Whats the most you ever got mad at a cartoon before?

Whats the most you ever got mad at a cartoon before?

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Never, I'm not a fucking baby.

Season 4 of the She-Ra reboot. Ever since, I'm usually cautious whenever I watch anything with an overarching story

In my life as a teenage robot when sheldon dissapears and comes back old, and nobody cares, they basically ruined his life and laughed at him when he came back...

When Peter confessed he never care for the Godfather

Voltron Legendary Defender S6 onwards

You clearly are if you felt like commenting it here, or commenting on this board at all.

that family guy episode with lois kidnapping a starbucks bitch for not putting lois as best customer shit on the wall.

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Nope, I’m not like you.

I agree. I am trying to avoid the shortfalls of British animation as much as possible.

the fucking state of modern south park I guess

the state of comfy south park threads

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The surprise party episode of Foster's. Bendy is bad but that one was worse.

don't remind me, I hide them on sight

This is so petty and silly. You really never watched a movie or a tv show and something happened on the show that made you mad? How can you like anything without being mad when something is done wrong? It's just weird I feel like this would be a normal feeling for anyone who has any hobby.

dude, not that user but, just walk away

If you know, you know.

And if you're not still enraged, I sincerely hope you die.

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unironically, that episode. Squidward is god. Luckily I let it go years ago until what post-movie eps and post-sequel eps did to him.

South park hasnt been good in years. Why the fuck do people still watch it?


What about season 4 of nu-ra that pissed you off?

it's funded by fox

I got mad at my first experience with localization/censorship

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I can't remember.
Maybe that's for the best.

Steven Universe post season 1.
other than that i havent been angry since tak and the power of juju and scarredy squirrel

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The show started declining in popularity the moment they sidelined peridot and made her a glorified background character. She shouldve in the goddamn house, fuck that infernal barn

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It was all downhill after jailbreak. The movie was good though.

I got mildly miffed at Bojack Horseman for being so up its own ass all the time. Then I stopped watching like a well-adjusted human being would

King of the Hill.
When Bill ends up getting diabetes and his doctor calls him out on his horrible habits. Dude ends up getting a wheelchair and tricking everyone into feeling sorry for him until he gets /fit/ from hanging out with legit paraplegics that play basketball or some shit. He ends up fixing his diabetes because he changed his shit habits and beats the fuck out his doctor because he didn't like his delivery.

Normal words but a horse guy seems like the most pretentious show ever. I have never seen a single full episode but all the references and clips i have seen makes it seem like the writers were constantly high off of the smell of their own farts. Bless seth macfarlane for shitting on it

>"You guys call me?"

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You’re right. It feels like there was a status quo shake up organically happening that Sugar or someone else wanted to avoid. Every plot hook people were interested in got downplayed or pushed to the side in favor of more townie antics. SU will always be the builder who refused its best stones.

>Every plot hook people were interested in got downplayed or pushed to the side in favor of more townie antics.
This is what really turned me against the show. They abandoned cool plot directions like going into space or going more into gem lore for more god awful townie shite. Hell even the three main crystal gems seem to have gotten massively reduced roles in the last few seasons in favor for more steven and townie focus, both of which sucked massive cocks

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Also would like to add in my post here i meant to type quality instead of popularity but i fucked up

The alternative is admitting Phil Collins doesn’t actually suck ass.

Watching it in that fucked release order didn't help. A couple new episodes every so many months and all but one is filler. The plot episode ends in a fucking cliffhanger or some other unsatisfying way. What the actual fuck sucrose...

I hope somebody makes a supercut of the plot episodes, even now that it's finished I find it annoying to see credits every 15m

calm down

It got a little better as a show, but nothing they do will top the first six or so seasons. The first three seasons especially had a certain unpolished charm that they'll never go back to.

Is that a reference to south park im missing? Also phil collins is fucking awesome fuck you for saying otherwise matt and trey

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Care to explain your cryptic nonsense for those of us that don't exist solely inside your head?

The Ritalin episode where everyone becomes a boring lifeless Ritalin zombie and loves Phil Collins' boring bland music.

this guy, He really came in ready for a fight, thinking all of us not only knew about this but also approved of it, by merit of being faceless anons on co aka His punching bags

Whenever they would air episodes 1 to 25 in correct order THEN they would restart the whole thing and you 'D have to sit through episodes 1-25 again just to watch 26, RINSE AND REPEAT, i hated whenever channels did this to balloon up and pad out

Sounds petty. How do you function with real life problems?

S3 finale of horse show..
Literally killed it dead.
No, I don't care if I'm come across as autistic, I won't not be mad.

Infinity Train book 3

Me watching the Bee episode in Adventure time, by that time the camel already broke but i had hope that it will fix itself near the end, that Bee episode was just literally all i needed to never watch Adventure Time ever again.

>Samurai jack return
>April 1st
>Looking forward to episode 4 since the last three were so good
>Had a terrible day that day, someone rear ended me, had to get picked up by my folks, dad was plastered and we got in a fist fight
>Set up a stream to watch it with my bros that night
>MFW we got a repeating loop of a Rick and Morty themed mcdonalds commercial

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All because his Tarzan song beat Blame Canada at the Oscars

I liked reddit and memey back then so while i was upset at jack being delayed a week i still enjoyed that episode

Anyways i was way more pissed at the ending and how shit it was

“Ulimeatum” episode from Regular Show. Benson was much more of an ass in this episode then any other episode. I get Rigby and Mordecai are slackers, but can you at least let them have a lunch break? Fuck. To add insult to injury, when they finally get them, he punishes them, by EATING BOTH BURGERS. God damn this episode.


