I don't understand why with comic book movies being more popular than ever...

I don't understand why with comic book movies being more popular than ever, normies will still never pick up a comic book. If I were running Marvel or DC, that would be completely unacceptable to me. Comics need to be sold in places outside of comic book shops. People clutch their pearls when you say that, because they think the industry needs to remain tiny and niche in order to protect these brick and mortar stores, but it seems obvious to me that more people reading comics would mean more comic shop customers, even if they don't get all their books from there. Get them in other stores, promote comics by mail. It's completely unacceptable how few people buy comics right now.

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>MCU super popular
>Marvel doesn't make one good Iron-Man book
It's their own fault, normies were begging to get into comics and they wouldn't let them in

I was pretty shocked to find that it was relatively difficult to get a physical copy of one of the new Marvel comics as they were coming out. Most listings were either for a digital version (no) or waiting for the collected edition to come out late this year/early next year (also no).

So i had to resort to ebay/Thing from Another World to get a physical copy.

I guess the market has shifted more to being digital which seems pretty weird. It sucks if there's not really any local comic book stores to support too.

What comics are like their MCU movie counterpart? Didn't Thor 2 come out around the time they did the FemThor shit in the comics? Seems counterintuitivie

Might as well call them funko pop stores now.

Both Marvel and DC have services where they will ship you comics in the mail, but they are very inconsistent, and you get the comics anywhere from 1-4 weeks after release date.

Peter was in a coma when the last Spider-Man movie was out. Now the Doctor Strange movie is coming out while Strange is dead.

The most common excuse I've heard is that they're hard to get into because they don't know where to start.

>Watch the MCU
>Read the comics course of events are in no way related to the films
>Find out all the good storylines were back in the silver age and now only available for an arm and a leg
Basically the films aren't direct adaptations, the modern stories are shit and the good ones are old and expensive

Old stories are cheaper though

People love Spider-Man movies, video games, and cartoons, and those all have different stories. No reason that can't get into a comic series.

>ignoring 80s and 90s kino

How difficult it is to just write shit people want to read? lmao

>paying $5 for 30 pages of content you could read in minutes

>pick up book at random
>art is trash
>don't understand what is going on
>some character starts preaching about trannies and niggers
>close book

Most people I know just wait for trades.

They want to read comics just not commit to floppies

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I am reading the majority of Marvel comics right now and that's not really a thing.

Speculators/resellers are the only thing driving comic book shops now a days. Most movie goers are low IQ and want an hours worth of eye candy.

I don't understand American's and their obsession with floppies, they don't make sense anymore especially for a book that is only going to be like 6 issues long anyway. I feel like they would sell some stuff better if they just printed it complete.
They also desperately need some evergreen books to easily sell to normies after a movie or just a solid in print run of some stuff. So many different formats is just dumb and confusing

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The idea that they don't want to read is silly, marvel is just too retarded to sell them the books they want

More people are reading comics and manga than ever, just not superhero books. Most people get their superhero fix from the movies and TV and that's enough. Especially when they release so many a year. I like pizza, but I don't want to eat it every single day.

The ones that have the same writer throughout and have an ending seem to have done pretty decent (Watchmen, Invincible).

I know most people don't read but it's still weird most people who read books and watch capeshit haven't been able to dip their toe into a good Batman or Spider-Man book. There should be one of those in every bookshop next to Harry Potter

Go bitch to Yea Forums.
If Yea Forums can shitpost here surely Yea Forums can shitpost there.

So many reasons.

Comics don't really cater to kids or teens anymore. Every time I go into a shop it's liberal neck beards and women with green hair looking for obscure image books and other garbage. When I see kids in a shop, they're bored out of their minds and their dad is there for himself. Nothing is geared for kids. It's now all made to sell to adult children. 40 year olds who somehow still revolve their lives around this medium and only this medium. I will say, most fans are hardcore and support it like nuts. Luckily I have found a happy medium. I like a few books, as I've gotten older that pile becomes less and less as life takes over my hobbies and comics honestly just have become shit.

It is hard to know where to start when trying to get into it. Series have so many different #1's. Even the trades...how do you explain there are 4 different vol. 1 to something? That is confusing to someone just wanting to try out Spider-man or whatever.

They need to sell books outside of shops. everyone cries it will kill shops. not if you do it right. Cater exclusives to shops for the hardcore neckbeards. Variant covers, shop exclusive. even give shops a week or two of new books before they go to newsstands. They did that back in the old days. Books were a month apart between shops and newsstands. But to not have trades at target in the book section is missing out on a big money making opportunity. And really, that's on marvel. Whoever is in charge there isn't being tenacious enough for exposure.

Realistically, the medium is propped up to be taken down sooner than later. Once the 30 year olds and older die off, so will the medium. It's not bringing in anyone new, it's not introducing different formats to appeal to new, younger readers, it's convoluted and daunting to get into and is strictly marketed to a hardcore audience that will not exist in 50 years.

I thought digital books would help the medium but it hasn't really changed much.

Hi user, big fan of your other thread, I'll keep it short. My question is where do you get your inspiration from?

