Who should replace Chris Pratt as Star Lord?

Who should replace Chris Pratt as Star Lord?

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stop posting twitter threads or i will come to your address and beat you to death with a tire iron

Tough but fair.

seriously what compelled you to make this thread? I wanna know

>who should replace the actor that took this character from a literal who to one of the most popular in the MCU
I agree with user, he should track you down and dome you with a tire iron

i always like Chris Pratt when he played andy in park and rec. he makes characters endearing. i also like his Kim Kardashian joke

I liked him in Park & Rec. when he was just comedic character, but him now trying to be a serious action hero just makes me roll my eyes every time.

I lust for conflict.

Gunn needs to ease off twitter,he exposes himself too much

Did Pratt vote for Trump or something?

This coming from the dude that got fired once already for pedoshit? The only reason he still gets work is because Guardians was a success.

He was also a horrible boyfriend in S1, where he broke his legs because he was stumbling home drunk and forgot about the pit, rather than accidentally falling into as something a "silly" Andy would do.

I wouldn't mind him in something similar role, where he's lazy not necessarily bad but takes advantage of someone good will.

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Pratt attends a church that is known for its bigoted, homophobic views. And cheated anna faris

Are you a sad woman, or gay?

That really pisses me off. You really going to get mad for someone going to church. Like holy shit get a life.

I do like that James Gunn at least tends to stick by his casting choices and his team.
So many other directors would just throw their cast/team under the bus for some of that internet clout.

That's it? If it was a murder cult then I'd understand, but seriously? As long as he keeps out of people's bedrooms then who cares what church he attends.

based Gunn

>Pratt was falsely accused by Ellen Page that he attends a church that allegedly has bigoted, homophobic views that Page doesn't go to or know anything about
ellen page is a lying piece of shit with a vendetta

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I think at most they can say that the priest finance a Christian and homophobic movie

And that's a bad thing because....?

We religion policing now?

Absolutely crazy how they are mad about this instead of Jay Leto running a legit sex cult and preying on underage girls.

I don't like Gunn's persona but its nice to see him backing up Pratt after he went out of his way to defend Gunn with all the shit he stirred with those pics.

It's Elliot Page. Please show some respect!

>and cheated anna faris
Who the fuck cares.

>Pratt rumors bad, Leto rumors good!

No Ellie, fuck off.

I like Patrick Wilson but i don't think he can be as energic. Also, i like him as King Orm already, stop taking actors away from DeeCee pls :(

The guy deserves better roles and movies than Moonfall, that's for sure.

Leto having a legit cult in his own personal island and him going after woman of questionable age ain't really a rumor though.

Respect the drip

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They literally divorced over... competitivity. Why do Hollywood stooges divorce over stupid shit.

I sat here wondering how I hadn't heard of Jay Leno's sex cult until I realized you meant Jared Leto

>Jay Leno's sex cult
It starts with getting girls to come to his garage to wash his car collection, then...

>Pratt attends a church that is known for its bigoted, homophobic views.
Faggotry is a sin in the Bible, every actual church is homophobic.

Based Gunn

I can just imagine that Jay Leno has his house set up exactly like it was on on the set of The Tonight Show and the roleplay would just consist of him interviewing the women

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God i really hate twitter.
It's filled with a bunch of dumb pretentious people who pretend to be morally superior to others.

>And cheated anna faris
This was bound to happen after his weight loss

First Post Based Post

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>cheated on anna faris
I thought it was a common knowledge/rumored she cheated on him several times before he got fit.

Wait, WHAT?
>TFW Pratt getting shape was his revenge plan all along

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She's turning into Ezra Miller

>Hi guys, Elliot Page here

>and you’re watching Disney Channel!


So, a Christian church.

Why would he be?

Fuck Off

Did he leave when you got fired, James?

Pretty sure he spoke out

Yes, but did he leave?

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No one did, not even Batista who was pretty vocal about his annoyance with the whole thing.

Jared Leto and Marina Abromovic are BFFs

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Reminder James Gunn used to work at Troma. This is the type of humor Troma promotes and that's why he did this shit

I don't think they'd ever recast him, but mi do think Nova will take over as the protag for that aspect of the MCU

Who is marina abramovic?
What the fuck is troma?

Worse has been said on this site

>he thinks /pol/-tier retards know what that is

I don't think anyone on this site is a known employee of Disney

troma dick in your ass lmaooo

I should hope so, imagine if people wrote the kind of shit anonymity allows people to get away with on a public platform with their name and face attached to it.

If I traveled back in time to 13 years ago and told you the guy who plays Andy in Parks and Rec would become a major Hollywood star, would you have believed me?

look at this snowflake sjw trying to get people fired from their jobs for using problematic speech

still not an explanation

Kinda like what Gunn did in the Roseanne situation?

I don't consider him to be a major star. He's been lucky by being in two big franchises I don't give a shit about.

>He doesn't know

Ellen Paige is a mess.
Most people like that are messed up in the head and need therapy.

non-troll question but when did Gunn support roseanne getting fired