Not the cartoon itself, just the things it made me think about when I saw the episode. I got mad at the idea that normies have so little actual insecurities they can just afford to blurt them all out and still get accepted because all of their worries are extremely normal and common.

When I had a crush, I was constantly worried about trying to flirt: if I didn't read the room well enough, my flirting would just come off as creepy and unwanted. So most of the time I just didn't bother and I hated myself for my inaction. The few times I did bother it was just that, weird and uncomfortable. Normies don't have to worry about this kind of shit, they have a natural intuition sense where they can read the room most of the time and know how to get people to like them.

Regarding the actual episode, if you said something along the lines of "my greatest fear is how we're all alone in the universe and no human being can ever truly connect to one another" people wouldn't think you're cool and special, they'd just give you weird looks and think worse of you for bringing uncomfortable topics into their fun carefree lives.

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I seem to be an angry person, checked by the fact I ment to write 3 lines and then wrote a 500 words too long post and had to delete stuff and post this by chunks.

The first thing that comes to mind is Star Vs blah blah.
Trying to watch that shit and seeing the horrible messages they give each episode to kids and manchilds. "You are awesome girl, you do nothing wrong you are misunderstood, be daring and break those rules, they are trying you down, it's the system that wants to take what makes you special away, what makes you special is that you are an irreverent stupid buffoon that lacks empathy and isn't held accountable for your mistakes by outsiders or your yesman friends but that's charming and cool and you aren't restricted elsewhere do your things keep going, you were wrong but he was wrong-er and therefore guilty and you are clean, you may have done something bad here...no no, no repercussions and it was actually good in the long run and the ones who doubted should apologize. You are amazing, queen" Every. Fucking. Time.
And I watched like three or four sporadic Steven Universe chapters and almost went purging because of similar reasons.
It's not like I would like to censor their free speech. They can be horribly wrong and work in media. But the fact that most of the big popular shit is like that and everyone is spoon-fed glitter since birth is...unnerving to say the least.

If it's "mad at the things that were happening in the story" only once, but it was a manga so unrelated
If it's "mad at the show itself" then Castlevania, after waiting so long for it and it starting quite enjoyable to me then it became clear they didn't really had a plan beyond S2, then S3 felt like they thought they would get a lot more seasons so they could spend all of it beating around the bush until they figured out what to do, but then they got canceled and had to rush and cut short everything (but still found time to waste even in that final season because they clearly didn't kno what to do with certain characters). A shame cause it could've been my GOAT and technical wise it's pretty good but it was overall a huge disappointment for me

I hated star vs because what started out as a show that was carefree and celebrated magic turned into a show where the killing of magic was shown as a heroic act
>It's not like I would like to censor their free speech. They can be horribly wrong and work in media.
Oh i disagree anyone with woke viewpoints should be snuffed out by the secret police

I keep going

And also the fact most of this shit is highly praised, yet the animation and style suck, the designs suck, the story sucks, the pacing either sucks or vastly deviates from chapter to chapter, the endings suck, the characters suck and are annoying.
You get the dumbest nonsense in which you make a story driven cartoon about whacky, surreal characters that do magic and aren't tied to logic but everything that happens is not only unimaginative "I'm so quirky and random" shit but it's set in a slice of life for 11 year olds and 14 year olds that don't read or have friends so they want to feel deep but are too dumb to get into real shit.
That or you get boring, talking simulators with, probably, anthropomorphic beings dealing with their surface level confidence issues and generic relationships. "You can do it Barry." Barry will forget about this next chapter, don't worry kids. We need to milk this shit.
I'm looking at you, Loud House.

And if you find a non story driven semi popular shit it's either High speed zoomer ADD I'm so cool I twerk and floss shit, or gets immediately forgotten and ends in a season.
Or it's Loud House. Which I won't touch on again.

And no, I'm not an anime fan. It eats dick, too. And, like your normal cartoon, it's worthy if it's a movie or short as fuck, or passable if pre early 2000's and you hit gold.

Yeah, don't read this, fuck you.

I ment not openly/secretly and governmentally...governmentally?...removed by law or something. The lines always get blurry.
Systematically murdered or tortured into the desired path via private, secret armies or groups? That's encouraged.

Talking them out of it is always better. But if they don't listen, "freedom of speech isn't freedom of repercussions" shit applies.

It was the most serious of the 5 seasons. And that's not a bad thing, but starting with Boys' Night Out, the show started to take itself TOO seriously, and it ended up being depressing as fuck and the characters stopped being fun.

And so, ever since, I take caution before looking at anything with an over-arching story.

>But if they don't listen, "freedom of speech isn't freedom of repercussions" shit applies.
Exactly, i really wish someone would target roasties pushing for more cancel culture woke shit
Ah it became up its own ass i take it. Sorry that happened bud, thats one of the reasons why i stopped watching adventure time because it just became depressing after a while


I'm sure there is plenty of space for semi organised Yea Forums raids and propaganda machines here. Get to it.
Also in less popular cities without a "contrarian right wingers we should keep an eye on" sticker placed on them, but with room and eagerness for better planing and "underground organizations" vibes to their ends, possibly willing to slowly slip into real life actions.

You COULD use your free time to start any sort of movement and totally legally attack on these people.
I mean...certain folk here are very vocal about being unafraid of "hypocritically" using their enemies tactics against them, so maybe you can just go and start cancelling them today.