MOM!!!!! Turn on the TV!!!!!

>MOM!!!!! Turn on the TV!!!!!

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That scrotum muzzle.

The scene where they stood motionless in front of the TV was 40 minutes too long

Why didn't she use her power to stop 9/11

Why would they care? they are Canadian.

Why is everyone making turning red/9-11 threads?

Yeah I don't understand this meme at all.

Pure SEETHING at Mr. Enter for being right.

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When the hour of reality approaches, the zero hour, wholeheartedly welcome death for the sake of Allah. Always be remembering Allah. Either end your life while praying, seconds before the target, or make your last words: There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is his messenger.

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Isn't the movie specifically set in 2002?

Why 2002?

Because it's when the director was a tween.

>literally months after the largest terror attack in the western hemisphere.
>helicopter mom that freaks out over her daughter's porn stash still let's her ride the bus alone
Yeah the 9/11 criticism has merit, and yes the date of the film was the most arbitrary choice made in the film.

Because the main character is the director self-insert

Is your willingness to use either term the core difference between "self insert" and "character inspired by the creator's own experiences but also can transform into a giant magical red panda"?
Asking unironically, I'm writing a video essay rn

Canada is in America, user

Did Mr Enter really bitched about the lack of 9-11 on a children show? does he also complain when kids don't wear mask in the newer animated movies he reviews?

Yeah so is Brazil and Mexico, but Canada is not the USA. Why should they care?

Kill yourself, you e-celeb worshipping and forced meme regurgitating subhuman troglodyte.
Everyone else report him for spamming and advertising.

He's made anti-mask rants, so he wouldn't care about that.

Do giant red pandas like to eat tree-stars?

user, imagine 10 years from now someone making an animated film that takes place specifically in 2020 and yet all the kids are going to school as if nothing ever happened. It would seem like a really retarded choice in time period wouldn't it?



Ming suffering from 9/11-induced paranoia was a missed opportunity to make her character more relatable to adult audiences. It also would have done the same with Mei’s rebelliousness since it would have been a reaction to the undercurrent of mass paranoia rather than just puberty

How many media set in the 50s aknoledge the polio epidemic?

But Ming was C A N A D I A N

That only works in usa user. The rest of the world didn't care. It would be alienating any audience outside of usa

Toronto is literally on the water border of New York

Turning Red sucked. Movie takes place in the early 2000s and not once do they recognize Sonic Adventure 2 and the cultural impact it had on society. Smh. 1/10 movie.

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Something about some YouTube animator or something.
Basically people driving a joke into the ground to the point of being annoying. Just like Gordon wanting Batman to rape the Joker.

The "morph into a panda" stuff happened in 2002, she would not have reacted to 9/11 in panda form

Gay. Why would anyone care about her 2000s nostalgia?

Why didn't the red panda just rape Osama?

I'm glad this meme when popular, everyone should know Mr Enter's shit taste.

That far off, exotic land of Canada. Utterly alienated from the cares and concerns of America. Like ancient Cathay.

The audience isn't all canadian even if the movie is set in canada anons...

>film is explicitly set in the year 2002
>absolutely no mention or allusion to the events of the year before or even the culture of fear that gripped the entire Western world at the time

You might as well be making a movie set in Poland in 1940 with no references to World War II or the Holocaust, or Poland in 2022 with no references to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Removing the context of the era is bound to come off as tactless or even offensive to anyone who was alive during that time.

>Canada wasn’t affected by 9/11 in any way

Look up Operation Yellow Ribbon

>The rest of the world didn't care.

The United States literally invoked Article 5 and took all of NATO to war in Afghanistan you retarded nigger

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Calling Enter a “YouTube animator” is giving him far, far too much credit.

I am a 39 yo wizard...I member how crazy that day was, then I lived in Tacoland and they went bananas, they believed America would destroy any poor country just to take their resources as consequence of the 9/11

Based and halalpilled.

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>Americans can't comprehend another country not talking about them 24/7

I don't know who it is, and I don't care. He could be a former MBL player turned Vtuber to hide his aging and trying to relate to his daughter for all I know or care.
All K know is some anons had a big laugh at Enter's expense and now have been making these threads for over a month trying to recapture the fun of the first thread. Same thing that happens every time any laugh worthy thing happens on this site.

I member that day, our professor in Brazil told us "America would use this as excuse to invade any country and take their natural resources, Brazil is no exception"

The main author is a woman, they don't care about political implications or collective trauma, they just care about women "experience". Do 3000 people died in 2001? Booooring, that year Chad don't allow me to suck his gigantic dick? OMG worst year ever

Huh, good point. Why didn't the 1950s acknowledge the polio epidemic?

So? Tijuana is the border with Mexico and People from California are fucking freak about how dangerous is

How many media set in the 50s acknowledges Cold War paranoia about “muh godless commies” and nuclear war?

Literally all of them

iraq wasn't justified
fuck bush
back in '04 i donated to the iraqi cause
still don't regret it

Because the fear of Communism was even worse, better with polio than red

>literally admitted to financing

I’m telling Homeland Security


>NOOO why aren't these Canadians talking about 9/11 in their day to day life months after it happened

Actually based, but Brazil doesn't have enough resources to warrant an invasion that can't just be solved by bribing people

Guys, 9/11 isn't funny. We haven't reached January 2024 which would mark 22.3 years since it happened

>All my country remembers about 9/11 is that the episode when Goku turns super saiyan for the first time was interrupted to cover the attack
>It might've been fake since the time doesn't match
>A fake story about people not caring about 9/11 and actually just wanting to watch anime instead sums the event's cultural relevancy here
>Americans can't understand how a movie taking place outside of America doesn't acknowledge 9/11

All major TV stations outside the United States saw a big opportunity to cover the Towers falling as the greatest newsflash at the time, I was just a little Brazilian kid watching some cartoons when all of sudden breaking news interrupted it and showed the Towers bursting in smoke.

The Brazilian myth about the breaking news interrupting a Dragonball is fabricated, but the interruption itself is not, I was 10 years old at the time and I remember vividly major stations like Globo and SBT interrupting whatever was on at the time to show Live what was happening on NY.

True South America is already USA's bitch, no reason to invade when they can simply wave some money and any country will give them a lap dance.


That is bullshit I remember Goku turning Super Saiyan at least a year before 9/11

nvr 5get

Majority of slice of life stories that take place in the "modern day" in Japan don't even recognize covid.