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Canon tiddies edition

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Looks like Mr. Sinister belongs on this thread

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God Sinister is such a glorious troll

What is with this thread? The old one was a hootin success

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Also, what happened to this characted? Was he memoryholed?

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Speaking of sinister

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Not gay.

Is not gay if your bro has tits

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If one of my bros was a shapeshifter who was permanently trapped in the body of an attractive woman it’d be gay if I didn’t.

This is the perfect representation of trans people in x-men comics, why don't they use him more? You would think they could at least put him into pride month books

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They don't want fictionalized recreations, they want axe wounds and HRT.

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I want her to step on me

How about Harley (male)?

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I'm for it but that pic blows (and not in a good way)
Just turning around and making it literally just regular harley with a small bulge is gay

Fellas, is it gay to want to fuck your friend after he is transformed into a woman?

Anyone remember those Primer threads? there where some fun GB shenanigans ideas between a Guy turn Gal and girl turned boy.

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How about this?

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There we go, that's actually solid.

Not cute enough

what about this?

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This artist had such a nice thing going then he ruined it with trans Catwoman & other ladies with their boobs cut off.

What do you mean? Did the artist drew catwoman with chest scars or something?

By the way whoever wanted to see a pic of femboy Raven I found this.

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What if they were trans and still had big boobs haha

Yes. HenshinTiger on twitter. He drew Batman fucking Catwoman with chest scars.

This looks terrible, reminds of joker from the new batman movie

Found this interesting pic, on how to draw WW (male)

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Worse than gay imo
GTF is the worst

Yeah no.

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Gambit is gay?

>first two paragraphs
Completely wrong, we need more cheesecake pin-up faves turning into big beefy men and loving it.

I think Mr Plinklet puts it best.

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There is Canon R63 WonderWoman.

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Depends on if she can have kids

Related question.

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I get the intent, but this definition fails because it implies that anyone who can't have kids isn't the sex they obviously are. Its like saying that a dude with low sperm count isn't a man despite the fact that their junk works fine.

Even full beefcake, if Mr. Venom says that line the way Brie did in her voice not gay.

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A dude Raven in the leotard is exactly what I wanted.

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How many times has Sinister turned himself into a woman?
user it’d be even more gay if you didn’t

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Consider the story a boy and his much older ghost woman best friend.

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Oh no no no

not sure whether I prefer bare chest Twinkfire or bitty top Twinkfire but both are good


But frankly every answer that list a condition would probably have an exception to that condition happen at some point

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I'm thinking a small tube top could be a good in-between.

>LadyBug and CT fight a Gender Bending villain
>They get Swapped themselves
>They beat the villain lilke they usually do but before they can reset everything to normal their hormones get the best of them

What happens next?

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Remy LeBased.

Something like this would be good.

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Or that, that works very well. Actually thinking of this and tube tops, has anyone done a guy Ahsoka yet? I feel like her outfit lend itself well to this kind of thing and those lips of hers would also translate very well.

What series is that?

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