What would Superman do in this situation?

What would Superman do in this situation?

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Fuck wrong image

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Bumping for moar

Excellent thread

Marrying a pet girl?

The damage is done OP


>dog wasn't an outdoors dog or anything, it was a lost pet they were actively looking for
>blast it because it's in your garbage and go "I didn't want to kill it or anything but I had to!!!"
Gunfags totally fetishize being "forced" to kill shit and cover it up with bullshit sentimentality or regret. If you find a 10 month old dog going through your garbage and your first thought is "oh let me go get my shotgun and blow its fucking head off" you were waiting for an excuse.

Some people get this feeling while holding a gun, that it unofficially deputizes them to carry out the law as they see fit.

I guess

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kinda deserve it
might've survived if it was named shaggydog

When you buy an expensive toy that can only be used to kill things you're eventually going to look for things to kill
And don't give me that horseshit about personal protection. If they gave a shit about personal protection they'd be buying running shoes and a tiny .22

Goddamn OP you'd shoot a pet girl for going through your garbage? Missouri's a lawless shithole.

it wasn't a retriever or a poodle
it was a half wolf hybrid
yeah if i live out in the middle of the woods and i see a fucking wolf rooting around my house in the middle of the night i might not check for a collar first

>If I see what I think may be a rabid dangerous animal outside I will go outside with it to kill it instead of staying inside
That's not self defense, that's rationalized killing


Shouldn't you be able to hear the collar? There's a metal tag. That's usually the first thing you hear from a dog romping around.

Super smash, I guess.
Instant death by heat vision. The kind of people that shoot random dogs because they want to use their guns for something are pure scum and don't deserve to live.

>oh, look, a wolf outside where it can do no harm
>let me just go grab my gun and shoot it dead
Normal people just wait for it to go away. Wolves aren't dangerous to humans, and certainly not one that is alone.

Sometimes it's a man's duty to protect his home and his neighbourhood. Wild animals are dangerous

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You are the one forcing a confrontation with a presumably wild animal

>What would Superman do if someone killed Krypto for not wearing a leash
Cry a lot? Look into the law to see if he can press charges? Maybe take the guy's guns if he's being irresponsible with them?

when wild animals become accustomed to humans they can become dangerous, like, for example, if you allow them to eat your garbage

not much metal on the collar/dog for the tag to clang against

This is mere pretense, a poor post-hoc justification for wanton violence.
A real protector views lethal force as a last resort, not the opening salvo or something to be used against unidentified targets.
You confuse bloodlust for virtue.

deer kill more people than any other animal by causing car accidents but nobody ever says "let's go genocide the deer, leaving nothing left"

>noooo you can't shoot the hecking puperino
>who cares if you thought it was a wild animal that posed a threat to your family
dogs faggots are mentally retarded

Are you now, or have you ever been, a jew?

Is it possible for someone to stop being a jew?

>"Wild animals" "can" become dangerous when they get used to people
Which is why when bears start showing no fear of people they are trapped and moved. That's not justification to open fire at rustling in your garbage cans.

I'm not anti-gun, they're fun and useful, but wannabe cowboy cunts ruin it for the rest of us.

Americans are genetically inferior.

I would shoot someone else's dog without a moment's hesitation if I thought there was a reasonable chance it could pose any threat to my family, myself, my own dog, or my property, including my garbage.

>Oh shit a dog is eating my trash outside!

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OP should post moar slave bride or this thread will be sent to /pol/.

Republicans ladies and gentlemen

If only there was some sort of Animal Control to try to contact first.

Pro tip: that dog has more right to live than you. After all, animals are much more important to the environment than humans/

The rest of the set is all NSFW

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Take your own advice and reduce the problem by one

sauce bruh

>t. Californian

>Defending a half-breed yet calling out people for genetics

You're mentally inferior to a rock

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, superman would, at most, just get mad at the guy.

>be human
>have primate instincts
>develop canid like instincts because of unique domestication of dogs
>"yo user why you so territorial against animals rooting around your home where you and your loved ones live? They dindu nuffin!"

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Jewell Marceau: The Pet Bride

As far as I know there's only a 5 minute video of this

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If this was a cat or a child Yea Forums wouldn't give a fuck.

Ive booted a pit bull that came running towards me, the owner went mental but i wasnt takingg the fucking chance. AND I KNEW IT WAS A PET BECAUSE I SAW THE OWNER CHASING IT CALLING ITS NAME.
I doubt id have shot it if i had a gun, but fuck being mauled by a dog.


Okay but the dog op posted was just rummaging through trash

Superman would cook her a big plate of eggs and made sure she ate them all, like a good role model.

Boom goes the 'coon

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>You wouldn't care about a cat
Where the fuck do you think you are right now

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So fucking what?

>If this was a cat or child Yea Forums wouldn't give a fuck
Has anyone ever shot a child for being on their property illegally? Has that ever actually happened?

Also a cat would be even less justifiable than this because a fucking housecat poses literally zero threat to you or your family. The only thing to be angry about is it killing the birds you like at your feeders but if your first reflex is to blast the cat without confronting your neighbors about it or anything you're a maniac.

I'll fucking murder a cat to keep this other cat that i like living around the area safe

>If this was a cat
You're new to Yea Forums, aren't you?

Referencing Superman doesn't magically make something Yea Forums related.
Off topic threads are cancer and OP is a faggot who must be reported ASAP for the greater good.

>develop canid like instincts because of unique domestication of dogs
[Citation needed]

The one time Bendis does research and you want to shoot him for rummaging around on Yea Forums?

Drawfags. Need supes in OPs first image

Im aware but its a big dog, and yiu ant lwt wild animals fuck with your garbage. Wouls you leave a racoon to do it?
Is shootingg excessive, yes, but its better than not doing anything.
Unless he lives in th2 city, then call animal contrl because its probably not a wild fucking animal.
Yes, im on a board for westerns who think dogs are not dirty animals and hate cats because "theey dont give me enough attwntion".

More like pet hags lmao
>and I did not take pleasure in killing it.


Yes. And nonone cared. Except alt-roght fags trying to start a race thing sadly.

Cats are literally the definition of a parasite. I don't like dogs but if you don't live in a third world country they're atleast useful.