Why did they make Harley be in love with Ivy?

I don't see any chemistry and Ivy basically treats her like shit in every comic and even the show. How the fuck did this "ship" start and gain so much popularity?

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>Ivy basically treats her like shit in every comic and even the show.
Considering her previous crush was the Joker I think you just answered your own question

Cheap means to appear progressive and kill off any fucking desire to watch this shit

Frankly I've never expected Harley and Ivy to become a couple. The kiss really surprised me. I even shipped Harley with Joker in the show. Both were terrible people and Joker admited he truly loved Harley in his own twisted way so it could work

I believe Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn have had the Friendship in Batman since the cartoon Harley Quinn was introduced in.

>Ivy basically treats her like shit in every comic and even the show.
So she's Harley's type?

>Why did they make Harley be in love with Ivy?

Because its a ship that is pushed heavily online, and what trends on twitter drives corporate content creation in the 21st century.

Ivy is always supportive of Harley.

Ivy is absolutely Harley's type. An abusive, serial killing psycho. What rustles my jimmies is trying to virtue signal that this is somehow less toxic or that either of them are less terrible human beings than the Joker when really they're all scum.

The ship works with the original DCAU personalities but not with more modern takes

The "message".

it’s hot

It’s actually quite common for someone to leave an abusive relationship only to find themselves in another one.

It's a relic of their old characterization. Old Harley was a hopeless romantic with a child-like personality. She had an infectious charm that could even make even Batman tolerate her on occasion. This charm even managed to get under Ivy's skin when she took pity on Harley after Joker kicked her out. Ivy who hated humanity on principle let someone. This of course is perfect for Harley, her love of Joker was built on what she imagined were his good qualities deep down. But where it was a complete failure with Joker, her personality slowly eroded Ivy's walls and thus they become very close. Behold, every bad boy romance story ever, done perfectly. And of course Ivy's nature still led to abuse but it wasn't on purpose like with Joker so you could have your drama cake and eat it too.

Then New 52 happened and Harley's just a wacky alt girl and Ivy's a borderline anti-hero. The show is even more extreme, where Ivy is basically a Daria character and Harley's just kind of a crazy bitch who doesn't think anything through. The old characters worked perfectly together. But these aren't them, they're completely different characters.

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They're both attractive. Why wouldn't you fall for someone who is attractive?

Their animated show was a complete and utter shitpile of narrative and storytelling. It doesn't even succeed at its superficial intention of being "adult/mature audience", it's tamer than Crayon Shin-Chan.

It reeks of an exec watching Venture Bros and thinking they could do better

When you are attractive, the entire realm of relationship possibilities opens up for you. You aren't desperate enough to glom onto the first reasonably attractive person who tolerates you.

>Ivy basically treats her like shit in every comic and even the show.
Welcome to lesbians

Venture Bros is built upon a foundation of fanboyism to classic Sci-fi/comics/cartoons/music/counter-culture.
Harley Quinn was built upon a foundation of having 3rd string hacks sell an IP in a new way, it's like Baby Looney Tunes only worse.

Unfathomably based if that's the actual reason.

It is less but it's still pretty bad at times. Joker does what he does on purpose. Ivy meanwhile has anger issues. The amount of shit she put up with from Harley (the hyenas pissing on everything alone) shows how much she does genuinely care. Ultimately they complimented each other incredibly well. Harley prying open Ivy's heart and Ivy being a restraint on Harley. Best you can hope for really with psychopathic villains.

Yep. A pale imitation. But it's somewhat tolerable at least.

>But it's somewhat tolerable at least.
I pray that my tolerance levels for shit never gets to this stage.

then do you like attractive people from your same gender?

Well, more the side characters but that said, you will reach that point one day yourself. Age gets to you eventually.

I'm 53, and I can't sit through hackish garbage simply because it's based on an IP I've been a fan of for a long time.

Jesus, you have a decade on me then. How do you still have passion for anything at this point?


>Ivy wearing white on her wedding day


Its hot while still being progressive. Even the most hardcore far right guy isn't gonna complain about seeing two hot women fuck each other.

I find new stuff to enjoy watching/reading all the tiime. Lately it's been the original John Carter novels, Dungeon Meshi and The Goon.
I've long ago accepted that many of the things I loved in the 80's won't ever be good again, don't honestly deserve another retread, and set them aside with fond memories.
It has been a long while since Batman-related shit has really been worth the trouble.

