Steven Universe

Why are gem wives the best?

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are they gonna fuck?

Why is he speaking in spanish? Was the shock a seeing a giant woman that great on him?

as a Spanish, i would love to get fuck by a giant women

you vastly underestimate the amount of hispanics who make SU art

Giant women

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gargantuan pussy!

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Yes. He needs to knock up all the Diamonds so his domination over the gems may be complete

Greg will then become "The King of Diamonds".

They can't get STDs.

works for me!

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Has SU replaced DBZ as the cartoon most loved by spics?

God no

I don't pay attention to them.

>you vastly underestimate the amount of hispanics who make SU art
And loud house art and Star vs art.

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Dont mind me just posting best gem

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Those beaners have based taste in cartoons and cartoon porn

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I want to dick down that bashful airheaded ruby

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Look at that bubble butt you're already matting pressed

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user, it's not healthy to talk to yourself.

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Yes she is

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now I can't stop thinking about if what if Greg knocked up all 4 diamonds. Imagine 4 retarded children with super powers

For me, it's Ruby.

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That's the basis for Mahma Puu's Spinel Swap porn comic.

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>Was the shock a seeing a giant woman that great on him?

This is Greg we're talking about. I'd do the same.

>Have Gem mom
>Look just like your father and also have a very close relationship with your aunt (she was your first crush)
>Turns out your actually genetically identical to your dad because your mom didn't pass on her gem to you
>Not only that but your Gem mom and your aunt have been doing this for multiple centuries of raising and grooming each others next husband.

La follé

I can tell the artist wants to fuck the blue spinel.

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They're big.

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She's actually much more into White Spinel.

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Found a pic of all Stevens.

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Those dick sucking lips could suck your whole goddamn body.

How long before HE comes along and derails this thread?

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>Them tiddies
>That look in her eyes

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I want her to sit on me. I also want to be smothered between her big blue soles

There needs to be more of blue diamond and the other diamonds stuck on a wall and we actually see them getting raped not just the aftermath.

>I want her to sit on me.
>I also want to be smothered between her big blue soles
SU creators typically have enough dignity not to do foot stuff. Most of the time.

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Feet are fun

I mean. If you want to be worse than a pedo, sure.

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feet are fine. I'm not especially excited by them any more than any other of the mundane parts of the body, but everyone has them, except for weirdos. Nothing unusual or disgusting about them.

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english translation please?

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I workout to impress my gem waifus

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