Normies buy trades. floppies are a relic of the past but the industry insists on keeping them around

Frank Miller actually figured this out during Sin City when he went from doing a six issue miniseries to just making a complete graphic novel
But the industry is unwilling to change

You see books targeted to newer fans get cancelled in the floppy stage only to have much bigger sales in trades and for the book to come back. The information has been there for years
One of his inspirations Will Eisner said that is how the market should be like 40 years ago when he published his own book and wanted it to be sold completed in book stores instead of specialist comic shops

No, a majority of MCU watchers do not care about books. Or spending money on books.

You are delusional if you don't thing there was plenty of people wanting to get into comics over the past decade.

Because reading is boring and for nerds.

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Not that user but do you know what majority means?

With those movies being so insanely popular, and for over a decade now, the fact that more people aren't reading Marvel comics is a colossal failure, and there's no excuse for it. The comic business should be booming.

There might be more kids wanting to read comics, but (You) are delusional thinking there are more people spending close to $5 a book just because they watched Avengers or Spider-Man No Way Home.

I never said they are spending I said they want to read the books, Marvel wont capitalise on the market

Most popular comic books are decades old. There are 60 year old comic fans that still follow Batman and Spider-Man.

Can confirm. My sister in law is a huge MCU fan, like obsessed, but thinks very lowly of me reading comics.

The comic book industry is only one part of the equation. Even if it were fixed the sad truth is people would rather watch movies/tv shows or play games based on comics than actually read comics. Or watch YouTube videos where some guy explains comics rather than read comics. The comic industry has tried to do newfag friendly shit but it never works because people don't want to read comics they want to see movies about comic book characters instead

>no reason they cant get into the comic series
the spider-man comic series is an absolute mess rn, not even comic fans want to read this shit, and you expect normies to get into it?

Starting 1960s Hollywood succesfully convinced boomers that comic books are for children, so those boomers that are retiree now are also confused about the extreme mainstream presence of movie adaptations of comicbooks

Same goes for every type of book, there is still a big audience who would buy comics if they were more accessible

That seems like very poor planning on their part

They should be selling the good ones to normies

>Normie sister watched ever Marvel movie five times
>Still refuse to read a single comic

It's funny because she has no interest in the characters and she still calls me a dork.

Even with every comic book that releases nowadays being available instantly for free via piracy people don't want to read comics and still prefer manga

ITT: Nerds Seething

Most people don't read books period let alone comics.

because are different mediums (liveaction has no place in a comicbook forum)

>can see at theater, on tv, or online on the service you or a friend has subscribed to already
>made to appeal to average people
>good starting point
>same price as everything else in the medium

American Comic
>only available at comic shop or online via services no one knows about
>made to appeal to 8-12 agender PoC pansexuals
>requires 83 years of backstory so you know why black trashcan Green Lantern is so impressive and important
>$6 for half an hour of slow reading

There are many problems.

they try to, i mean ultimate spider man has been mentioned alot, but it's the fact that it kinda feels meaningless when after all that character development he dies and gets replaced.

Floppies should never entirely go away, the single issue story can be a great arena for creativity, but most floppies don't exploit that.

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I have a theory let me know if I'm retarded or not. I feel like America more so than other countries has spent decades shitting on comic books and other nerd culture in our media. Back in the days it was a big thing in tc shows and movies to paint nerds especially those who liked comic books as the biggest losers on the planet and loser virgins with pocket protectors and fanny packs and giant glasses. Reading comics or being a nerd was almost demonized in that way. No one wanted to be a nerd. I think people sub consciously avoided nerd shit to not be seen as un cool. Or people avoided people that looked like the stereotypical movie nerd because they expected them to be the typical neck beard virgin. Overall American media spent decades telling people being into that kind of stuff was bad and meant you were a childish loser. Media affects us more than we realize sometimes. I look at other countries and the way they perceive manga, comics, animation, and to an extent vidya and I don't see that negative portrayal nearly as much. Obviously nowadays thanks to the internet and social media every niche is more or less accepted but it's come too late for comic books and the fact that the movies are so popular just mean someone can call themselves a fan without ever picking up a comic

You can accomplish the same thing in an anthology magazine

Normies have my hero academia instead

I do like creative ideas being tested out and being easily tried in floppies. I just think not everything needs to be a floppy

It's already long forgotten and mostly hated user

Does this actually happen in the games?

just making more comic book stores isn't gonna magically make more people buy comic books user. Its a fallacy. I live in brooklyn aka new york city and one of the big movie theaters here will have a table/booth/stand in the lobby during marvel movie premieres which is provided by one of the local comic shops here. They have all kinds of comic shit for sale including books. Guess what people buy at the table. funko pops, shirts and posters. no one buys comics despite having just walked out of a marvel movie.

you mean 18 - 45 year old neckbeards

>4 chan is a good representation of consumers as a whole

You could, but there's something to be said about a cheap floppy(that can be resold cheap, in quarter/dollar bins) that's a single, complete package. anthology comics don't even work for manga in America.

I mean the books themselves being more accessible to read. Even most comic readers are buying online