>seeing two hot women fuck each other.
You must be referring to some other "adult" property. Totally Spies has more sexual content than that shitshow.

I’m happy they’re not together currently in comic canon

I'm tired of these revisionist meme that Ivy treated Harley like shit.

DC doesn't have a Canon anymore, just like their movies. It's just "what shit will sell".
They could do a Sunstone-esque story with them next month under some Black Label shittery, though it still wouldn't have tiddies.

You basically took a long to say absolutely nothing.

DC doesn't have "canon". They've publicly abandoned "continuity" as a concept. everything is legit.
Is that too complicated for you?

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It used to work for me when characters like Batman are still taking things seriously in Season 1. In season 1, Harley recognizes that the Queen of Fables is lying about how Superman took her down because she knows Superman isn't so brutal but later Superman is a jerk that would put someone in the Phantom Zone in the drop of the hat.

Except there’s clearly still a main canon, shill

Nope, just long arcs by certain writers, who then leave, and some new hack throws everything on it's head, rinse repeat.
Superman is dating Lois
>writer change
Superman has a kid with Lois who's almost a decade old
>writer change
Superman has a 20-something son who's been raised by sociopaths and is now a homo
>writer change
Who knows?

You do know that having comics outside of main universe existed for years? In Harley main comic they are not together.

My best guess is a complete reboot/reset of Superman, with a 49% chance of him always being a black man raised by loving parents in whatever passes for Harlem in Metropolis.

And still this faggot will be "BUT THERE IS A CONTINUITY!"

How does any of this contradict each other?

Yes, I'm aware that DC has used the contrivance of "multiversity" to do stories outside of their boring-as-fuck status quo for ages.
Can't sully Batman's IP with actual story/character progression after all.

Superman starts out as a Kansas boy raised by compassionate and conservative farm-parents
Now he's a guy who's ok with letting psychos run off with his only child
It's on par with Peter Parker selling his child's very existence to prevent a 90-ish granny from dying.
Actual Superman would be talking to various people with time-treadmills/wizardry/cosmic bullshit to undo his son's years of abuse.

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Honestly even back in the days of their old characterizations I don't think them having some kind of "bad girl" romance worked. Old Harley and Ivy were at their best together as a comedy duo, with Ivy just barely tolerating Harley's shenanigans because she could always use an extra set of hands.
Sure, have them fuck on the side if you really must for the cheesecake. I like seeing two hot women getting it on as much as the next guy, but having them in an actual romantic relationship ruins their chemistry.

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That’s still the same canon, retard. And before Death Metal too

The conservative part may vary because Golden Age Superman was the champion of the New Deal and its detractors accused FDR of selling America to the commies. To be fair, Golden Age Superman was an orphan

There is a considerable difference between "My homeworld had an accident and I was raised by foster parents" and "I'll let my son be raised by criminal masterminds, it will build character".

I miss these two so much, i guess you could say they got Flanderized to the extreme to the point no one remember the OGs anymore.

It’s not revisionist though

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>its detractors accused FDR of selling America to the commies.
Of course, he was taxing enormously wealthy people and using the money to build a safety net for working people living on the edge of poverty.\
We all know that's Pure Evil and Gommunism, I just saw an ad funded by the rich telling me so.

They suppose to be wacky free spirit and straight man bitch duo.

A bit flanderized in new 52 run. Ain’t bad if you got good writers.

All I know I get a free side salad with my clussy.

I hate to be the old man to say this but kids today they don’t know.

I think if we were 100% honest with ourselves, both the Harley Quinn show and making Harley a superhero were terrible mistakes.
The show was an Adult Comedy that managed to be less adult than a daytime anime tv show, and less funny than The Cleveland Show.

Stop calling Supermans conservative he is a Social Justice warrior that fights racism.

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But I've heard that the REAL oppressed are teh whyte peepo.

It's been a while since Joker was the best thing about anything he's involved with, but he really was the best part of the Harley Quinn Show

That post didn't call superman conservative, it called his parents conservative. Which they are, that's the whole point. Super powered alien who can kill everyone or rule the planet as a god, but chooses to help and do good because he was raised by a kind couple with good old fashioned 'american values'. The the core of superman. I don't think he is a republican or anything, and he definitely stands up for the weak and fights injustice; but the very notion that old fashioned 'american values' are a good thing is conservative. Your Pavlovian response of typing racism every time you see the word conservative makes you seem like a real dummy.

I don't like when people say that Superman have a racist ideology.