between the two flies.


The reason tumblr died was because they removed the porn

Is the one on the right supposed to be Dolan's failing alternative?

And people say Ben Garrison over labels.


How comfy is that rock?

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Why is it so easy to find porn in Tumblr now?

Is Stonethrow a Karen or a Tranny? (there's not a whole lot of difference honestly).

I legit hope Elon is not retarded enough to do this.

I don't like that they remove the pole on by Tom was not dead I have an account.

It's already fucking useless for porn, insisting you have an account to view explicit material and being an absolutely unworkable search medium

Yeah Twitter changed it up recently which sucks cause now I'd have to make an account if I wanted to look at porn creators on there, and I'm never gonna make a twitter account in my life

Was that not in part inspired by the notorious Tumblr purity spiral?

Stonetoss is an african american lesbian woman, she got doxxed a while back.

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one minute nigga. of course they have to have some sort of restriction so kids don't see Amphibia porn.

I kind of hope he is because that means fewer artists using Twitter as their gallery.

Because your idea of porn is just smut and not actual porn, since you're American.

>searching porn on twitter
Meh I don't care, I already followed a ton of fags so I get by daily intake from them or their friends they retweet.

Who the fuck uses Twitter to search for porn?

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>Buy platform for billions
>Now stuck managing a platform that will burn a hole in your wallet unless you somehow turn it into a worse version of Facebook
Aside from the fact he's literally autistic about how people view him, why the fuck did he think this was a good purchase.

Who the fuck not?

Tumblr has unironically never been better since it "died", culture war fuckery from both sides moved entirely to twitter.

pretty much the entire western porn artist community. There's not other place left.

Nah it's a pain the ass because you have to follow random liked or interconnected blogs but eventually you hit porn porn

rent free

It was because of CP on the site making apple take the Tumblr app off the store. Obviously Tumblr was desperate but they torpedoed the entire platform by banning all adult content to clean things up. Reddit has porn too and isn't gonna get banned. Tumblr sold for 1.1 billion in 2013 and sold for 3 million in 2019 due to the porn ban

Imagine not wanting Elon to kill twitter

If you've got money, there's nothing left to do BUT pursue your autistic impulses

do they still ban porn?

Good one mate, do you get enough comedy club paychecks?

Newgrounds has a lot of porn

If this move somehow kills Twitter, it may end up being his greatest contribution to humanity

why don't you go back and fucking stay there then

I like to think I might live to see online porn completely stop existing. What a great timeline.

No there are, Twitter is just the place everyone decided to go so it's where the content is.

Elon is so insecure, it's so funny. He's going to make the Mars Tesla Warehouse Colony his legacy before he dies, and im going to laugh as all the redditors get on a rocket ship to a desert planet.

>Believing the narrative

They called everything anime "Cheese Pizza" over there, while doing NOTHING about the actual stuff there.

Some people are saying he wanta to data mine people's information and sell it when he forces people to authenticate their profiles as being real people.

>Aside from the fact he's literally autistic about how people view him
That's unironically the only reason. People cottoned on to the fact that 60% of his "fanbase" is made entirely of bots or indians paid to like him, so now he's just going to make the bots a bit less "obvious".

Fun fact about Tumblr I have this one image with text on it I'm put on Witch cast me back every time I upload it to this for board but nobody gave me any punishment or warning about it on Tumblr.


well he says he wanted freedom of speach, he will be a hypocrite if he does that

What would be a better alternative?
I'm sure that artists would like something already popular where they can interact with their fans

THE CP is actually still there. Tumblr did jack shit about it except ban nsfw artists.


The advertisers with money will force him to. Even pornhub wasn't safe from big business being prudish faggots.

I want Trump back on twitter, you massive homosexual.

What would be better is linking to an off-site gallery like DA. Some artists do this, which is great, but plenty keep their shit exclusively on Twitter.

Pornhub had issues with revenge porn, underage sex videos, etc. running rampant.

tumblr doesnt allow nsfw artworks anymore

man I still can't wrap my noggin around this
>"oh no they removed porn from TUMBLR, now where am I going to find it on the internet?"

But Trump is building his own Twitter, where retards can hide from subjective reality.

T series

It also bans you if you badmouth Trump

The guy who says earthquakes and flooding wouldn't affect underground tunnels? Not retarded?

>well he says he wanted freedom of speach, he will be a hypocrite if he does that
We're talking about a guy that called someone a pedo for no reason and then spent a ton of money trying to get that proved by private investigators just because the guy said one of his ideas was stupid (it was)


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I understand the definition of the word "Safespace", thanks.

Is this the same guy that got butthurt that Bradley Manning didn't want to fuck him with his tranny dick?

ok groomer

Beat it, lardass.
Everyone else report him for spamming, ban evading, and off topic /pol/tardation

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Didn't he make like, one tweet (or whatever the equivalent of a tweet is on parler) on parler saying "STAY TUNED FOLKS" and then never ever use the app again?

I think it goes to show that Tumblr only had porn hosting momentum going for it. People posted their nsfw there because that is where the audience was already hanging out, and that was due to how easily their work could get shared around despite the awful limitations of the site. Once the porn got banned, what was left besides salty SJWs? Hence everyone migrated to other attention-getter sites.

Rightwingers should just admit that they like Musk because he makes the other side angry. Musk isn't really pro-free speech, he's all about being the center of attention and not being made fun of. At best you could say Musk is doing this because of the constant replies to his tweets with unflattering pictures.

So far one of the better Stonetoss threads.

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It's never about success with Trump, it's about walking away from the table with the largest possible amount of rube moneys.
New "Republican" Trump realized scamming banks was getting hard, and the GOP had a massive crowd of mouth breathers who funnel money to Joel Olsteen and political hacks who gave their good jobs away to China.

>/pol/ worships a person that unironically uses "REEEEE" in his regular speech

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>Musk isn't really pro-free speech
He is, and I hate him for it.

Explain and the multiple times he's tried to silence Tesla cars critics.

It's actually quite good for fringe interests, since Tumblr's galaxy brain move to eject their main audience and user base into space.

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In short: Democrats serve a bunch of needy fucks who constantly WANT shit in exchange for their tax monies..

Republicans have a base who are just happy to see Libruls lose something, and will gladly pay local taxes out the ass to make it happen.

So of course Trump became a Republican.

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Not search for. Promote.
Can't sell your wares if no one can find them.

Countryside Republican voters are willing to go broke if it means sticking it to liberals. Of course Trump took advantage of them.

Reddit got it right. You put your porn in a private folder, not set it as your desktop.

That's perfectly in line with every self-described "free speech absolutist" on the planet.

You're both retarded.
Voters from both parties mostly want the same things.

Stonetoss is Matthieu Cousin.

Mobile users, it's the most easy way to find it on mobile

People with an IQ above 50. Get the fuck out of here